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Harry Does Different CCXLIX

4th Champion

"I just know my name's gonna come outta that bloody cup." Harry lamented at dinner one night.

Hermione frowned at him "I think you're being silly. And on top of that do you need to curse?"

"Glad I been a good influence, mate." Said Ron with a smirk "But, come on, you're being paranoid."

Harry just lifted an eyebrow and glanced at the Head Table "To quote the expert Constant Vigilance. I'd bet my school vault it comes out."

"Maybe….well… I think you're barmy, but maybe Fred and George have an idea." Ron suggested


A few days later Ron's brothers had a Seventh Year Ravenclaw who was tops in Runes and a set of twin Fifth Year prodigies in Arithmancy join them and Harry in an unused classroom during a mutual free period.

"I'm sure Professor Dumbledore's age line can't be overridden or fooled." said the Hufflepuff twin.

The other twin, a Ravenclaw agreed "Definitely not. It might be possible to add on to his formula, however, without changing either the basic nature or purpose of the spell."

"The trick would be to be able to deliver it without anyone noticing, or at least not … in such a way no one traces it to us, or our concerned Boy-Who-Lived." The Runes pro added "You are serious about NOT putting your name in?"

Harry nodded "Oh, absolutely. I want nothing more than to watch this Tournament from the safety of the stands. This is sounding a bit like a prank, and as the experts here will tell you, a bit of misdirection will do wonders."

"What have you" began Fred.

George concluded "in mind?"

"Well, why don't you try to get in using an Aging Potion?" suggested Harry with a smirk.

The runic contributor frowned "Don't you think Headmaster Dumbledore would think of something like that?"

"I agree, entirely too obvious." Harry didn't quite laugh at the Weasley twins' sheepish expressions "But, if you can make it something they can deliver during their attempt to enter, no own will think they had anything to do with it. Let alone trace anything to the rest of us, especially not me."

As a group, the others all older, blinked impressively. The arithmancers were scratching on parchment, compared notes, nodded to each other "These formulae would work best if they had another person to focus on."

"I can't think of a better fourth Champion for the TriWizard than my most loyal fan" Harry was openly grinning "that Slytherin of Slytherins Draco Malfoy."

Fred and George burst out in gales of laughter. Even the other older students were aware of some of the incidents between the Fourth Year boys. Between them, a spell was developed to actually surround the Headmaster's age line. It wouldn't even touch it. Nothing would happen to any slip entered by the actual person. But any paper with Harry Potter on it would change to Draco Malfoy but nothing else about it would change.


"The fire in the goblet had just turned red again. Sparks were flying out of it. A long flame shot suddenly into the air, and borne upon it was another piece of parchment... And then Dumbledore cleared his throat and read out - Draco Malfoy."

Harry didn't even glance at any of his co-conspirators. He carefully schooled his face into one of shock at there being a FOURTH TriWizard Champion. In fact, he even managed to look displeased as Slytherin cheered their new hero.

"Bloody git. Look at him gloat." Commented Ron.

Hermione nudged him "Ronald! Language!"

"Ronald!" exclaimed the Weasley twins as one "Language!" at least their beards stayed gone when they shaved them off the Muggle way.

The Headmaster repeated "Draco Malfoy!"

"I don't think he's as happy as he looks." Harry commented, knowing every expression of his nemesis as he did "But, hey, glad it's not me."


In the Champions' Room, Fleur Delacour demanded "What iz que leetle fils?"

"Nothing leetle about me, wench!" sneered Draco.

Dumbledore grabbed him by the shoulder "Did you enter yourself, Mr. Malfoy?"

"Of course I did." Gloated Draco, sneering again at the Beauxbatons' Champion.

The Durmstrang Headmaster growled "Arrogant brat, like his father."

"Do not insult my student, Igor!" Professor Snape took great offense.

Madam Maxime concurred "Not acceptable, Dumblydoor. Hogwarts should not haf, ow you say, two chomps at zee orange."

"The rules are most clear." Barty Crouch input "If a name comes out, the person MUST participate."


The response, a few minutes later, to Games Director Crouch's announcement of a fourth champion was mostly negative. Slytherin, egged on by Professor Snape, cheered loudly. The other two schools booed, as did much of the rest of Hogwarts, particularly loud was Hufflepuff. Harry was booing, but if you looked carefully you could tell he was smiling.


A few days later, Barty Crouch Jr. made his fearful way up the steps of Riddle Manor. He reported fully and truthfully concluding "...I do not know how, My Lord, but the Potter brat did not come out of The Cup. Lucius' son's name did. I thoroughly confunded it exactly as you commanded."

"FOOL! CRUCIO!" the green spell lashed out and Barty suffered terribly.