Buffy Carter - Part 4

Chapter Summary: Sam has some surprise visitors at the SGC.

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Timeline: gonna have to slide the dates of the shows to match since Buffy will only be 3 years younger than Sam (to match Mark's age); just after the BtVS movie. This part is set several years after part 3 and post-series for BtVS.

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"Sir, we don't need the NID sniffing around, trying to dig up dirt on the program!" Colonel Jack O'Neill protested to his commanding officer futilely.

"It's not that I don't agree with you, Colonel, but my hands are tied. Besides, this is a different organization – an international one – who is providing oversight on both the SGC and the NID," General Hammond said.

"Great! More bureaucracy!" O'Neill whined—er, complained.

"They have a mandate from the United Nations, but aren't actually part of the UN. From what my contacts could find out, they are more like independent contractors. They have agents from most of the first world countries and glowing recommendations from those countries for rooting out corrupt government organizations. The only countries who don't love these people are the dictatorships because they don't kowtow to the dictator's demands," Hammond explained at length.

O'Neill's eyes narrowed suspiciously. "Why haven't we heard of them before?" he asked.

"Because you didn't need to know before now," a female voice answered from the doorway. "Sorry, I saw the door ajar and your assistant was away from his desk," she added to Hammond.

Hammond stood to greet them, not even surprised that he wasn't warned of their arrival; that also fit with what he heard about the group. "Hello, I'm General George Hammond, this is my Second-in-Command, Colonel Jack O'Neill."

"With two 'l's," Jack added flippantly. "The one with one 'l' has no sense of humor."

The woman smirked, "You'd get along great with another of our senior agents. Hello, General…Colonel. I'm Buffy Summers and this is my partner – and brother – Mark Summers. We are the flag team for WWtW, or Who Watches the Watchers. Our mission statement is to assess different organizations around the world and determine if they are acting in the best interests of humanity."

"So you're here to decide if we should be shut down?" Jack asked, offended that his career could be ended by a civilian.

Mark shook his head. "We already know that shutting the SGC down isn't an option. As long as there are enemies out there who know about Earth, we need the Gate, if only to use as a means to relocate someplace safer," he said, alleviating most of the officers' concerns. "We need to see if there are areas that can be improved on, though. We would like to see some international cooperation, if at all possible."

"What about the NID?" Hammond inquired.

Buffy let out a long sigh. "I applaud the reasoning for the group, but the practices they employ are unacceptable. WWtW isn't fond of groups that live by the motto 'The ends justify the means' as standard practice. While we understand that sometimes you have to do unpleasant things to accomplish your goal, it shouldn't be your first choice. Long story short, they'll have to be overhauled. Hopefully there are some redeemable personnel."

"How would you like to handle your evaluation?" Hammond asked.

"At first, we'd like to speak to all the personnel," Mark answered. "The teams we'd like to see both as a group and individually. Then we'll watch operations for a while. Based on past events, it shouldn't be too long before we see a crisis situation in action." He held up his hand to stop any defensive comments from the pair in front of him. "Crisis situations are not necessarily indicative of incompetency; sometimes it's just the nature of the job…like working in an emergency room."

Both officers backed down at the additional words.

"Colonel O'Neill, please call the rest of your team to the conference room," Hammond commanded, much to the younger man's dismay. It appeared as if they weren't going to try to fight this evaluation.

It was a wary team that entered the conference room less than ten minutes later.

Daniel was taking it the best, being that he was a civilian himself and he wasn't a huge fan of unchecked military groups. If this WWtW group followed their mission statement, he could see actually liking them.

Teal'c – whose only experience with a group similar to this one had been the NID – had a touch of concern pulsing through his body. Would these people wish to dissect him as well?

Sam was just annoyed that her experiments were interrupted.

That annoyance evaporated when she saw who was waiting in the room. "Mark? Buffy?"

"Captain Carter," they replied in unison.

"You know them, Carter?" Jack asked in surprise.

"They're my brother and sister, sir," Sam said, stunned at the sight of her siblings after so many years.

"We can discuss that after we've interviewed you," Mark stated evenly.

"Isn't this a conflict of interest given your relationship to Sam?" asked Daniel.

"Our assignment was approved, even with our biological connection," Buffy answered just as unemotionally as her brother. "Let's begin…"

Once the team interview was over, they handled the team one at a time, leaving Sam for last. While they were waiting for her turn, Jack asked, "What happened between you three? I've felt warmer in Minnesota in January."

"There was a family falling out, and I took my father's side against them. I haven't seen them since the end of my senior year in high school, sir," Sam answered woodenly.

"That's a long time for a family disagreement, Carter," Jack pointed out.

Sam looked at the door separating her from her siblings, then she admitted, "The final fight was just the last straw. Things started falling apart years earlier and Buffy was the one who fought to keep us together. When Dad didn't give her the benefit of the doubt after trouble at school, she gave up. I tried to justify what he did, and that just made them cut me out, too."

"What was the trouble?"

"She was accused of burning down the school gym. As soon as she was released from the hospital, he started asking why she did it."

"I take it that she was innocent?" Jack inquired gently.

Laughing mirthlessly, Sam answered, "Not only was she innocent, she was the last one out because she was helping other people escape."

Jack let out a low whistle, but couldn't say anything. That wasn't entirely true; he had plenty he would say, but she looked upset enough that she didn't need him chewing her out for a mistake she made as a kid.

Soon, it was Sam's turn to go in.

"Good luck, Carter," he offered.

"Thanks, sir, I'll need it," she answered.

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