Hundreds, if not thousands of kilometers were crossed above the seas of the world by Kamek, cruising as high as he could in the air with his broom. By the standards of the world, he flew as high as the maximum possible ceiling of a personal civil aircraft, which, compared to its other flying brethren, wasn't really that much. If he flew just a bit higher, he would be unable to breathe properly. All he could see below was the serene, but despairingly vast surface of the Red Sea. Last station that he stopped at was at Gibraltar, so his muscles and mind were nearly depleted by all flying he had to do.

"Huff, puff….all this flying over this world is slightly too much for poor old me...Why did Lord Bowser had to go so far?!" contemplated Kamek within himself, just wishing a solid surface to land on and take a break. Either by some coincidence or fortune, he spotted a large tanker, which was slowly cruising the sea to its destination, below him.

"Hmm, perhaps I could take a little rest here. It wouldn't hurt much, would it?" wondered Kamek whether or not would it be wise to get some relief after tormenting his body and mind so much with endless flying. The thought of lying down on the deck and then rethink life choices was a dominant one in his mind, influencing the outcome of his decision: he decided to take some rest on a ship. It was a better decision to him than passing out and then drowning in the Red Sea. After observing the ship, Kamek decided that it would be best to land on the back end of the ship, since it seemed like that the place would be best to hide just in case. With a slow, quiet descent with his broom, he landed on the ship before he laid down on the solid yet heated up metallic floor. Heat didn't bother him too much, because the feeling of his mind and muscles feeling total relief was way better than anything else. All he could and wanted to do was to stare at the clear sky above him, breathing the fresh scent of the sea to clear out his mind.

"Aah, surface again. Long time no see." said the turtle wizard to himself as he was continuing relaxing, thinking of all the pleasant things he liked to do in his free time. It seemed like he finally got the break he wanted after traveling such distances in an unknown to him world.

"Who was that?" suddenly, an unknown voice broke the silence, accompanied by loud footsteps on the metallic floor. Kamek glanced over the direction of the sound to see the cause of disruption, only to find a security guard, armed with a M16A4 assault rifle, coming right at him. The moment he saw a weapon, all of his senses went into overdrive from adrenaline. All the relaxation was quickly undone by sheer energy of a panic. Only saving grace he had was that the guard hasn't spotted him at that moment.

"Good heavens!" shouted Kamek before he ran away from the spot, disappearing before the guard could trace him out. "This guy looks like no joke! My instinct tells me I'm in the world of pain if he find me out!"

As he was running away, he spotted a nearby crane on the absolutely wide deck of the tanker. It was only thing he could see because of pure adrenaline pumping through his blood. Within a moment, he got an idea that could help him out against the chaser.

"I think this should be a good spot." thought Kamek to himself before he placed himself behind the crane. The guard followed what he assumed to be the path of the intruder wizard, stopping at the nearby crane to patrol the area around him. Kamek felt some satisfaction that he managed to hide from him. "Hah! Your mind truly comes up with genius ideas, Kamek!"

But the guard, much to Kamek's dismay, continued patrolling around the crane. Any time the security guard was closer than he was comfortable with, Kamek moved his position to conceal his hiding spot.

"Why doesn't he go away already?!" angrily thought Kamek to himself before he accidentally glanced over to the other side of the deck, finding out that it wasn't just one guard protecting the ship. It was an entire team of them, all of them armed with the same rifle as the one chasing the wizard. The worst thing for him was if anyone just even slightly glanced over, they would have seen him right in front of them.

"There's more of them?! Will my misfortune ever end?!" panicked Kamek before he ran away from the crane after finding a perfect opportunity to. However, the sound of his footsteps didn't do him much favors in concealing from the security guards. Even though the guard didn't spot him with a glance, he heard the metallic sounds done by wizard's retreat.

"There's a potential intruder abroad, I request assistance." reported the guard to others as they all began inspecting the deck of the ship, trying to find out where the wizard was.

Kamek was hiding in the corner on the side of the ship, hoping that no one would find him out, despite his shoddy position. A pinch of luck granted him that the guards haven't checked the spot.

"I don't think I have any more options right now….other than flying away because-" thought Kamek to himself, trying to come up with a plan to get out of the ship. Him being exhausted, hungry or thirsty no longer mattered, all it did that he would manage to reach Bowser's island without being ridden with bullet holes.

However, his luck ran out quicker than a lightning strike as not only he, but security guards spotted a rigid inflatable boat with fellas wielding Kalashnikovs on it speeding right up at their flank. Only silver lining that Kamek had was that all of security guards focused their attention on the incoming vessel.

"Pirate vessel spotted!" warned one of the security guards before each of them scattered across the deck to find an optimal position, preparing their guns for the incoming attack. The pirate boat was riding on the waves as it got closer and closer.

"What the? There's a wizard on the boat!" spotted the pirate driver as he pointed at the poorly concealed Kamek. All of the pirates looked over to get a better look on the wizard. Most of them were baffled by his existence.

"I hate his face! Kill him now!" winced other pirate on the boat at the sight of turtle as all of them, except the driver, pointed their Kalashnikovs right at Kamek's face.

"WHY?!" shouted Kamek when he saw pirates were going directly for him, only for him to realize that all of his efforts of hiding away from guards went to null with a single decision. "...Uh oh."

"I have heard the intruder!" reported the security guard that was chasing the wizard first.

"Dispatch Team Alpha to look for intruder. Team Bravo will deal with the hostiles." ordered security guard leader as he pointed at the assumed source of the intruder.

"Roger that." nodded security guard that lead the Team Alpha before the team went to inspect the ship. Team Bravo readied their guns in case pirates would strike first.

"I can't fly now that these pirates are going for my head!" worried Kamek amid the confrontation before coming to one conclusion. If flight wouldn't work, fight would. "Well….only one option remains, really."

Suddenly, in a blink of an eye, a hand sized fireball materialized on the tip of the wand. Pirates were even more baffled by the sight of seeing actual magic right in front of their eyes, but they did manage to tell that Kamek's attack was going right for them.

"Ha-yah!" shouted Kamek as he sent the fireball right at them, only to be completely evaded by pirate driver just making a simple turn with his boat. By the time the fireball was supposed to reach the boat, it was already far away. One failed attack made Kamek realize that this world was completely unlike his. "Huh? Were my spells always that slow?"

"The wizard wants to have it a go!" alerted pirate driver as they maneuvered around the side of the ship.

"Fill him with lead!" ordered pirate commander before the storm of bullets from Kalashnikovs was finally unleashed upon the wizard. Unlike his attack, bullet holes above him were created at the blink of the eye. Some of bullets were centimeters away from ending Kamek's vital organs. All he could do was cover.

"Aaah! I don't stand a chance! Commence tactical retreat!" yelled Kamek as he ran across the ship while taking cover from the rampaging fire. However, Kamek's presence was a hidden blessing for the security guard, as they could shoot back without resistance. They took the opportunity and unleashed a storm of small caliber yet lethal bullets towards the aggressor vessel. Amid the exchange of high speed traversing lead, the pirate driver was shot in the chest, falling off the boat in the process. The pirates realized that all the focus on the wizard costed them an opportunity to deal with guards properly.

"Oh fuck, the guards!" one of the pirate's eyes widened when he saw similarly armed, yet better defended men on the deck, firing directly at them.

"Ignore the wizard, open fire on guards!" ordered pirate commander as all of them pointed their rifles at the bigger threat, beginning their own attack on the security in the process. Thus a fiery exchange of bullets continued on the calm waves of the Red Sea.

"Taking cover." security guard hid himself behind the crane as the storm of pirate's bullets became occasionally overwhelming. Kamek was still trying to run away from the fight, but some of the pirates, especially the one that hated his face, continued firing upon him.

"Oh heck!" yelped Kamek when pirates managed to shoot him right in his hat, tearing the fabric apart with holes. The wizard sped up his run, just trying to keep on living. However, either by some fortune on his end or misfortune on pirates, more and more pirates fell from the boat, thanks to projectiles fired from Carbines of security guards ending their vital processes. Last one to fall was the commander himself, who at the very least gave the most trouble for security guards to take him down. Yet all that remained was a sole, empty boat.

"Team Bravo here. Hostile vessel has been neutralized." reported the leader of Team Bravo as they all returned to their usual patrolling. Some of the guards went to capture the remaining pirate boat, keeping it as a backup equipment. "Team Alpha, have you found the intruder?"

"Negative. Still searching." said the leader of Team Alpha as they all continued their search for the intrusive wizard.

For all the effort Kamek could make, he just arrived at the other side of the ship. Feeling nothing but adrenaline and fear for his life, he has decided that there was only one remaining thing to do.

"This is my only chance now…" said Kamek to himself before he finally flew away from the tanker with his magic broom, ending his time on the secured vessel in the process. "Squadala! I'm off!"

By the time Kamek was already high up in the air, Team Alpha arrived to the position, only to see a blur of the flying wizard getting away from their sight.

"What am I just seeing right now?" wondered the security guard as the blur was getting smaller as the time passed. They have decided it wasn't worth wasting bullets on it.

"Be sure to check if the intruder has stolen the cargo." suggested Team Alpha leader as the entire band went inside the tanker to see if the aforementioned load was disturbed by the wizard. After crossing through the narrow metallic hallways, they found themselves in the dark storage, with all cargo intact.

"Everything seems to be in place." noted security guard as all of them felt slight relief from all that happened.

"That's good." said Team Alpha leader before his phone rung in his pocket, focusing his attention on it in the process.

"Johnson of Houston Electronics Security here." Team Alpha leader picked up the call. It turned out it was the leader of them, or to be more specific, the CEO of Houston Electronics.

"Howdy y'all. Dell Conagher here, but you may know me as the Engineer." greeted the specially southern voice in a polite and amiable manner. "How's it going?"

"Oh, Engi. Hello there. We have some things to report." Johnson dropped a few formalities before he went on to tell him the events of the day.

"Is the package for Dubai still in check?" asked Engineer about the load.

"Affirmative. The cargo remains untouched. However, there was an intruder on the tanker and we had an encounter with pirates." confirmed Johnson before he went on to tell about the anomalies.

"Intruder? Have you found them?" further piqued Engineer.

"We saw him flying away...on his broom. Probably a wizard, a small one at that." Johnson attempted to report with a straight face, trying to hide bafflement from the sheer prospect of an actual wizard being on their ship.

"Huh, not the first time I have dealt with wizards. We should take notice of further encounters with any of them." commented Engineer, despite the fact he was not baffled by the concept of a wizard at all. It must have been due shenanigans of one of his colleagues, who had a mafia-indebted wizard as his roommate. There was also something about Tom Jones or whatever. "You've also said that you boys had to deal with pirates again. Have you cleared them out?"

"Yes, the threat has been neutralized." confirmed Johnson once again, recalling how every single pirate met their end at the bottom of the ocean.

"Hahaha, that's what I like to hear! Now you boys just continue your job and it will be all dandy." complimented Engineer before giving them further orders.

"Roger that." said Johnson, concluding anything he had to say.

"I must bid farewell. Lotta business awaits me in the future." Engineer gave his last words before the call was concluded. The security team continued their job of protecting the tanker in peace.

As the time passed, Kamek was speeding through the air, still journeying to the island of the desired destination. Wind was blowing right in his face, but his mission was the only thing in his mind. However, he seemingly got a tunnel vision from the adrenaline, as he bypassed right in front of the United Arab Emirates' Bombardier maritime patrol aircraft without even noticing. Contrary to him, the pilot and the co-pilot immediately noticed the flying object just passing by.

"Did you see that?" asked the co-pilot as he pointed to show a path that the wizard partook in.

"My eyes did not deceive me. Perhaps we should follow it." confirmed pilot before suggesting about chasing it down to get a better view of it or anything related to it.

"Lets not forget on our primary mission, shall we?" reminded co-pilot while expressing lack of desire for causing disapproval among the higher ups.

"Of course, but maybe there's a chance that the flying object could provide us a clue." pilot provided an argument for his decision.

"Lets give it a try. We have an entire sea to monitor anyway." concurred co-pilot before the pilot made the aircraft bank to the assumed flight path of Kamek, following it in the process. Kamek was just fast enough that he kept distance, yet slow enough that he didn't disappear from the sight.

By all flying done, he finally saw destination that he was looking for so much time. Kamek just sped up to it, trying to land on the surface in the process. However, due sheer rush and lack of consideration regarding landings, he crash landed on the island, sliding on the ground with his face. His means of transportation and the wand remained intact, despite the rough landing. The ground managed to slow him down enough for the slide to come to a halt.

"I have...huff...huff...arrived, Lord Bowser!" announced Kamek in an exhausted tone before he stood up to witness an old formerly British town right in front of his eyes. Yet no sign of his boss or any of his things he was infamous for, such as yelling and stomping. "Bowser?"

Kamek stepped forth, inspecting the town to see if there was any trace of the turtle king. As he walked on the stone path, he bumped into a skeleton, who was just chilling on a sunny day while reading a newspaper.

"Gah!" yelped Kamek when he saw an animated human skeleton right in front of his eyes. For a brief moment, he thought he visited a skeleton island instead. Though he technically wasn't that wrong.

"What? Why you screaming, wizard boy?" asked skeleton in an annoyed tone, more for scream than him accidentally bumping into her. The skeleton leaned at the turtle wizard to get a better look on him. Kamek felt slightly uncomfortable that eye sockets were staring right in his eyes.

"Pardon me, I just didn't expect you. I have heard that Lord Bowser is on this island. May I ask where he is?" apologized Kamek before asking for instructions regarding his mission.

"In the bar. They're always there, waiting for some wizard, I guess." responded the skeleton as she pointed at the mentioned building.

"That wizard must be me." said Kamek with a sense of pride in his voice.

"Then move your magician ass up there!" ordered skeleton as she stomped with her foot.

" didn't need to word it like that!" grumbled Kamek as he went towards the direction of the bar, using his last energy to finally arrive at the entrance of the aforementioned building.

Meanwhile in the bar, the elites of Skeleton Mafia were observing Sniper Mad John and Bowser playing a small, yet mentally depriving game of chess. It seemed like they have only started the game, as none of them made their moves yet. That changed when Mad John moved the white pawn that was in front of the knight for one space.

"Your move, mate." Mad John offered him a chance to make his own move with black pieces. Wandering through the thoughts of performing a tactical move, Bowser stared at the board with a dedicated look in his eyes. After thinking of a move, he grabbed on a black pawn piece in front of the knight, prepared to make a move.

Only to be interrupted by the turtle wizard opening the door and announcing his arrival: "Lord Bowser, I have arrived!".

The game of chess was postponed in order to let the wizard talk.

"Kamek! Where have been for such long time?!" asked Bowser in his typical booming voice.

"It's not gonna take seconds to cross an entire ocean and some seas, Your Impatience!" Kamek defended himself from the get go, possibly due to being used to his yelling commanding for years.

"Well, now that you're here, let us begin with our plan!" ordered Bowser as he stood up from the table.

"Can we...postpone it?" Kamek raised his hand to tell them about his current status.

"What? What's gonna be excuse time?" Bowser with an annoyingly raised eyebrow, not exactly satisfied that they couldn't do it immediately.

"I am really really really really really REALLY exhausted after everything that happened on the journey. I just need some rest already." Kamek explained himself while still trying to stand up, just so that he wouldn't pass out right in front of him.

"Maybe this is gonna fire you up, ya bloody wizard!" Mosseau, being Mosseau, lifted up his trademark chainsaw-on-a-pole weapon and revved it up.

"AIIIIIIIIIEEEE!" screamed Kamek with his adrenaline returning once again.

"MOSSEAU, NO! WHAT DID I SAY AGAIN?!" yelled Bowser at his Scottish colleague, ordering him to put down his weapon.

"It was just a warning, Bows." lied Mosseau, while in reality he wanted to sell Kamek's body parts on the black market, but he did as Bowser said.

"I don't need more violence after everything that happened today!" complained Kamek as he finally fell on the rough floor of the bar.

"What happened, wizard?" asked Brane, curious about what the wizard had to go through.

"Well...I didn't expect cargo ships of this world to be armed!" explained Kamek. Aside from his boss, who did sort of understand him, other elites of Skeleton Mafia responded with all sorts of weird looks for not only displaying ignorance regarding defense of cargo ships, but also the fact Bowser hasn't implemented self defense measures for such vessels in the first place.

"Don't you also have to deal with piracy at your world, though?" questioned Mad John as he raised his index finger. From his experience, any major ship was defended, from just small amount of security guards to being flat out escorted by warships.

"Yes, yes, we do deal with it, just that that's left to battleships, not cargo ships." elaborated Kamek with him being minutes away from passing out.

"Step up your game then, wizard!" taunted Mosseau, which it managed to irritate Kamek in the process. However, the talk regarding defense of ships did give Bowser an idea that he could implement not only in the world he was currently in, but also in his own world.

"Hmmmm...that is a good idea indeed." noted Bowser as he imagined his cargo carrying galleons carrying large cannons and bullet bill blasters before he decided to choose Kamek's fate regarding that day. "However, Kamek…I order you to take a rest. I want my minions to be in top shape!"

"Ah, thank you, Your Forgiveness. Where can I take a rest?" asked Kamek, feeling relieved that he could finally get some actual rest, free of security guards, pirates and angry Scottish skeletons.

"The Inn. You know, the usual location. It's right there." recommended Bowser as he pointed at the direction of the aforementioned location.

"Well then. We shall each other tomorrow." said Kamek before he opened the door, planning to leave the bar, so that he could get some rest.

"Aye'll get ya in yer sleep!" Mosseau couldn't just leave the wizard alone without threatening him.

"MOSSEAU, WHAT DID I SAY AGAIN!" warned Bowser once again before he noticed that Kamek has completely disappeared from their sight. "...and he went off."

"Shall we continue?" suggested Mad John, wanting to continue their game of chess without disruptions.

"Of course! Now let me rethink!" agreed Bowser as he returned to the game, performing a move that he wanted to do in the first place. Both the captain turtle mafioso king and an Australian sniper continued making moves after long periods of thinking of right choices as the game dragged on through out the day. Yet, other still eventfully watched the whole chess game, wondering who would be the one that would reign triumphant. As their game went on, Kamek managed to arrive at the inn. As some kind of luck, the inn was free to use, so the turtle wizard just threw himself on the bed once he arrived to the room he wanted. Given how absolutely crusty those beds were, they were a blessing compared to everything he encountered before.

But despite the rest and distractions, none of the members of Skeleton Mafia knew what was coming to them. Even though it was still far behind, the Bombardier from United Arab Emirates was approaching at the alarming speed. It was just a matter of time before they would be discovered by a nation that sees them as a potential threat.