Contents Priceless. To Tony, Ziva was. Treasure above all others. ~ Debs

Handle with care, contents, priceless. That was what she was to him. The apple of his eye, the ying to his yang, the jelly to his peanut butter...the lightning to his storm.

Oh how he loved this woman who made his heart beat faster in his chest,

whenever word reached his ears that she had disappeared or was in trouble, he wouldn't stop until he found her, taking no rest.

It wasn't just her wavy hair and body curves that made him love her so,

it was also her personality, her inner beauty, and maturity that had started to grow.

Priceless, she was priceless to him...so precious to him that her value could not be determined...no words, so many feelings and emotions and thoughts, she was everything to him.

They had saved each other's lives, fought and cried together. They forgave and learned to trust again, and when little Tali came around, what a family they would have been.

...to possibly, seemingly loose someone you can barely live without, it's like, why exist at all?

Heartbroken, bitter and angry, knowing you cannot change anything and then you fall.

There are some wounds that go too deep, some things that time cannot mend...we believe that she really isn't gone, and that she's alive and with her true family in the end.

No measure of time with her would be enough, but they will start with forever.

And they will continue to live and be happy...and perhaps grow..and be together.

He would tell her one of the reasons why he loves her every night,

and give her a thousand kisses each day, as a promise to his family and to her, that he would always try to do right.

To bring two people together like this is nothing short of magic...if you want to go that way. Was it fate, destiny, hope and love? Maybe a bit of everything. In a relationship it's NOT 50 50. It's 100% both ways. Tony and Ziva have shared many laughs and moments through their years working together. From back to back in the field through the thick of gunfire and the thrill of the chase, to those quiet moments in the elevator, or men's bathroom, wherever they happened to find themselves, when we watched them and they made us smile, even if just for them it made it worth it. It's those moments and where we thought the relationship was heading that kept us going, even if we did like one half more than the other. We laughed and fretted and hated and cried. Tony and Ziva will always be in our hearts as what they were and what could have and should have been. We can't change the past but we can make our future brighter. You love whom you love, it's that simple. They've had some major bumps in the road and curveballs thrown their way, slips in the slopes, moments shattered by other possible suitors ok both sides...but even after and through all that they were drawn back to each other like a magnet.

What do we see in their future now that they're both gone? A family of three living together in Paris, or maybe they might move somewhere else to live in the future, who knows. They could remain three, or grow by one or two. "Hey, I could have my own football team." DiNozzo said once to her and Ziva laughed as they walked the streets of Paris that night, going over a bridge, their little girl currently being watched by none other than their friend Nora. "A herd of mini DiNozzos." The brunet marveled, turning to look across the bridge, the sound of nature around her a soothing melody in the air as Tony caught her attention and she looked to him, both now facing each other. "Just saying we could, if we wanted to." He said smirking, Ziva smiling back and moving a lock of hair from her face as the gentle breeze blew. "You really want one? Another child?" She asked, almost too bluntly even though she was smiling. Tony looked to her. "Hey if our next one will turn out like Tali, I'm all for it." He wasn't trying to be pushy but the thought of another child was kind of cool...and-"I kind of missed out on a lot with the first." He said sadly, regretfully. "So this is partially out of guilt." Ziva concluded, stepping closer to him. Tony swallowed and glanced across the bridge then back to her. "Maybe it is a little, but it is true that I wouldn't mind another kid. I think I've got the hang of it with our rambunctious adorable little girl. Weather we have another girl, or boy, well, Paris is the city of love." He said that last part low in his throat, smoothly bringing Ziva into his arms and they shared a deep slow snogging kiss. Their eyes closed, arms coming up around each other, lips on lips and bodies held close together. They pulled apart for air and Ziva looked up at him, her eyes brightening. "Well I wasn't saying no...and..we may have to work a little to get pregnant again, though it may even work the first time." Tony looked to her quizzically as he followed her now when she began walking again at s brisker pace. "Uh if I recall correctly we slept more than three times together before when you told me Tali came along." Ziva glanced back at him, walking backwards in a way that made DiNozzos heart beat faster, the desire staring in his veins. "Keeping count?" She said smiling and Tony smiled back as he caught up with her. "It was like, 3...right?" Ziva slowed and then took her hands in his, bringing them close. "More like, seven." The mans eyebrows rose a little at that and he smiled his bit of scruffy grin. "Well well, I say we have our work cut out for us." Ziva smiled and then wrapped her arms around Tony's neck as his hands went to her hips as he held her, their bodies getting warmer, Ziva biting her bottom lip. "Mm, yes we do, my little furry bear." She glanced around. "The car is just ahead." She stared at him, and he stared right back before, they kissed deep, then both suddenly bolted for the parking lot that was The edge of one of the nature parks they had been traversing, their love and passion growing until they reached it, getting inside..and then their hands were all over each other like there was no tomorrow.

Reviews greatly appreciated. Sorry if it's a little weird starting with a poem then changing even more as it went. Felt it would be stupid at first but I'm deciding to keep it this way. Sorry if the chapter is short compared to the two previous ones.