"Is for our beloved Mote. Their special, unique relationship that's lasted for years and who we absolutely adore. 💕

Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo. Tony and Ziva. While separate, they are also the same in some fans eyes. Laughing and joking on set, pulling pranks and sharing special moments with the cast and also their fans. They are talented, play incredibly well together and are professionals. Their relationship is like magic. They bring their characters Tony and Ziva to life on the screen. They share a special friendship that no one can deny nor should anyone try to break. A unique bond that you very rarely see and it's amazing for us fans to get a glimpse of their closeness. This dynamic duo know how to work their scenes and play off each other. Michael even adding improve and Cote just rolling with the punches. The chemistry these two share is nothing short of magic. It's lightning in a bottle. During a lot of scenes they didn't even need to act. Because it was them. And it shows on screen through the characters they play.

Tony and Ziva. Two people who were destined to be together, the fruit of their love in their little girl Tali, who is now 6. They have their hands full with their little girl and exploring her world. From early mornings to bedtime stories, little Tali is adventurous, wanting to run and explore, and at the same time cuddly, wanting to be held and to snuggle. One day Ziva came home from running to the store for Tali's favorite cereal, only to return home to a mess. It had been down pouring and she got pretty wet as she stepped inside quickly, a grocery bag in one hand and she fidgeted to get the keys out of the door socket, finally closing the door. She had set down the bag onto the counter in the kitchen but then looked. All over the floor there was a trail of muddy footprints. Thankfully not on the carpet and the shoes were left at the bottom of the stairs. "Tony...". Ziva sighed, frowning. She wasn't in the mood for whatever shenanigans her husband and little troublemaker had gotten into. But then she heard laughing and went upstairs. Ziva followed the giggling to the bathroom, peaking inside the door ever so slowly. And she could not help the smile that crossed her lips and the warmth that flooded her body. Tali was in their large bathtub, a little too much soap but she liked it bubbly. And Tony was also in the bathtub in the other end. Tali was laughing at his antics as he was wearing a blue snorkeling mask and in one of his swimming trunks. Tali laughed as her Abba ducked under and came up and splashed her, squirting her with water he'd gathered in his mouth and she threw bubbles at him. "Abba Abba!" "Watch out! It's the tickle monster!" "Nooo!" Tony made his monster face. "Rooooorrr!" And he tickled her. Tali just laughed her high pitched squeal. Ziva continued watching a few moments longer before going back downstairs so Tali could have her daddy time.

She cleaned the floor and straightened up the living room, then sat on the recliner after removing her shoes and proceeded to continue a book she had been reading. After a few moments footsteps where heard coming down the stairs. "Ima Ima." Tali exclaimed and she came scurrying towards her mother. Ziva smiles big and held out her arms as her daughter almost jumped onto her. "Oof! You've been with Aunt Abby too much. You're getting heavy." "I'm a big girl!" Tali said with a big smile and Ziva nodded as she hugged her. "Yes you are." Tali hugged her Ima and proceeded to snuggle and tucked her head under Ziva's chin as Ziva leaned back in the chair and slowly began rocking back and forth, humming. Within about 20 minutes Tony came downstairs and smiled. He spied Ziva sitting in the recliner with Tali in her arms. He went to the kitchen and got his phone from the key bowl and then tiptoed near his wife, whom had fallen asleep. Click. He snapped a picture and put the phone in the pocket of his red and black plad night robe. DiNozzo went to his wife's side and gently touched her shoulder. "Ziva." "Hmm." Ziva breathes in deeply and opened her eyes, one slightly before the other, a smile tugging at the corners of her mouth at the sight of her husband. "It's time for bed." Without moving her head Ziva's gaze went from Tony to Tali then back to Tony again. He nodded and gently helped his wife to stand as she held their sleeping daughter in her arms and went upstairs to Tali's room. Ziva lays her down and tucked her in, the little girls fingers grabbing onto the stuffed toy dog and pulling it to her, gently wiping her face with her other hand in her almost toddler like way in her sleep. Tony dimmed the light after Ziva kissed her daughter's forehead and left her room, only leaving the door a few inches open before joining her husband and headed for their bedroom. "It was a long day today." She commented as she changed into her pajamas. Tony nodded. "Yeah it was." He yawned and stretched before climbing into bed and cuddling with Ziva. She nuzzled him and he wrapped his arms around her, kissing her forehead. "Ani ohev otach." "Ani ohev ocha." Ziva mumbled back to her sleepily, her eyes closed and within minutes both DiNozzo's fell asleep in each other's arms. At peace.

No I didn't forget about this story. These past few months have just been busy and I know my readers aren't happy about it. But I'm going to try and not worry anymore about the negative comments. Ziva's Alive! NCIS PREMIER IS September 24th!

Gibbs: Hold up! I just wanna know who we're running from.

Ziva: There is a woman, her name is Sahad, she wants me dead and now she's after you too.

Gibbs: Who is she?

Ziva: I do not know. I have never seen her.