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Harry Does Different CCL

Tonks Visits Privet

Harry arrived with a yawn and scratching his scalp. The presence of the Weasley boys and Sirius had little impact, but noticing a pair of girls sent his teenage boy-brain into gear. He made an effort to make it seem he was finger combing and just greeted "Mornin all."

"Hi Harry." Came from the inhabitants of Grimmauld's kitchen.

The girl sitting next to Ginny, he remembered was it Conks, was doing something new to his experience. Her face became rather Arthur-ish, then a pig-snout, a bright blue, her mouth a duck's bill, her eyes an odd orange. He took a seat opposite a laughing Ginny enjoying the performance. As Mrs. Weasley floated plates of bacon, eggs and toast to everyone, he clapped "Great! Cool! Amazing! Can you do whole people too? Like… I dunno… me? Moody?"

She became a Harry doppelganger and spoke in not-his-voice "How's that?"

"Bloody brilliant!" exclaimed Ron, who yelped when his mother pinched his neck. "Oww! MUM!"

She waved a ladle "Watch your tongue, Ronald Weasley."

"Watch your tongue!" Fred's voice had a high pitch.

George finished equally escalated "Ronald Weasley!"

"You two are not above grounding." Mrs. Weasley warned with her ladle.

Sirius winked at Harry, but didn't say anything.


Having learned during the meal that, one Tonks was her name, two she was related to Sirius and incidentally him, he spoke to them privately "I got a picture of my Mum, do you think you can do her?"

"I don't know about that, Harry." Sirius was concerned "I mean, yeah, Nym-"

She interrupted "TONKS!"

"phadora" he continued with a smirk, but gave Harry a sad look "could LOOK like Lils, or James, BUT she would NOT be them. And even if she could, I don't think it's a hot idea."

The teen nodded, bur still looked a bit disappointed "I know that, but …well… I wasn't really thinking of it for me. I wanted a prank. A bit more actually. See, my so-called family don't like me and have never been shy about it. I'd like to return the favor."

"Muggle-baiting is a crime Harry." Tonks pointed out, entering Auror mode.

He went on "You don't need to do any damage, or hurt anyone. That wouldn't be horrible, really, but no. Don't do anything to get yourself in trouble. Just, maybe, kick the door open give'em an earful and do a loud dissaparate." To Sirius' angry look, he went on "NO! You're still wanted for murders you DIDN'T commit."

Tonks seemed thoughtful "Make you a deal, Harry? I'll do it, if you tell me something about them: your time there, I mean. I think I'm entitled to get a sense of what you're talking about. Don't you? Plus, it'll give me something of a script to work on. Fair?"

"Yeah, I guess." The teen nodded "And you're right. But I really don't like talking about it. Not even Ron and Hermione know. So? I tell you about a few things over the years. Sirius can tell you best how Mum might act?"

To which, the young Auror agreed. Both listened with mounting wrath as he related several childhood incidents. Sirius almost stormed out of the room, only stopped by his own privacy wards. Tonks listened to the escapee's descriptions, tweaking her height and voice to match, but not fully altering her appearance to match Lily Potter.


To all outward appearances, Lily Evans Potter apparated into #4 Privet Dr. just after 11PM. The house was in complete darkness. Her first task was "Lumos totalis!" This lit every bulb in the house, quite a bit brighter than normal. She made no effort to conceal her steps upstairs. First removing the bedroom doors from their frames "Petrificus Totalis! Ennervate! Locomotor Dursleys!"

"What the bloody hell are you doing in my house, freak!" shouted Vernon as the three of them piled together between the bathroom and the bedrooms.

Dudley struggled to focus as his eyes adjusted to the bright light, stammered "W-w-w-who a-a-are y-y-you?"

"Ask your mother, ya fat lump." The apparition with wildly waving red hair snarled.

Petunia stared in unalloyed terror and whispered "V-v-vernon! It's h-her! It's Lil-ly!"

"IMPOSSIBLE!" Vernon roared "The freak is dead!"

Lily snarled angrily "Freaks have ways of crossing between worlds, brother dear. Especially when we are riled up. Now that my son is back with his kind, James and I have learned much. Especially how he was treated BY YOU!" her wand lashed out, slicing a huge gaping hole across Vernon's top.

"WE swore we'd put a stop to your nonsense." The senior Dursley blustered "And let us up so we can have a fair fight!"

Lily laughed in disgust "As fair as dislocating a 5-year old's shoulder because a toy floats across a room?"

"Don't you touch my husband! YOU BITCH!" shouted Petunia, only semi-coherently.

A slash of Lily's wand produced a most satisfying reaction "You scream delightfully, sis. Louder so the neighbors hear." The smile was not a nice one as the wand slashed in reverse.

"Stop please, mercy!" cried Petunia.

Lily sneered "Just as merciful as when Harry burned breakfast. Remember that, Pet? A frypan upside the head was totally justified. Huh Pet?"

"Stop bullying my parents! Get outta my house!" demanded Dudley, his face was smooshed unpleasantly into his father's shoulder.

Faux-Lily gave him a truly nasty look, but addressed her sister "How about it…Pet... let's have me treat my neffie-poo as lovingly as you treated yours."

"Noooooooo pleeeeeeeeezeeeeeee!" wailed Petunia while Dudley whimpered and Vernon shouted.

She tapped her wand to her nose, pretending to think, then fired "Somnius!" at Vernon, putting him to sleep "Ruddy loudmouth "He'll wake in a day, maybe two. As for you, Pet, Petrificus Totalis Maxima! You won't be able to move, or speak now for the same time. Though your hearing and sense of smell will be fine. As will hubby's…ahhh…what's the delicate way? Waste disposal I suppose…do its usual. Say nitenite to Duddikins! Wingardium Leviosa!"

"Mummy! DAD!" Dudley wailed as he floated off the floor and helplessly went down the steps. His bulk was twisted this way and that at the bottom and he could see the open door to the Cupboard Under the Stairs. His head struck the corner "Owwwwwwww!"

Faux-Lily gave an unrepentant "Oopsie. Sorry neffie-poo. In ya go." She was less than gentle with the positioning, though it was nothing gravity couldn't handle without real injury. She gave his cheek a sharp pinch "Too bad we don't have my pet dragon here to treat you like Margie's mutt treated Harry, but we can't have everything. Anyway, my spells will make it unbreakable from the inside. Mummy and Daddy will have to smash the door to bits as the key won't work. Nitenite Duddikins."

Mr. #8 across the street was not one of those nosy neighbor types, but thought it odd when he could see #4 all lit up. He thought of calling the police, but when he got back from using the loo, all was normal. He went back to sleep.


Lily Potter reapparated outside Grimmauld Place and morphed back to the natural form of Nymphadora Tonks. Along with that, the angry look evaporated into one of amusement. Despite her warnings to Harry, nothing would come of this, not even a warning on her service jacket. That's assuming anyone learned of it. Sirius and Harry would see it in the Black Family pensieve, but no one else. After hearing Harry's handful of tales, this was one satisfied vigilante Auror.

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