Prologue: Death to the Axolotl

"AT LAST! AFTER MILLENIA, I HAVE IT! I Magum Cerebrum have it!"

A tall slender man with pale skin and soulless white eyes wearing a black suit and tie stood in front of a swirling portal of blue energy. His body was tinted blue from the light, and in his hands was small square chip that was covered in blood. As he stared at the chip, his white eyes were tinted blue from the light of energy before him.

"Now… to reveal its secrets…" He then placed the bloodied chip into a small device, the side of it written in faded yellow writing "Property of B. Bartek". Once the device was booted up a screen lit up, various writings and diagrams showing up on the screen. "To believe he had hidden it within you, my dear Layla Amelia…"

The woman in question was lying on the floor, blood trickling from her left temple onto the concrete floor. She had long dark gray hair that was streaked silver, her skin so pale it was as if she was dead, but she wasn't dead as her electric blue eyes fluttered. She writhed in pain as a young woman with dark brown curly hair with wide brown eyes was at her side, desperately trying to stop the wound.

"Mom!" the young woman called out. "Just hang on, I'll get something to close the wound…"

"She will be fine, girl!" Magum then snapped at the brunette. "But who knew that Cipher had helped Dr. Bartek with this secret…? I would never have guessed!"

"What are you talking about, you piece of shit asshole!" the brunette demanded, her brown eyes hard as a tree trunk. "Whatever you're planning-"

"You cannot do anything, girl, as for I am going to be ruler of the multiverse!" Magum declared as he then went to the portal of energy and placed a hand inside. He darkly chuckled as the portal turned into a dark magenta, the energy swirling a dark red within.

After a moment the room shook, the brunette girl throwing her body over the older woman. Debris fell from the ceiling, chunks of rock hit the brunette on her back, but she ignored the pain as she kept her eyes on her mother.

"Magum Cerebrum of the Telepathic Dimension…" a bellowing voice echoed in the room. The magenta portal then vibrated as a head poked through, the head a light pink with dark magenta antler-looking things from the side of its head. It fully emerged, its body slender and a long tail. "You have willingly summoned me after all these years of being on the run from me…?"

"Ah, it's been how many millennia, Axolotl?" Magum then purred. "I figured I would welcome you to my humble abode."

The large salamander creature floated along towards the demon, its body curling up as if it were a ball. "Humble…? More like a trap… you had taken Layla and her daughter hostage… All because you are so petty about your life… how you think I wouldn't notice your and Bill Cipher's plan…"

"Ah, Bill Cipher, you still have not found him have you?"

"The Dream Demon no longer has physical or Mindscape form…"

Magum then looked confused, him putting a hand to his chin. "And… what do you mean by that? No longer physical or Mindscape…?"

The Axolotl moved forward, passing the portal and Magum. An image showed in the portal of a young boy, possibly a young teenager, shaking hands with Bill Cipher. The boy's eyes then glowed a golden yellow with a slit of a pupil.

"What I mean is that his soul is bounded to that child…" the Axolotl explained. "You may have had many victims that you bounded to their souls, but the bond between Bill Cipher and that child are strong as he is the Pine Tree…"

If Magum was surprised, he did not show it. "Pine Tree…?" he echoed. The magenta portal then removed the image of the boy and it then showed a scene of an older man with a brown trench coat spraying a circle on the floor, drawing symbols that some of them were identical to ones Magum knew so well. "Ah… Stanford Pines… He had made it out of the multiverse after all…"

"Yes… a very clever human…" the Axolotl agreed. "They had helped stop Bill Cipher… but Bill Cipher will help stop you through the means of that boy…"

"The soul bounded boy…? He is most likely being driven mad!"

"That may be true… but he is a lot stronger than you may think…" The Axolotl then floated towards Magum, its body flying through the air. "A group of ten shall rise again, although different and vast they shall bring light onto the past. The boy with a strong will and mind with a hat of a tree of pine, a boy part of the destined bloodline. You may think you have won and will rule over all multiverse lives, but are you sure you'll be the one that survives?"

Magum then threw a ball of fire energy towards the creature, it effortlessly dodging it. "Bah! I've had enough of your damn riddles, Axolotl! It is time to get what you deserve… you may act all innocent and cheery, but you clearly know what you have done to me!" the demon shouted as he threw another fireball. "I will be superior! I will do what that damn dream demon couldn't do!"

The Axolotl stopped flying around and stared at Magum with a cocked head. "What have I done to you, Magum Cerebrum…? You were never good at ciphers… the Cipher clan of the Dream Demons were experts." It then floated toward the swirling portal. "And what did the Cerebrum clan do…? Made an honest living with their ability to tap into the mind and use telekinesis, a double power never seen before in your kind… and yet, you were the inadequate one-"

"ENOUGH!" Magum roared as he threw a ball of fire at the portal, the magenta color turning into a crimson red. "I know your secret you old fool! I know how to destroy you!"

The Axolotl's normal neutral expression then turned worried, its black eyes looking confused and concerned. "I am the highest of the Hierarchy of Demons… there is no way-"

Magum then smiled sinisterly, his smile so wolf-like. "NOT ANYMORE!" He then used his telekinesis to shove the Axolotl into the portal, but half of it was still sticking out. "I'll tear the very fiber of your being with the portals! You may have access to them, but they are linked to your very life course! All those years ago you were helping Layla and Stanford…!"

"How did you build this!?" the Axolotl demanded, finally noticing the complex machine of the portal.

The portal itself was large and vast, oddly the shape of a triangle. Magum had spent years making it after gathering so much information from Dr. Bartek before his demise. All he had been missing was one component, and the deranged doctor had hidden it in his own daughter's skull. According to the research, the portal's energy, for any portal, was linked to the Axolotl's life energy.

"A little friend I like to call Dr. Bartholomew Bartek!" Magum declared as he then went to the control panel and began typing in certain coordinates, all while the Axolotl stayed in place form Magum's telekinesis. "All I must do is overload this with you inside, and you would be basically killing yourself as the portal overloads and rip you very fiber of being apart!"

"You may think you have won, Magum Cerebrum, but remember the bloodline of the name of Pine will be the end of you."

"Goodbye, Axolotl!" Magum roared as he pulled down a lever, the dark crimson turning black as blue sparks of energy flowed out of the portal. The sparks began to set aflame their surroundings, the brunette girl who had been helplessly sitting their picking up her limp mother and began to drag her away to safety.

The portal's energy swirled around the Axolotl, the pink skin of the creature cracking as dust flowed from the wounds. The creature screamed in agony and pain, its externa gills that were such a dark magenta turned gray and cracked off the sides of its head. The once powerful dark eyes that seemed that could see everything across the universe became a cold gray the skin around the sockets cracked and sagged, causing the eyes to fall out.

Magum then lifted the lever, the machine stopping completely, the body of the once powerful being fell to the ground with a crash, only the front half existing. The telepathic demon then used a hand and punched through the thoracic cavity of the creature, him searching. He then finally pulled out a still slightly beating heart, it a dark red and purple from blood.

"Magum… you are… making… a mistake…" the Axolotl rasped painfully, blood flowing form its wound. "You… you cannot handle that kind of power…"

Magum gave his infamous wolf-like smile. "I don't give a damn!" he roared as he then took a bite from the heart, the blood dribbling down the corners of his mouth. The once pink body of the Axolotl then turned into a soft gray as it went limp.

The demon then opened its eyes, his right eye its normal soulless white while his left was a deep black. He began to laugh almost insanely, his black eye searching the world around him as if hungry for information.

"Yes… YES! The power is surging through me!" Magum laughed. He then snapped his fingers and portals began opening, large creatures with silver pelts and red fangs appearing out of them. "Now… off to the Earth dimension…! Bring me the child that is bounded to Bill Cipher!" With a snap of his fingers the monsters bowed and began to go through the portals that Magum had created, him finally having access to every multiverse dimension.

The brunette girl managed to drag her mother's body out of the room to head to the quarters that they shared. She sat her mother upright next to the bed, her mother's electric blue eyes looking dull. The young woman found bandages and wrapped her mother's dark gray hair and stopped the blood from flowing.

"Mom…" the girl whispered. "I have to help that boy… I have to go…"

"Annie… wait…!" her mother rasped. "You can't go… if he finds out…!"

Annie then placed a finger over her mother's lips. "Mom… I'm going to find Dad… he'll help," she promised. "I'll be back soon, Mom… I love you." She then grabbed her long black coat, her gloves, and her sidearm that she had hidden from Magum all these years. Before she left through the quarters doors, she absently went to the pendant that hung around her neck, a small white crystal that seemed to glow. Annie then hid it under her shirt and put on a pair of goggles and wrapped a scarf around her head.


Annie gave her mother one last look before giving a wave. She then ran through the door, her trying to find the nearest portal. She found one as a monster began to go through, her jumping onto its back as they both tumbled through. Her body felt as if it were being pulled apart as the energy swirled around her, and soon she found herself crashing onto some shiny floor that was covered in shattered class and random bits of colored paper.

Those monsters were all around, stepping out of portals left and right. She saw a group of about six people about twenty feet in front of her, one trying to find something at their side but nothing was there apparently. There was a curse as the man dodged a swipe from a monster, and it looked as though it was about to take a swipe at him. Annie then grabbed the sidearm that she had cleverly taken and aimed expertly at the monster and pulled the trigger.

A plasma blast erupted from the barrel of her gun and zipped passed the other patrons and hit the monster. The monster roared in pain as it looked at her with menacing eyes. The group of people then turned and saw her for the first time. One girl looked as though they had the same hair as hers, brown and curly, and then there was the boy from what the Axolotl had said.

"WATCH OUT!" she screamed as she aimed the gun in direction of the boy. They all turned and saw him get grabbed by the monster, him screaming and trying desperately to get free as she shot expertly trying to help him. The man she had saved from before ran forward, along with another man, and tried to grab the boy's outstretched hand as he begged for help.

The boy and monster went through the portal, it closing just as the men crashed into the ground. Lights flickers back on and Annie saw that she was on some kind of glossy wooden floor, something she had never seen before.

The girl with brown curly hair wore a very pretty pink dress, her running toward the spot where the boy had stood moments before. "DIPPER!" she screamed in horror. "NO! BRING HIM BACK! BRING HIM BACK! HE'S MY TWIN BROTHER! BRING HIM BACK!" she wailed as a boy with dark blonde hair approached her and crouched next to her.

The man that she had saved then spun around, his brown eyes hard with anger behind glasses. "YOU!" he furiously shouted. "WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?! WHERE WAS DIPPER TAKEN!?"

Annie then began to unravel the scarf she disguised herself with, and she took off her goggles. She had dark brown curly hair, it long and about waist length with a little tuft of hair in the back. She had brown eyes that her mother had always said reminded her of chocolate, whatever that was, and she had a pink upturned nose and rosy cheeks with freckles splashed on them.

The man gave her an odd look, as if he recognized her. It was as if he had seen a ghost, him looking closely at her facial features.

"I don't know where he was specifically taken," she explained as she put her gun back in her holster. "But I do know that Magum wants him for some reason." It was her turn to study the man in front of her, him having brown eyes with glasses and him wearing a suit. His hair was a dark gray with a streak of light gray around his head. He had a somewhat large pinkish nose, a cleft chin, and he had left a light stubble from shaving. A man that was standing near the crying brunette girl looked nearly identical to him, except wearing some kind of red cylinder on his head. But what really caught her eyes was that the man before her had six fingers on each hand.

Just like me…!

"MAGUM!?" the man roared. He looked as though he was going to explode, but he forced himself to calm down as he forced himself to look at her closely again. "Are… are you…" he began slowly. "Are you… related to someone named…? Layla Bartek?"

Mom! He knew my mom…! That must mean…

"I am her daughter," Annie replied with a small smile, her heart filled with a sudden happiness that she was seeing the man that was her father before her. She then took off her one glove, showing that she too had six fingers, and she held it up.

"And I'm yours too."

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