Ok guys I know I'm working on another story but this oneshot branch's off to Kimi and Nishiki's life together in Oregon. This time frame takes place when Hayami was five.

Kimi nervously waited for Nishiki to come home from work when holding a a item. Finally Nishiki opened the door and came in. "Hey Kimi." He said walking over and pressing a kiss to her cheek. "Nishiki I have something to tell you..." Kimi said nervously. "You might want to sit down." She said motioning to the spot beside her. "No I'm sure I'll be fine. Plus this is Gravity falls I think I can handle whatever your going to tell me." He said. "Ok.." Kimi said. "I'm pregnant! Surprise!" She said nervously laughing. Nishiki passed out and hit the floor with a thump. "Nishiki!" Kimi said diving after him. About five minutes later he regained consciousness when Kimi dumped a glass of water on him. "Ahh!" Nishiki yelled surprised. "Kimi what are we gonna do what if the baby dies? What if someone goes after you now because your carrying a half ghoul? People are still hunting for Hayami! I'm scared your gonna get hurt what if someone takes you?! Or the baby?" Nishiki said now pacing the room frantic. "Relax Nishiki Hide and Kaneki have done fine enough except for that one incident and besides Oregon is protected from everything CCG related and they have a whole program going protecting ghouls." Kimi said. "Ok I just don't want anything happening to you." He said pressing a soft careful kiss to her and she happily returned the kiss.

It was a interesting nine months if that's what one would call it. Nishiki would sleep on the couch sometime or even outside in the gazebo because she was so mad. He asked Kaneki if Hide was like this when he was pregnant and Kaneki nervously scratched his head thinking of a way to answer. Hide answered replying he was a total angel. Both Kaneki and Nishiki rolled there eyes at his words. Hayami bounced over announcing that her mom was a total angel and so was she. Nishiki and Kaneki also rolled there eyes at that statement. On Christmas morning Hide and Hayami had came in singing Jingle bells at the top of there lungs and once when Hayami had stayed over with Nishiki and Kimi so Hide and Kaneki could have a night to themselves her and Kimi had attacked Nishiki with paintballs from the roof.

A few days later...

"NISHIKI! DRIVE ME TO THE HOSPITAL RIGHT NOW!" She screamed waking him up. Nishiki was up in a flash helping Kimi down the stairs and grabbing his phone and a change of clothes. He quickly drove them to the hospital were she was rushed to a birthing room. "DON'T TELL ME TO CALM DOWN! YOUR NOT THE ONE GIVING BIRTH!" She screamed. "YOU KNOW WHAT IF YOU WANNA BE USEFUL THEN GO GET ME SOMETHING TO DRINK!" Kimi yelled. "Ok." He said running into the hall way to get her water. He was eventually shunned from the room by Kimi for about ten minutes before he was told he could come back in. Hide also helped by telling her it would all be over soon and that she would have a daughter to help her chase Nishiki. Touka and Yoriko also showed up. A few hours later Kimi finally gave birth and Nishiki shouted "Hallelujah!" Touka slapped him across the face. The other four left the room leaving the new parents alone. "What should we name her?" Kimi asked looking over to Nishiki who was smiling as he watched Kimi gently rock there child back and forth. "You should choose." Nishiki said. "No help me choose a name after all I did make you sleep outside at least once a week." She said chuckling. "Yeah those wolfs are really persistent." Nishiki said laughing. "What about Ena? Its means it means gift from god." Kimi said. "Its perfect." Nishiki said said.

I know its short but I just thought it'd be so cute to write. Comment and Review!