~2nd of September 1962/Berlin/12:07~

17th Anniversary of victory against the enemies of the Axis Powers. The parade begins at the center of Berlin. At the balcony of Reichstag stood 73 years old Führer Adolf Hitler giving his speech of greatness of his TausendjährigReich and her allies. On his right him Emperor of Pacific Empire; Emperor Hirohito. On the Führer's left New Leader of Italian Empire; Pietro Badoglio (R.I.P.: Benito Mussolini died 29th of July 1960 at 77 years old). On the left of Badoglio Chancellor of Turan Federation; İsmet İnönü. On the right side of Emperor Hirohito Chancellor of Nordic Union; Risto Ryti.

~Two hours later~(A/N: Can't think a good speech.)

After the Führer's speech Parade begin to move First Infantry Units of Germany then followed by Japanese, Italian, Turkish and Scandinavian. After the Infantry went there Armored units came with the same order (A/N: Think Victory Parade at Moscow.). Nearly end of the parade an ancient Greek/Roman structure appeared, not too later came Goblins, Pigman, etc. and behind them, people dressed in ancient Roman armor with spears and shields began to attack civilians.

~45 Minutes later (95% of "Romans" being killed by soldiers of Axis Power)~

(A/N: Think the first episode of GATE)

After the "Battle" of Berlin Leaders of Axis Powers decided to create a pact against barbaric threats like they witnessed in Berlin. After the incident, the ADP had been created. Axis Defensive Pact or ADP's purpose is to spread real civilization to people beyond the GATE & a defensive pact against their new enemies.

(Flag of the ADP: On a black background a Broadsword, Katana, Yatağan[Sword of a Yeniçeri], Gladius and a Ulberht[Viking Sword] crossing on a globe).