An Oasis of LoVe

Chapter 1: Challenges


I was very concerned for Veronica after that disturbing phone call the other night from her, but when I called her back she just brushed me off like it was no big deal. I wasn't sure what had happened between her and Logan, but neither one of them seemed fine to me. I had been by to see Logan just before her call to work on our website, but hadn't seen him since then. He had called right after the call and left me a message letting me know he would be out of town until school started. He had mentioned something about needing a break or something. It worried me that neither one of them seemed to know what was going on with the other.

"Whatcha doing Ghostworld?" Dick asked as I bumped into him.

"Hello, Dick," I muttered as I went to walk around him.

"Hey, you seem miles away. Is everything alright," he questioned as I looked back at him. I knew he was an airhead most of the time, but right now he genuinely looked concerned.

"Do you know where Logan is?" I countered as he rubbed a hand through his hair and looked away from me.

"I know he took his passport and a shit load of money, but no. He just told me he needed away," he mutters as I nod my head. "Why?" he asked as I contemplated telling him the truth.

"I got a call from Veronica a few nights ago when that explosion happened at the Grand. She was literally crying as if her life was in turmoil asking me about Logan, but when I said I'd have him call her she hung up. I tried asking her about it this morning, but she made light of it," I told him as he seemed to be pondering what to say.

"I can't tell you anything about them other than when they are together it's like hell, but when they are apart its like hell as well," he mutters. "Logan and I got into it right after she ran from our hotel room. She gave Parker a letter to give to him, but I don't think he even read it," he says as I just chuckle at how honest he was. I knew from watching them he was telling the truth.

"Are you going to be heading out now that your dad's headed up state?" I asked as he chuckled.

"Naw, I think I am going to stay here and do one more serious semester before I throw the towel in," he replies as I see Wallace headed our way.

"I guess I'll see you around," I say as he pulls out a slip of paper and writes something on it.

"I know you like video games, hit me up if you ever get bored," he says handing me the slip of paper with his number and their new address before walking away.

"What were you a Dick talking about?" Wallace asks as I slid the paper into my pocket.

"Just talking," I said as I headed toward the cafeteria to do some work for my summer class. "Tell me all about your trip," I say as he begins to tell me all he had learned.



It has been two months since Veronica dashed out of the hotel room. I considered going after her after I settled down, but decided I was tired of always running after her. I called her a few times only to get her number had been changed. I had finished up the term two weeks after our fight and went to check on her since no one seemed to see her around. I was surprised to learn from her dad she had left. He explained he would tell me, but she asked him not to.

After that I went back to my hotel room and decided I needed a fresh start. I couldn't live in the room where I knew Veronica would haunt me. I had so many memories of her with me in it. I informed Dick I had planned on moving, and he decided he was going to head back to his family home. I sold the property of my former home and went in search of a home that would be all me.

I found the perfect home surprisingly not in the 09er zip code, but in the 02 zip. It was right on the beach and had a perfect view of the sunrise and sunset. It also had become a prime spot for surfers. It was a nice two story with a beautiful wraparound porch. The inside of the house was very modest and something I knew I could see myself starting a family in. I put a bid on it and got it within a week. I packed all my things up, and headed to my new place. Dick decided he was going to stay with me for a little while until I had settled all in. I was unpacking a box of things when I found the letter Veronica had written me. I had forgotten I threw it in the night stand drawer out of anger. I went to open it, but instead slipped it in my coat pocket.

"Dude, did you hear about the Grand?" Dick questioned me as I walked into the kitchen a few weeks later.

"No, what happened?" I asked as he went into detail about the explosion and how people thought I was there. It seemed like it was meant for me. I decided I needed to take a vacation. I packed a bag and emptied out my safe of money and my passport. Dick had walked in as I was putting my passport into my bag. I just told him I needed a break. It was true, but I was more concerned that I was being hunted.


I decided to forgo heading back to Hearst and waited until the term would start to transfer to Stanford. I had to sit down with the Dean and sign papers agreeing to be on my best behavior or something, really wasn't paying much attention to what he was saying as I watched the students milling about outside his window. I even was allowed to register under Logan Lester instead to keep myself out of the public eye.

I wanted to put my time in Neptune behind me for the moment and to just focus on my life at eh current moment, but it was becoming hard to do so when I kept seeing blonde haired girls that reminded me of Veronica. I ducked into the library to do some research for a term paper one day when I could have sworn I saw her, but once I got to where the blonde ghost had been she had disappeared.



I thought about Logan several times of the summer break, but hadn't heard from him once. I knew I had worried Mac after my crazy phone call, but that was the last thing on my mind right now. I needed to figure out what I wanted to do with my life now that I had a little one to worry about. I could no longer be reckless and think of no consequences for my actions because believe me there is always consequences.

I had decided to do basic classes for photography and journalism. I knew it wasn't really what I wanted to do with my life, but it was a safe choice and right now that was what I needed. I got a job once again in the library on campus just to keep me busy. I was however very lucky that I received a last minute scholarship to Stanford right before I left for my internship. The scholarship paid for all my classes and dorm. I was allowed to live in the coed dorms due to my situation because most students who lived in them were married or new parents.

My classes had started over a week ago, and could have sworn I saw Logan in two of them. But after taking a second look I decided it was just my mind playing tricks on me. I mean I knew from his reaction when I went to talk with him it was over. He had finally decided I was too much for him. I should have just let him explain the Madison situation before blowing up, but like usual I do thinks without thinking of the consequences. To make matters even worse I found out later from Madison that nothing even happened. Logan was drunk, and thought she was me. He passed out before they even had sex.

"Veronica," one of the girls down the hall from me called out as I put my key in the door.

"Macy," I replied hoping that was her name.

"Yes, did you see the guy who moved in across the hall from you," she questioned as I looked toward the slightly ajar door.

"Not really, I haven't even thought about anything lately other than school, work and her," I replied rubbing my stomach.

"Of course, although you should consider coming to the new term party tonight, maybe you'll meet him there or someone else who might catch your eye," she replied with a wink as I opened my door and moved into my dorm ending the conversation as she laughed headed back to her room not doubt. I had no plans to attend any silly party now or in the future. I just wanted to focus on the here and now. Currently I was in dire need of a hot bath; thankfully I had a bathroom in my dorm. I ran the hot water and got in leaving all my problems for another time.