Harry Does Different

I Love Magic

The Dursleys had a horrible week. Ever since their Freak got envelops addressed to him. Finally the only option was to flee Privet Dr. and hide in a rundown cottage in the middle of nowhere.

On July 30th at 11:57pm 10 year old Harry Potter laid on the dirt floor and began drawing himself a birthday cake. His relatives ignored him. By 11:59pm he was drawing candles on his dirt cake. At precisely midnight he drew his eleventh candle. Moments later, the cabin door was ripped off its hinges and crashed to the floor.

"No' ev'ry day ur yung man turns leven." The bearded giant boomed "Sorry there Hry. Mighta sat on it."

The small bespectacled boy gulped, glared at his quivering relatives and bravely stepped forward "A-a c-cake?" he stammered "Th-th-ank y-you ve-verry much, s-s-sir."

"An' o'course y'r letter to 'Ogwarts." The giant announced with a huge grin. "Course, you'll know all'bout 'Ogwarts."

With trembling fingers, Harry took the envelope and read. It was addressed to him. He looked all the way up the mountain of man and fearfully replied "S-sorry sir. N-n-no."

"No?" Hagrid was shocked. He glared at the Dursleys accusingly and growled "You tol'him nuthin! Bout his parents!"

Petunia and Vernon flinched when Harry answered "They died in a car crash."

"A car crash!?" he boomed "Killed Lily and James Potter! A CAR CRASH! IT'S A OUTRAGE! A SCANDAL! Y'ere a wizard Harry."

Harry's disbelief overcame any fear "I can't be a wizard. I'm just Harry." He replied.

"CAKE!" Dudley yelled greedily, snatched the box away and began stuffing pieces in his face.

Petunia defended "We had to tell him something."

"An' y'll be goin' t'the best school in tha world!" Hagrid declared.

Vernon stomped his foot and declared "I will not pay some old fool to teach him magic tricks!"

"Nobody insults Albus Dumbledore in front o' me!" the giant roared. And he pointed a ratty umbrella at cousin Dudley's rear.

Harry's face lit up in delight as sparkles faded, leaving behind a pigtail on his oversized cousin's rear. "Wicked!" he exclaimed "Lemme try!" he grabbed the umbrella, said "Bigger!"

Again, Dudley's rear glowed. The small curly-q of a pigtail doubled, tripled and quadrupled in size. The oversized boy was soon dwarfed by the pigtail. He went from screaming and dancing around to yelling as he fell over due to being unable to balance. All the Dursleys panicked.

"Here mister." Said a smirking Harry, handing back the umbrella "I love magic."