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Many things can be said of Naruto Uzumaki. An unwillingness to learn is not one of them. Even his most passionate detractors would admit that Naruto was willing to learn, even if he was slow at times to do so.

Unfortunately, two of Naruto's teammates happened to be two of his biggest detractors. Neither Sasuke Uchiha nor Sakura Haruno would ever admit to being bested by the blonde. Just because they were willing to accept that Naruto could learn, even wanted to learn, it did not mean that they thought of him on there level. No, to even entertain the idea would go against too much on how they viewed themselves and the village outcast was sean.

Though Naruto didn't know that, rushing through the training area, the whiskered blond made his way towards where his training and experience as a prankster lead him. While no tracker Naruto, however, was used to pranking and hiding from Chunin and ANBU.

Not that Naruto could tell you their location. No, he was acting on instinct more than anything. Of course, such instinct had served him well before. They again served him as he came upon his two teammates. Sasuke was dirty, with a hole that the uchiha perfectly fit behind him. Clearly a result of either a failed plan or Kakashi-sensei.

Either way, it didn't matter.

"Sakura-chan, teme!"

Both looked that blond with disdain clearly in their eyes. Disdain was an improvement compared to his usual reception so he could easily ignore it.

"I think I have a way for us to get the bells!"

"Hn, like I need help from either of you. I already touched one of the bells on my own." Said Sasuke dismissively.

"Great! Then, with my plan, we can get both!" the blond cheerfully replied.

"Stop trying to cheat off of us Naruto!" Shirked Sakura. "You're useless and getting in our way like usual."

"Hey, I'm not trying to cheat and I'm not useless!" He might have a crush on Sakura, but even Naruto had a limit on the insults he would take from the girl.

Before Sakura could reply, Naruto spotted Sasuke walking away.

"Teme…er, I mean Sasuke come on." He tried to stop the arguing. Anything was better than failing even working with his rival. "If you already touched one of the bells, think about what you could do with some help." Naruto rushed to stand in front of the Uchiha as he spoke.

"Get out of my way dobe." Sasuke growled.

"Come on, just give me a mome…"

Sakura then interpreted the blond "Just leave us alone Naruto! Why do you think there are only two bells? Kakashi-sensei obviously doesn't want to teach a loser like you. If you stopped getting in our way, then we would both have our bells. I don't think anyone even wants you in the village!"

Before anyone could say anything else a loud buzzing filled the area. The sound signaled they ran out of time. Naruto dropped his head as he marched back to where they had started their test. He was positive that they would have gotten the bells if they had gone with his plan.

Naruto didn't look back as he walked; if he did, he would have seen pair of hateful glares matching any that the villagers gave the orange-clad youngster. Little did any of them know; three pairs of eyes were watching the group from a concealed spot in the undergrowth. Each made mental notes about the group's interactions and behaviours.


Kakashi watched as his three students walk into the clearing, Naruto in the lead. Had they figured out the true purpose of the test he pondered and was hoping in some ways. Contrary to popular belief, he did not enjoy failing students, of crushing their dreams.

This group would hurt more than any of the rest from the previous classes. Still it would pale in comparison to the pain if they died because they weren't ready for the dangers shinobi faced. More so it would be a betrayal to those he already lost. The glares that two of his students were given Naruto, the copy-nin doubted that any of them had figured out the true purpose of the test. Still, he needed to check with his summons that were stationed around the area after the test.

But first, he gave the three his biggest eye smile. One that matched his mouth… not that anyone could see it.

"You all fail."

Kakashi was met with the expected groans of disappointment and depressed faces. Even if they already knew that they failed, being told increased the hard hit of reality.

"I thought I would have some good news for the three of you." He paused a moment, "but you are not going back to the academy." Six eyes meet Kakashi's eye even if Sasuke was trying to hide his reaction. Naruto's honest expression more than made up the difference.

"The reason is that you three are being dropped from the program." The copy-nin said joyfully.

The next thing that happened took place in a blink of an eye and surprised everyone present. By the time the Cyclops instructor was able to blink, Sasuke was already attacking Naruto. The raven-haired boy was clearly on his way to the Jonin himself.

Acting on pure combat instinct, Naruto summoned two dozen Kage Bunshin (shadow clones) while taking a kick to the head. Each of the clones retaliated against the Uchiha from various directions.

Blocking any action, Kakashi could take to restrain the enraged ninja, at least without risking a hit to Naruto.

Sakura had no such concern. Seeing her crush mobbed by a sea of orange she ran in attacking with full force. Only for the Naruto's, she hit to pop on impact.

Suddenly, Sasuke jumped up and started going through hand signs as fast as he could. The delay in the boy's assault gave Kakashi the chance he needed. Acting faster than any of the Genin were able to follow, the copy-nin restrained the attacking Uchiha. He also didn't miss the Uchiha's piercing black eyes changed to blood red. Acting just as quickly as before, Kakashi ended the pointless assault by knocking out the boy who started it. Sasuke's arms were bound with ropes around his torso and arms from his shoulder to his hips.

"Naruto end the jutsu. Sakura stop attacking Naruto now!" Kakashi spoke with stern authority. Lucky the clones stopped their own attacks when Sasuke was restrained and did nothing more than evade the pinkets attacks the best they could until being dispelled. The area became filled with smoke, leaving no trace of orange in the clearing. Every one of them had been a clone. The blond had disappeared from right out from under his nose - impressive to say the least.

Before Sakura could say anything, Kakashi's ordered her to follow him. With a discrete signal, he ordered Pakkun to meet him at the Hokage tower.


A short time later, Kakshi spoke with his pack while two of his three students were present. What recommendations he made to the Hokage would depend on his own observations, as well as, the pack's report. At the very least, the three youngsters should never be a team. Kakashi just hoped that giving Naruto some space, was the best thing for him at the moment.


Naruto moved steadily back towards the village, his hitai-ate (forehead protector) hidden in his pocket but keeping a tight grip on it. He had hightailed it out of there, as soon as, Sakura joined in. Summoning another batch of clones to hide his retreat under the cover of the first group being dispelled. Naruto wanted to fight Sasuke desperately in a straight up fight, however, Sakura was another thing entirely. Add to the fact that he was being dropped from the Shinobi program altogether, there was no reason to stay there. He didn't want to lose the hitai-ate (forehead protector) that Iruka-sensei gave to him. Naruto expected that he couldn't wear it or even own one if he wasn't a Shinobi, however, it should go back to Iruka-sensei.

Jiji had explained his value to the village from a military standpoint and the old man's desire to allow Naruto to have as normal a life as possible. Eventually, Naruto would have to rebuild his seal or risk the Kyuubi's escape. In the end, the Bijuu would have to be transferred to another person. The aged Hokage made it very clear that if he had his way a transfer wouldn't be until Naruto was older than him. Though Naruto doubted that given his value as a Jinchuriki and the risks of civilian life, that the Hokage would let him get dropped from the Shinobi program and would find another option.

The blond pushed back the memory of his talk with the Hokage, he didn't want to think about what the man told him no matter how noble and honorable it was made to sound. The threats Naruto would face as a Jinchuriki were great, not only from the bijuu sealed within him, but others outside of the village. Add to that, there were those who saw him as nothing more than a weapon. Honestly, Naruto wasn't sure if the Hokage made the right decision, but the blond was glad he could know the joys of ramen. To think someone would train him but wouldn't let him know the joys of ramen.

Yes, the glorious food of the gods.

Naruto sighed; one good thing had come from the failed test, the Kage Bunshin (shadow clone) were even more awesome than he realized. Albeit, the memories of his clones that were still the clearing when they were ordered to dispel was weird. A couple of experiments with clones near one of his private training grounds and carvings in the trees had proved he got their memories.

The orange wearing blond still had a headache, even after a filling meal as he thought about the whole situation. He just hoped that part of his pain was due to the hedge he had been wearing and that it was believable; as it seems to be something he was going to do more often. He planned to stay in disguise until he could give back Iruka hitai-ate (forehead protector).

Walking around the village without the glares was amazing. He was currently browsing at a stand that normally wouldn't even let him anywhere near it. When he picked up a name the village normally used for him 'demon brat'. Might as well put his current incognito to use.

"You're serious the demon brat failed?" the stand owner asked excitedly.

The other man appeared to be a Chunin, based on his gear, also seemed clearly excited as he spoke. "Ya, from the rumor is the Uchiha did too. But the important thing is that the demon brat can't be a Shinobi, given how many times he failed. With luck, the Sandaime (3rd) will finally lock him up since he's completely useless to us now."

The shinobi leaned forward to whisper even as his voice raised with his excitement. "He might even kill him if we're really lucky."

Naruto restrained himself as he walked away; tears threatened to spill from his eyes. Foregoing stealth the distrait blond ran to his apartment, dropping his Henge (transformation) once inside. He had screwed up enough that he could never be a Shinobi now… never be Hokage. Tears streamed down his face as his dream died. The blond eyed a scroll on the table it was an official jutsu scroll.

A jutsu that he already knows because he invented it.

His sexy jutsu.

A forbidden jutsu.

It was the lowest ranked jutsu to ever be declared forbidden in the history of the leaf village, and maybe even in the history of all Shinobi. There was no doubt in his mind that it was the only one made by an academy student - ever. It was something he did.

A ninja was someone who endured, a something that his Jiji already said that he excelled at. Just because he wasn't an official leaf ninja didn't mean he couldn't be one.

Naruto let out a huge sigh as he pulled out Iruka's headband, he couldn't go against the leaf village just like that. His other hand went to his stomach. Besides the problem of not being able to attack a leaf Shinobi if a mission called for it. There was no guarantee that another village would even accept him or not kill him for what he held. Worst still they might give him the same training that wouldn't allow him to enjoy ramen.

"I'll just have to go someplace where there are no other Shinobi. Now, where was that place where they had no Shinobi that Jiji told me about?

"Land of irea…no irrean. …iran.. iron! That's it, the Land-of-Iron. If they have no Shinobi, I'd be the best one there." The boy's excitement grew by the moment. "I just have to get there, then show them how awesome I am. Then they will start begging me to start a village!" Naruto said to his freshly summoned clones. The group instantly started fantasizing about his new life, as they started packing.

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