Aht lo Levahd-You're not alone. Ziva never was, Tony always was in her heart and in her soul. TivaForever ~ Debs

He had always been there for her. Even when she held him away at arms length. After Somalia, that living hell for a few months, after years of suppression the nightmares started. So vivid, so full, the emotions, the fear, the sound of her captors voice as he tried to get info out of her. And when she didn't comply she'd be beaten, tortured, even raped. One woman with a group of around 30 men, it wouldn't surprise if some of them took turns, not just the pleasure but in hurting her. When she was rescued, a shell of who she was, malnourished and filthy, treated like an animal. After she recovered and was able to join he team again, Ziva thought that she would finally be free despite her back marked with scars. But it was not to be. The memories you want to forget, they never seem to go away. She would lay in bed praying each night that she would not dream, chanting it, willing for her tormentors to go to the hell from where their evil laughter and pain and shadows came...then shed be jolting awake, seeing them before her eyes even as they were open, her body trembling with fear and fight as she wrestled and moved away from nothing. Afterwards, every time, she would call Tony and tell him. And every time, he would come to her place and hold her in his arms as she cried. His heart tearing as her sobs effected him so. To see his partner, his close friend, defeated and broken like this, vulnerable, afraid..the only thing he could do was to watch over her as she succumbs to sleep once more and he would wrap her arms around her, whispering into her ear and shed feel safe.

He was there when the P2P killer kidnapped her, there to go up against her father when he tried to get her back after Somalia-Over his dead body, which didn't happen. He was with her when they went after Elan. The flight to Berlin, the hotel room, that night more nightmares. He was there for her whenever she felt confused and lonely, sometimes talking to her, sometimes not. Always gently but firmly held in his embrace.

But Ziva David knew that, without a doubt, no matter how bad things got...she was never alone. She looked across to him now at their breakfast table, smiling as she watched her husband play with their beautiful little girl as he airplanes a piece of toast to her lips and Tali laughs. Even back then, after he'd left her alone and sad on the Tarmac, she wasn't alone. She had a part of him, growing inside her womb. Though frightened and not knowing how to be a mother, she knew she would try. She had finally got up the courage to tell him, and all that was needed was a single sonogram photo. She hadn't meant to wait until she was in her second trimester, but there was reasoning behind it just in case the infant within did not survive to this stage, where as now the chances were much better. The first few months are always crucial and with morning sickness and heavy fatigue and wanting to eat more junk food than healthy, which she fully blamed the father for, she was glad she had finally made it. Within 24 hours he was there at her door. She opened it and he walked in, dropping his bags as they embraced, both crying and kissing each other.

Zivas belly was already forming, a bump, a roundness to her lower abdomen. Tony's hands immediately went there after he hugged her and he then let loose his tears and emotion, getting down on his knees weak and kissing her belly after he lifted up her shirt and Ziva held it, crying herself and running her hands through his hair and caressing his face as he hugged her. The rest of the journey wasn't uneventful. Bouts of anger dear and sadness along with joy and happiness, not to mention a enlarging belly, the fruit of their love, growing, developing and getting stronger until, after the last two or three months of being absolutely miserable...the time had arrived...and then Ziva felt much worse. She handled most of the labor actually very well. Mostly moans and groans, whimpers escaping her lips as she focused, Tony by her side, him the one panicking. It got on her nerves real fast and she had taken the closest thing that was near her, which was a doctors stethoscope and she hurled it towards him, Tony dodging just in time with wide eyes as she then had pointed to a chair. "SIT." She had ordered and without speaking DiNozzo sat down. Finally after many long excruciating hours, and Tony getting his fingers broken along with bruises..she was holding onto him that hard as he had sat beside her once she started pushing, little Tali had arrived. It was an intense but amazing moment. One that will never be forgotten as tears were shed when that first cry was heard.

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