chapter 4

Muffy lay on her bed. She laughed loudly, phone in hand. She was on the phone with Landon. He was her college-aged boyfriend. He was cool. He was hot. He was hers.

After laughing things got serious. Muffy wanted to ask him something. He told her to go ahead.

"So prom tickets are going on sale at my school. I was wondering what you thought about going with me. As long as you're under 21 you can come," Muffy said. She grinned, "You'll be 20 next month, won't you?"

"I will babe," Landon said. "I can totally make it too depending on the date." She told him the date. He checked his schedule. "I'm all good, but I want to know something. What about dinner? What about the after party?"

"Well these bums are still finding dates, so who knows?" Muffy scoffed. "It's so pathetic being stuck in this high school. Everyone is so dim, not like it'll be in college. They'd love to meet you, and if you know anything about a good party, let us know."

"So a bunch of those dim morons can crash it? No way!" Landon exclaimed. "You better leave certain things to me. I can hook you up, maybe some of your friends too, but no one else can know or it's off. I'll even call the cops if I have to. Don't screw this up."

"I won't tell anyone, swear! And my friends know not to cross me," Muffy said. "So what's your idea?"

Landon knew people. He knew a DJ, he knew sluts, and he knew a beer guy. Everyone pays in, guy gets the beer, the party gets hard. Muffy liked it. She'd always wanted to drink. Wine at fancy dinners didn't suit her. She wanted to drink like a proper teen. She wanted to drink like a college student.

Landon agreed to hook her up. Muffy got a list together. She wanted only friends. Friends who would pay in. She called Francine first. Francine wanted details. Then she wanted out.

"No, no, no, I'll go to prom with you, but Arthur and I both said we wouldn't drink, and we meant it. You can do that on your own. We'll just meet Landon at the dance, no biggie. It's better that way. Arthur will just get the thing busted," Francine said. Muffy agreed, "Arthur is a buzzkill. Who would want to go?"

Francine paused. Who would want to party? Francine grinned, "Are you willing to let Rattles in? I heard some rumors he wasn't thinking of going. Molly and Binky are going, but he's dragging his feet. Maybe if you offer to wet his whistle..."

"But Rattles isn't a friend. I told Landon only friends, specifically only friends that won't blab. Absolutely no Tough Customers," Muffy said firmly.

"Whatever, that's all I got then. Sorry," Francine shrugged. "But we need to go shopping. Text me Thursday and we'll go." Muffy liked that, "Deal," she said.

Muffy hung up. She thought about her list, about who would drink. There weren't many names. None of them were true friends. If she wanted a good time, she'd have to break her rule. She'd have to call Rattles, and maybe some others. She'd have to spread the word.