Hey guys,

This isn't an update. I know that a lot of reviewers have been asking if we are going to update again (the six or so guests that have asked) and the honest answer is no. We're done with this plot line and the (annoying) OCs. We're so thankful to anyone that's read this fic and finished it; stuck with it to the end (which you must have done if you are reading this). Specific shoutouts must go to NeatherStar (our first reviewer), Alicia Olivia Miraz (someone who stuck by us for a long time), Quihi (another loyal follower), howlingbean999 (who appeared at random moments and helped to encourage us) and hagbraten or Walley as we know them (who made an account to follow our fic).

Thank you so much for the wonderful following we've had, despite the fact that sometimes we did get slightly annoyed.

See you later,

AHermioneH and StormSunfire