chapter 2

Rattles sank into a booth. Molly and Binky were on the other side. They were holding hands, sitting close. The seniors might as well be glued together. So in love. It made Rattles sick. His milkshake came but he didn't want it anymore. He was too grossed out.

"My mom is going to buy our prom tickets so we can afford our clothes," Binky beamed. "It's going to be so much better than last year." Molly giggled, "Because there wasn't a last year."

Rattles wanted to gag.

Binky laughed, "They didn't like the denim and the patches on your jacket. Fucking snobs! They let the sluts in though." Molly scoffed, "They always do. It's always the rich ones too. Ooh, Muffy can come this year. I bet she's going to put last year's sluts to shame."

Rattles was somehow interested, "What?"

Molly explained what happened. Girls gave chaperones cuts. They'd get money to let couples into restrooms. Couples then did "couple things" in the restrooms. Chaperones got paid, sluts got laid. Simple process.

Rattles shook his head, "Won't happen this year, guaranteed." Binky laughed, "How would you know? I thought you hated these things."

"I do hate these things, but I know stuff thanks to the paper," Rattles said. He worked with the school paper. He delivered copies to the library. Some shops had them too. He worked to stack them too. He talked with the writers often, and writers knew stuff. Rattles continued, "Principal Haney is coming in. They're bringing in a lot of new people to oversee things, really cracking down on poor behavior."

"Haney a chaperone?" Molly laughed. "That's a new one!"

"Yeah!" Binky laughed. His phone buzzed, "Well, I gotta get Mei-Lin from band practice. See you," he said. Binky kissed Molly goodbye. They lingered. Rattles lost his appetite some more.

But Binky soon left. Rattles started on his milkshake. Molly started on the grilling, "So, who are you going to take to prom? Don't sit there and tell me you're not going because you are, and we'll make sure of it."

"Nope, not falling for it," Rattles said flatly. Molly scoffed, "You blew us off last year just so you could sit around playing video games. We're seniors, Rattles. It's our last chance to do stuff together. You want out of this town when you graduate. We might never see you again."

"School ends in May, it's March," Rattles said. He looked up, "Listen, it ain't for me. What's rough 'n' tough guy like me supposed to do at a fru-fru dance when even the nastiest sluts won't give me the light of day without some cash depositing first? It's not happening."

"I can find you a date. I have some favors to cash in, big ones," Molly grinned. She leaned forward, "If I can get you a date, will you go? All you have to do is buy a ticket. We'll find a way to cover your tux." Rattles scoffed, "Throw in the tickets and we have a deal."

Molly sat back, "Really? Look we're broke as it is. Take the damn offer."

"You're making too big a deal out of this. It's a fucking dance, a popularity contest. There ain't nothing about me that's popular," Rattles huffed. Molly shook her head, "I can find you a date. By Friday, I'll get you a girl, and when I do, you're taking her to prom and you're going to fucking like it!"

Molly stormed off. Rattles eyed his milkshake. It was half melted. His appetite was gone too. He put money on the table and left.