Unlikely Bedfellows ch 2 – The pillowtalk

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Eyes closed and her breathing slowly returning to normal, Rogue basked in the sensations that overwhelmed her. 'that was... damn near perfect...' She could feel the mattress beneath her move and the sheets rustled around them as Jean moved next to her and wrapped themselves in a protective cocoon, careful to arrange the material between them. Willing her eyes to open she looked at Jean who was busy drawing circles on her stomach with a single gloved finger while waiting for her to come to her senses.

"That was amazing..." Rogue said with a sigh and a few seconds later added. "actually... you were amazing." She hid behind her hair, not sure if she wanted to see if Jean was going to laugh at her. Not being used to showing her sensitive side, Rogue could feel her cheeks heating up. She silently cursed herself for blushing like a shy schoolgirl. Jean, on the other hand, thought that Rogue's admission was simply adorable and she hoped that she might gain the goth's trust enough to get to see a softer Rogue behind the tough girl act.

"You weren't bad yourself." She said with a wink. She chewed on her bottom lip for a moment while she plucked up all her courage to add "I think I could get used to this you know...if you'd be interested in exploring this some more." Jean decided that she would dive right into the heavy stuff, wanting to be clear on exactly what she was getting herself into. She didn't think she was a casual sex type of girl and she did not want to risk developing a crush on someone who wanted different things in life. 'I already have Scott for that and god knows I'll have to let him go if he can't come through...' Jean fought to keep the sour thoughts off her face, afraid that it might ruin the moment.

'Whoa...did she just...ask me out?' Rogue wondered, staring into Jean's impossibly green eyes. "Oh, I'm interested alright... but what does this make us? Lovers? Friends with benefits? Girlfriends?" Rogue asked. She did not dare to get too enthusiastic, not yet anyway. 'And where is Scott in all this? I could have sworn that they were a couple...'

'Okay Jean, you have to be smart. How the hell does one answer such a question and NOT look like an asshole? Or royally desperate? Oh please please, Rogue I'm so frustrated and unhappy in my relationship that we've had our biggest fight just a few days ago and I'm not even sure if we are still together... yeah sounds very charming. And rebound-ish. But... that's not what I want...'

Both women were so deep in thought that neither thought that Jean's lack of immediate answer was awkward. Jean was contemplating what she wanted exactly. Part of her only went to that club because she was pissed off at Scott for calling her damaged. This part of her just wanted an uncomplicated, low-maintenance lover with whom she could explore her sexuality. However, it was clear that Rogue did not fit into that category. 'At least the uncomplicated, low-maintenance part... I'm still having high hopes for the rest'. Two days ago she would not have thought that they had much in common with Rogue but at that moment she felt so drawn to the girl that she was convinced they had some kind of a connection. 'Even if it's just because of the sex...I want to see where it goes.'

Deciding to go with honesty, she drew in a deep breath and let it out slowly. "How 'bout I go with honesty? Two days ago I wouldn't have been too sure that we'd ever be close to each other... other than that whole loyal-team-mate-I've-got-your-back sort of way. But … I really want to see where this goes...so... I guess I'm babbling because I want to ask you out?" Jean said, blushing in the middle of it, little blots of red coloring her cheeks. If Rogue had not had a clue yet about how nervous the other girl was she couldn't have missed it now.

Rogue quirked an eyebrow as she listened to the girl lying right next to her, still drawing circles across her stomach. She felt a giggle bubbling up her throat but she tried to suppress it. 'Damn it, I do not giggle...what the hell is happening to me? It's either Jean's fault or I absorbed more of Kitty than I wanted...' She grumbled good-naturedly in her head because it was hard to stay grumpy when she was being asked out on a date by a gorgeous redhead whose face was blushing so deep that her skin almost matched her hair color...'who also happened to have a wicked tongue from hell...' Rogue grinned at the memory.

"Are you asking me or telling me?" The younger girl finally asked playfully.

"Ummm... well, I think it's called asking a girl out..." Jean replied, taking it as a good sign that Rogue was joking with her. They both ended up giggling at the silly joke.

"Fair enough... and yeah okay. I want to see where this goes too." She finally said with a smile. But as quickly as it appeared it was wiped off her face by a dark and gloomy thought. "What about Scott? Aren't you an item?" She asked.

Jean looked uncertain for a moment, as if she felt guilty. But then she schooled her features back into neutral and drew yet another deep breath. "He's...great, but we've been having a nasty fight for the last few days. After our last row I'm not even sure we are still together." Jean said sadly. "I mean he's real sweet, or at least he was, but when I approached him with my recently found interests in...non-vanilla sex I think? Anyway, he completely closed off and implied that I should get therapy because I was not thinking right." Jean could feel the first trickles of indignant anger rising inside her, offended, hurt and betrayed by the man she thought loved her.

Rogue was shocked. She didn't know much about this scene, other than what she had seen at the club, but she didn't think anything gave Scott the right to treat the girl he claimed to love like that. "I'd say dump his ass, but it's not really my call." Rogue finally said. She was pissed off at Scott's lack of openness and empathy. She could definitely relate to wanting something that seemed to be just out of reach, not having a partner with whom to share your desires. For whatever reason. She thought she would have to live her whole life like that and she was damned if she was going to let this opportunity go up in flames.

Rogue reached up to caress Jean's cheek. She could feel the telepath's cheek burning up even through the gloves. "You love him, don't you?" Rogue said sadly. An evil voice inside her head kept telling her that this was a horrible mistake and even if Scott was an asshole there would be no room for her next to him. The lone tear that rolled down Jean's face answered Rogue's question and she was just about to draw back when much to her surprise Jean wiped the tear away with an angry swipe of her wrist.

"That doesn't make me less interested in you..." Jean said almost as if she had read her thoughts. Rogue refused to believe that she did, Jean was much more ethical with her powers than that. 'I guess that doesn't stop her from reading my face though...'

"It doesn't?" Rogue asked back, conflicted about whether she should be hopeful or not.

"No. It might be because we just had sex, but I feel that we are connecting somehow. I want to explore that, Scott or no Scott." Jean replied thinking about their history of connections. She seemed to be able to reach out to her when her powers first manifested and then, despite being on opposite teams, Rogue had saved her life when Blob had gone out of control. 'There is definitely something there. We just need to unearth it.'

"Sooo...you wanna date both of us?" Rogue asked to clarify what she was getting herself into.

Jean didn't take much time to respond to that. "Not if he's going to continue being a major lughead. He basically said that it's not normal to enjoy pain and especially not during sex..." Jean said, her voice lowering an octave in frustration. "I mean... I tried to go easy on him... I only asked him to grab my hair while...well you know... but he refused to do even that. If he can't accept my needs then we are not meant to be." That was the first time Jean had thought about it this clearly.

"No. I'm not going to force him to do anything he's not comfortable with but if he can't accept that I'm into such things and if he can't accept that I want to share that with someone...you for instance...then I need to put an end to me and him. It wouldn't be good for... any of us." She hesitated only for a moment, almost saying 'either of us' but realized that if she wants to give this thing a shot she needs to consider Rogue as well in every situation. "And what about you? How would you feel about it?" She asked back.

Rogue tried to make light of it at first. "You mean the hair pulling? I think I'm fine with that." she said with a smile, but she knew that's not what Jean was asking. "About Scott... the truth is that I have no idea. You are basically the first person who had ever managed to touch me like this without me instantly sending you into a coma. Part of me says that I would do just about anything to have a shot at this, but I know that's not a healthy way of thinking." Rogue said and before Jean could interrupt she put a single fingertip to her lips to stop the protest. "But I'm not going to make you choose between us either, because that would be even less healthy." she continued. "I guess step zero would be to talk to him? And then go on from there?" There, she finally said it. She would be willing to try sharing Jean's affections but she was not entirely that sure about Scott's willingness, seeing how much he hated Duncan. 'And there isn't even anything going on between them as far as I know...'

"Yeah... I probably should. But he's got this jealous streak like a mile wide. It would be the miracle of the century if he was cool with us dating." Jean admitted sadly. She stopped drawing circles on Rogue's stomach and despite the risks she snuggled closer to the girl. She was so miserable at that moment that she needed all the comfort she could get. With Rogue being half naked that meant she had to stick the sheet between their bodies even more to make sure she was not touching naked skin.

The younger girl was surprised by the movement but she automatically shifted so she could let the girl snuggle in and put an arm around her. 'Scott you're an idiot... but strangely enough, I owe you big time for allowing such treasure to fall right into my lap...' Her mind reeled, trying to think of the right thing to say in such a situation. She had learned that whenever she did not know how to proceed, honesty often helped.

"I've never been in such a situation before to be honest so I can't promise anything. But I'll try my damned best to be cooperative." She laid a very gentle kiss on Jean's hair, basking in the luxury of being able to touch any part of Jean's body without having any kind of protective layer between them. She wasn't sure how it was possible but she was amazed by the fact that if there was no skin contact she could touch her hair without absorbing her in the process.

Jean raised her head with a smile. "You are such a sweet talker, you know that?" She said, trying to lighten the mood. "And here I thought I was just Miss Perfect to you..."

"Nah... that's Miss Popular. I didn't think you were perfect...before. I hadn't seen what you were hiding under your clothes..." She said with a wink.

"Hah, look who's talking. At least my clothes are form-fitting. You on the other hand wear all these loose fitting clothes. How is a girl supposed to know that you have like...washboard abs under there?" Jean shot back, enjoying the flirting.

"I guess I like my secrets." Rogue said mysteriously. "But why don't I put something on so you can snuggle in properly." Moving away a little from Jean, Rogue turned on her side to reach the pile of discarded clothes next to the bed. She was a few inches short of reaching something but before she could stretch further the shirt started moving in her direction. Catching the top she turned back to Jean with a raised eyebrow and a smile on her lips.

"I thought I'd help. The bed is getting cold without you." Jean answered the unsaid question. After Rogue had put the top on she snuggled in properly this time. "I could totally fall asleep on you right now." She mumbled into the breast that was conveniently just below her mouth.

Rogue tensed at the idea. She had never slept in the same bad with anyone and she was not sure if it was safe. The last thing she wanted was to accidentally kill Jean or put her into a coma because they touched for too long in their sleep. 'Although... I'm not sure I could sleep through sucking someone's life out... it's not exactly a nice feeling for me either.'

"Umm...I'm not sure that's going to work, sleeping beauty." She said with an apologetic smile. "I'm not exactly safe when I'm sleeping. Don't wanput you into a coma or something..."

"Ah yeah... I kind of forgot about that..." Jean admitted. Silence grew thick between them as both girls contemplated their situation, Jean thinking about how to approach Scott, Rogue trying to come up with a solution to their sleeping arrangements.

"Well... I've got a few ideas we can try to solve the sleeping issue...but I better head off... tomorrow sounds like a tough day ahead of us..." Rogue said, not really in a hurry to leave the bed and her new lover just yet.

Jean let out a frustrated sigh and turned flat on her back. "Boy am I going to hate tomorrow... I'll try to talk to Scott after school..."

"And I've got squash training in the afternoon... find me after you're done talking? I'll either be there or in my room most likely."

"What if... Scott really loses it?" Jean asked out loud. She thought she knew the boy well but his latest behavior threw her off so much she wasn't sure of anything anymore.

"Find me no matter what, okay? However your conversation ends I wanna be there after." Rogue said honestly. She wasn't sure she was ready for a big fat rejection notice but the way Jean spoke about the two of them she was hopeful that the girl would choose her if Scott made her choose.

"Thanks Rogue... I really appreciate that." Jean said with a smile.

They lingered like that for a few more minutes before Rogue went back to her own room to twist and turn all night without sleep. She expected tomorrow to be the longest and slowest day of her life.