Author's Note: So I've been into Madoka Magica lately. I've always wanted to write a slice-of-life story with the girls having normal lives. Now I finally have!

This actually takes place in America rather than Japan, but for the most part I left it ambiguous in the actual story. It would explain why everyone is calling each other by first name with no honorific.

The reason the high school is called "Cascade" is because one of the kanji in "Mitakihara" translates to waterfall or cascade.

In this fic, Sayaka is Kyouko's childhood friend, and doesn't meet all the others until later.

In this story, Sayaka's mom was the one who got her into classical music, instead of it being Kyousuke.

Sayaka's POV

I woke up to the sight of sunlight filtering through trees.

I had fallen asleep listening to classical music, until a loud song came on and woke me right up!

I was in the car with my mom and dad, and I noticed we were far from home. Buildings grew further and further apart, and tall plants choked the area in green foliage. That's how I knew we were nearing my old home. It was a quaint place. A little rustic, but very cozy.

We were moving back.

As I looked outside the open window of the small car, my hair blowing in the wind, I noticed we were passing by a nostalgic place.

"It's the old park..." I whispered. A smile grew on my face.

That very park was where I met Kyouko. It was such a long time ago, and we were very small then. In fact, it was before either of us even started going to school.

"Mama... Nobody wants to play with me..."

"Kyouko, you have to speak up if you want to be friends with someone."

That's where I came in...

"Hey." I said to the girl, who was wiping her eyes. "I'll play with you!"


I'll never forget the look on her face when I said that. She looked surprised, and then smiled. When she smiled, I noticed she had a fang-like tooth! I thought it was cute.

I remembered feeling good, having made a new friend.

Kyouko was a very shy girl, and cried rather easily. She was bashful and would often cling to me. Once, when we were being told a scary story at school, she held my hand tightly and wouldn't let go of it the whole time. When other kids teased her, she would cry and I would have to scare them away.

She was still fun to be with. Even though she was shy, she was impulsive and liked doing nutty things, such as playing with the fire alarm. We got in all kinds of trouble together. Once we even tried to go on an epic journey, like kids in the movies did. Kyouko and I felt like it was our "destiny". Our parents wouldn't let us, so we had to do it secretly. So we both snuck out of our houses and met each other at the park. Then we walked all the way to McDonalds by ourselves.

For a six-year-old, walking to McDonalds on foot with backpacks filled with a little bit of money and a lot of snacks was a pretty exciting adventure to have. But we still wanted more. We wanted to go somewhere far away and exciting, like France or Egypt! But instead we both got scared by the time night fell, and ended up calling home. Mom wasn't very happy, but it was still a fun memory.

Kyouko was my best friend. But then came the day where I had to move to the city. Kyouko was heartbroken, but I assured her it was fine.

"Sayaka, don't go... You're my best friend..." She cried when I told her the news.

"I'll miss you too. But you'll be okay! I promise." I said.

"But Sayaka, I'll be lonely without you."

"I understood her pain. She didn't have any other friends besides me.

"Well... maybe it's time to come out of your shell." I suggested.

"What does that mean?" She asked.

"It means that you shouldn't be shy anymore. Then you'll make a lot of friends, and you won't be lonely. But still... I won't forget you."

"I won't forget you either!" Kyouko said. "Never ever!"

Right before I moved, we went to see fireworks together. Since I was leaving the next day, I wanted the fireworks to last forever. Then I would never have to say goodbye to Kyouko.

Right before I left to go home after the fireworks, Kyouko gave me a bracelet she made.

"It's blue and red. The blue beads are you. The red beads are me." Kyouko said. "Now we'll always be together..."

I hugged her one last time.

"Goodbye Sayaka." Kyouko said to me. "I'll come out of my shell just like you said. I'll make more friends. But I won't ever forget about you!"

It's been years since then. I still miss Kyouko. Even in my new home in the city, I didn't have a friend quite like her.

I wonder how she's been. I hope I get to see her again.

Hours later, and I'm at the exact house I spent my childhood in. We were back. But it didn't feel the same without Kyouko.

Hey, I said to myself. I decided to look on the bright side. I was starting high school the next day, and maybe Kyouko would be there. In fact, I was absolutely convinced she'd be there. I was excited, but I didn't want to get my hopes up too high.

I looked at the bracelet on my hand and smiled. It still held up, even after all these years.

Now that I was back in the suburb, I decided to go out, and look at all the old sights again.

The city was so crowded, full of cars and people, but the suburb was so wide and verdant. It was nice and gave me a sense of freedom. On this warm windy day, I decided to go back down to the old park.

Of course, I'm much too old now to play on the playground at the park. But there were places to play ball and it was a good place to hang out.

As I got to the park, I saw they now had a skateboarding rink. I'd never learned to skateboard. I still wish I could!

On the side, there were a couple of skateboards to rent if you didn't have one. I decided to try it out.

"Whoa!" I slipped.

That didn't go to well. I got back up and laughed sheepishly. Good thing nobody saw...


Well... one person saw.

I looked behind me. There was a girl who wore a T-shirt, baggy pants and a beanie cap with her hair tucked in. She had a skateboard besides her, had her phone sticking out of her pocket, and in her mouth was a stick of Pocky.

"New in town?" She asked me. "Haven't seen you around."

"Uh... yeah." I said.

"Well, I guess at least I don't have to worry about someone upscaling me. You're pretty clumsy, huh?" The girl smirked.

Was this girl looking for a fight?

"What was that now?" I said. "I'll have you know, I take gymnastics."

"Gymnastics huh? I do parkour!"

"That doesn't make you special." I said. "That doesn't give you the right to talk down on me."

We ended up glaring at each other for a long time.

"Humph, yeah?" She finally said.

"Yeah." I nodded with confidence.

"You seem like you're all talk."

"Have you looked in a mirror lately?"

Once again, my headstrong personality pulled me by the hand. But I just couldn't let this girl just push me down!

"Since you're so stubborn, let's settle this." She said. "Show me your best moves."

"What?" I wanted to say. But instead I nodded and told her to give me more space.

I did a series of backwards handsprings, doing a half-spin on the last one and landing on my feet.

"Not bad." She said, "But can you top this?"

She did some mid-air somersaults, and then landed on her hands... only to topple over.

"Uh-oh." She said as she fell, on her bottom. She then began to sprawl out on the ground, letting some hair out of her beanie...

"Whoa, you okay?" I asked, crouching down next to her.

"Yeah. I'm okay..." She said.

I helped her up. Just then, the knot on my bracelet untied itself. Red and blue beads scattered all around the ground. The force of me pulling her up also knocked her beanie off.

Long, red hair tumbled out in all directions. I couldn't believe what I saw.

I opened my mouth, only for her voice to come out first.

"Sayaka!?" She said. She looked at the beads scattered in the grass, then at me, with wide eyes scintillating.

"...Kyouko!?" I exclaimed.

There was a short pause.