The Trio starts off different

Harry Does Different A

"You're Harry Potter!" the bushy haired girl declared as she sat across from him "I am Hermione Granger. And, you are?"

The freckled boy answered with a half full mouth "Ron Weasley."

Hermione gave an unpleasant look and turned back "I recognize you from my first wizard book. I'm still reading it. You must be in at least Fourth Year to know how to kill a blast end skrewt."

"A what?" asked a confused Harry.

She pulled a book from her bag "See? The-Boy-Who-Lived in the Channel Islands. The back summary-"

"This is silly!" exclaimed Harry "I've never even been out of Surrey except last week!"

Hermione looked outraged, cried "Books don't lie!"

"Uncle Vernon once sued someone for fraud." Harry said "I'll be looking into it. Can I borrow your book as proof?"

She nodded , declaring "This is just horrible!" Handing it over like the book itself had committed a crime.

"What about the scar?" asked Ron.

Harry glared at him coldly and said "It's not something that great. My parents got murdered when I got it."

"Sorry." The redhead muttered.