Love is being willing to sacrifice you're life for your soulmate. Their happiness before yours #Tiva

Pretending to be dead was not what I had in mind for our lives together. Definitely not my little Tali, my beloved Tony. I'm sure you have grown so big and I love you so much. My heart breaks as I yearn to hold you and to be with you and your father, your Abba. My arms ache to hold you, and to be with you, to play and to snuggle you and to teach you about the world, and for you to share your world with me. I know Tony can't fully fill the void left by me but, until I see you again...Oh my baby. lt's killing me to stay away. But until I can be absolutely sure that you and Tony are safe, I cannot be with you. There are things that I must do. Grown up things. Your father would say not so nice things. I'm sure he has you going on movies already. I long for the day when we will be reunited. It will be happy day and there will be lots to explain in time. I'm sure your father would be angry with me, but he has every right to be. And I can only pray that I am forgiven. At least after some time. I know he will do anything and everything for you motek. He is strong and brave, smart and funny, a big kid at times. I'm sure makes bath time fun. You were made in love Tali. Your father would have been with me the entire time if I had told him. So many times I almost did, because I felt alone and as your father Tony has every right. He would have had to duck or hold me back whenever I lost my temper with the hormones. The hardest thing about love is that it hurts. If it does not ever hurt, then it was never real. With your father...it was real...so strong, so intimate. Not all the time, no. There were plenty of spoons in the road..or is it forks? Ah, bends. That's it. You have brought me such peace and joy, I can't wait for the day when we will have that again. And when we are reunited, we will have so many more memories to make. I will teach you dance, self defense, me and your father both in that department and also with weapons. But all that when you're old enough. For now it's all fun and games I'm sure.

I know it hurts now and it might still in the future depending on how things go, but I want you to know Tali and Tony that I love you. I love you both so much. It's because of that love that until our enemies are dealt with, amongst other things, that I will stay away until I am absolutely sure that you are safe. It's hard to find words to say at the moment. I wish the very best for you, my family. Tony, I know when we meet again that you will be angry with me, I expect it, and can only hope that you will forgive me over time, and that we that begin a new life together. A life of friendship, of joy...of love.

"L is for love. It is what makes us do what we do to protect the ones we cherish and hold dear. It is what makes us fight for our friends and family, it's what holds us together and keeps us strong.

O is for One. My One Goal, is to be with my family again. And it will happen Tony, I promise. We will be together again. Do not worry...Everything will be okay.

V is for Vacation. When we are together we will be doing many of those and creating memories of fun and having many adventures.

E is for Evenings. In the evenings we will cuddle put in a movie, sit quietly together and cuddle on the couch, and just enjoy being in each others presence. It's the soft kiss right on the forehead, the slow dances in the living room even in our old age, the nights of love, the colors of the sky at sunset, the campfires of the night.

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