Chapter 1:

Spencer's POV:

I had vowed to never ever prank anyone ever again. Since my classmates beat me up five years ago, ever since, I had not pranked anyone else.

Not that anyone knew about it in the first place, I had always managed to keep in check most of the time, if it wasn't for the potions that Snape had given me, hoping that I would survive the War in the end. True that I did survive, but I had done it with a cost.

The only way for me to return back home, is if I were to move on, forcing myself to forget all about my family, all about Fred Weasley.

I was on my way to my apartment, when I heard a male call out, "Spencer!"

I turned to see Freddie walking up to me, he had a letter in his hands, but as he grew closer to me, I also saw someone who I hadn't seen in a long time, someone who would always be there for me when I needed someone to talk to.

Freddie said, "Spencer, meet my friend from college, George. George, this is Spencer Shay."

I nodded numbly at George, who only nodded in return, both of us not wanting to say anything in front of Freddie, who said a moment later, "Do we have everything set up for Carly's Welcome Home party, Spencer?"

I said while leading the way back to my apartment, trying to force back those memories, "Of course, I have everything set up for the party."


I was caught off guard by a slime, dark haired woman, I said a moment later, "Pan, what are you doing here? You aren't supposed to be back until tonight."

My wife, Panay, smiled at me, and she said, "I wanted to surprise you, love. Whose this?"

I said, "This is my friend Freddie and his friend George... This is my wife, Pan-"

Just the, George suddenly said for the first time, "What brings you here, Parkinson? Wouldn't you have brought shame onto your family name?"

Pansy glared at George, who glared back, and she said, her voice low, "Why you here, blood traitor? Shouldn't you be back home with your blood traitors of a family?"

I forced myself to keep walking, my brows furrowed, hands clenched into fists, they were just too much for me to handle.

I made my way up to my apartment using the elevator, I could still hear them arguing out in the hall, once the doors were shut, I rubbed my face, it had been years since I had last seen or heard from that place, I didn't think that they would show up here, or in Seattle to begin with.

It wasn't like me to hide anything from my friends, especially Carly, who was coming back home tomorrow, I didn't think that Freddie would bring the very person who I so desperately missed the most, next to mum, that is.

I should have known from the very beginning, if it hadn't been for Pansy, I may have just had a slightly somewhat normal day.

The elevator doors opened, and as I stepped out, I quickly noticed someone sitting on the couch.

Someone who I hadn't seen in five years.

Sam Pucket!