Chapter 2:

Sam's POV:

It was strange being back home after nearly five years, I didn't think that I would ever return back to Seattle.

After Carly had left for Italy, I moved to L. A., there I had met my husband, Henry, who had given me a family of my own, I didn't think that I would be a mother to two well behaved children, June and Mike.

It wasn't until a few days ago, when I had gone to check the mail, that a letter from Spencer was in my mailbox, I read the letter, after a cry of happiness, I had begun to make plans for my return back to Seattle.

We wanted to surprise everyone, so once settling into our rooms, I went in search for Carly's former apartment, I picked the lock, surprising my family, once I had it opened, I flung my bottom on the same couch that was still there, and I waited for everyone's shocked and startled cries. Especially Freddie's.

I didn't have to wait that long, the elevator doors opened, and out came Spencer, who looked at me.

He said after a moment, "Sam?"

I said, "Sup, Spencer."

He said while hugging me, "Oh; Sam, you won't believe what has changed since everyone left."

I said, "Happy to be back home, Spencer. When's Carly coming?"

He said, "Tomorrow."

I said as we heard the door opened, "Spencer, met Henry, my husband, and my two kids, June and Mike Potter."

A woman's voice snapped from behind us, "Potter, did you say?"

I turned around, only to hear Henry snarl at the woman, his eyes narrowing into slits, "Parkinson, funny seeing you here."

The woman said, "Funny you should mention that, Potter. Looks like we're not the only ones who showed up here, Weasley number one also showed up too."

Henry turned to a guy standing next to Freddie, who I could feel his eyes on me, and Henry said to the man, "George, I thought you were at the shop?"

George said a moment later, "You should know that the shop was our idea all those years... never mind, it doesn't matter anymore."

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Spencer looking down, a frown on his face, a moment later, Freddie said, "Sam, aren't you going to introduce them?"

I said, "Alright Fredward, this is my husband, Henry, and our two kids, June and Mike. Everyone, this is Freddie Benson. So, Benson, whose the guy? Spencer, this your new girlfriend?"

Freddie said, "You haven't changed much... everyone meet George. George, that's Sam Puckett-"

I snapped, "Just so you haven't heard, Benson, the last name's Potter."

Freddie said, "Spencer, you alright?"

Spencer looked deathly pale, he stared at George, his eyes held an unfamiliar emotion in them, George and Henry both walked over to Spencer, who gripped onto George's shoulder, Henry said, "George, you alright mate?"

George was in shock about something, as he looked more closely at Spencer, he gasped in shock, tears soon started, and he started muttering to Spencer quietly, we couldn't hear what was said.

I shared a look with Freddie, who only shrugged, we both were confused about what was going on.

What going with Spencer?