Joe takes a deep breath. "To start off with, Quentin and I didn't have any of you via surrogate. Because of Quentin's abilities as a mutant, he can have children" Joe says trying to figure out why he started with that. Quentin flushed a little and the kids just kind of stared at him. He slapped his forehead. This wasn't going well.

"Mom did you have me?" Laura asked looking at Kurt. Kurt nods and all of a sudden Sara says "oh my god your moms blue" and squeals slightly. Kurt laughed. He was used to people having different reactions and he was glad this one was on the good side. Logan grunted and held onto Kurt like he was going to be taken away. "Ya kiddo, you're ours as well. Those asshats from A.I.M kidnapped you to see if they could make you theirs but your mom here found you" Logan said smiling. Laura smiled back and leaned back against Sara. Sara puts her hand on Laura's.

Logan watched happily. Laura didn't make friends easily like him but she seemed to have found a special someone. Joe took a deep breath and knew that he couldn't use stall tactics all night. "Now for the bigger side of the story I was telling" Joe said shifting on his feet a little. He didn't like talking in front of people and he just figured out it meant his own family as well. Quentin placed a supportive hand in his. Joe calmed down, gripped Quentin's hand and began.

"Kids, your mom and I are mutants as well. We moved to star city to go into hiding because we were being hunted by two different groups, SHIELD and ARGUS. They don't like mutants and they want to lock us away and experiment on us. Quentin can phase through anything with ease and I can read thoughts and move objects and I can also sense objects within a close range" Joe said and took a breath. Iris, Barry, Laurel and Sara were listening with amazement. All of them but Laurel couldn't wait to find out what their powers would be. Laurel felt sick and sat down.

Joe looked sadly at Laurel and continued. "You all have powers. Mostly they all consist of powers replicating ours except Barry can control the speed force. Laurel, your powers are the most different. You have a powerful cry that can bring down buildings, even planes flying above you. You can also use telekinetic powers like me but yours are twice as strong and can reach twice as far" Joe says leaning against Quentin for support.

Laurel looked at him, "how could you know all of this without us ever using our powers. I mean obviously you guys have them but what makes you think we do and you know what they're?" Laurel questioned sounding more obnoxious than she meant to. "When you were little you all exhibited small signs of your powers. You Laurel, your powers came on strong and early. You were way to small to carry the powers you had and plus we were losing a lot of mirrors and windows when you cried so we had a limiter, a object made to dampen a mutants power, placed into your wrist until the day we could safely remove it and allow you to train. Those days have come sooner than we would've liked but the time is right now" Quentin said softly. Laurel didn't say anything she was scared and shaking. She knew something wasn't right and she just found out what.

Quentin was heading over to her when a knock came at the door. Quentin looked at Joe who flanked by Logan, went and opened it while Quentin and Kurt stood in front of the kids. Joe opened the door and there in the doorway were Charles and Mary Xavier. Joe breathed a sigh of relief and let them in.

"Kids this is Charles and Mary Xavier. They will be your teachers" Joe says as Charles and Mary come into the room. The kids all wave except for Laurel who was still in her own little world. Charles rolled over and placed a hand on her back. "It's ok child, you will feel whole soon" Charles said and Laurel broke down crying onto his shoulder. Charles rubbed her back and just let her cry.

"Joe, i think the time for more discussion is later. ARGUS and SHIELD will be back soon and we don't want to be here" Mary said urgently. Joe nodded and gathered the kids all in one area except for Laurel who was with Charles. "Charles, we have to go" Mary said softly. Charles nodded and motioned for Laurel to go ahead but instead she went behind and pushed his wheelchair. As soon as everyone was close together Mary closed her eyes and summoned the portal to the school and ushered everyone through, going through herself just before ARGUS and SHIELD arrived.