Madoka's POV

"Maybe everyone will like your real personality better!" I suggested.

Homura sighed.

"I... I can't do that Madoka. It would be too weird." She said in a small voice.

"But Homura..." I said.

"I'm sorry." Homura said again. "But I really want you to keep this a secret between only us."

"Well, if that's what you want..." I said. "But don't you want people to see who you really are?"

"Maybe eventually, when I feel comfortable enough." Homura said. "But until I'm ready to spill the beans myself, can you keep a secret?"

"I will." I decided.

"Great!" Homura said, grabbing my hands and smiling. "You're a good friend, Madoka. You're the only one I've ever told about this."

I smiled back. If a friend needed me, I'd be there. I felt a little special that I was the one Homura chose.

When we walked back in the classroom together, Homura had a lack of expression on her face again, and looked blunt and distant. The energy radiating from her had changed. It was like I was walking back in with a whole different person.

"Oh, Homura, you're back!" Miss Saotome said. "Are you feeling alright?"

"Yes." Homura responded with sophisticated equilibrium. "I am fine."

I was impressed at how convincing she was. Homura was really, really good at acting mysterious!

Since there were a few minutes left of break time, I sat back in my seat, only for Sayaka to talk to me.

"Madoka, was Homura okay?" She asked.

I nodded, trying my best to keep the secret.

"She's fine! As soon as we got down there, she started feeling better, so we went back." I tried to make myself sound as convincing as possible, even though I knew I wasn't as good as Homura. She could probably be an actress.

"This is exciting!" The red-haired girl in front of Sayaka kicked her feet up on her desk and took a bite from a candy bar. "A mysterious transfer student! I wonder what secret she could be hiding."

"Y-yeah... I wonder..." I said sheepishly.

"Maybe she's rich! Or a spy! Or an alien!" Kyouko raved.

"Or a rich alien spy!" Said Sayaka.

"Or a time-traveler!" Said Kyouko.

"Homura is probably just a normal girl like the rest of us." I said, giggling. "Maybe she doesn't talk much because she's shy."

"Or maybe she's hiding a really embarrassing secret." Sayaka said. "Like, maybe her laugh sounds funny, and that's why she doesn't laugh."

"Either way, it'll be interesting to learn about her." Kyouko said.

"Hey Madoka, do you want to hang out with us after school?" Sayaka asked.

"Oh... Um, sure!" I said happily.

"Great, we're going to the pool near the park!"

"Oh, sweet!" I said, "I know where that is. We can walk there together!"

I was making friends with Sayaka and Kyouko too! This was great! Maybe I could even invite Homura along with us, then we could all bond even more!

But then I remembered... Homura's secret. Oh no! What was she going to do about it? Was she going to tell Sayaka and Kyouko? Or would she have to hide it from them the whole time?