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"Now you will live forever and be invincible.." The white creature paused before continuing "... but you will help different characters in the whole Multiverse.".

Knowing that he had no choice, Tom nodded. Then the being moved its arm and opened a portal under Tom. The elder Riddle fell into him, unknowing of what was on the other side but he did know something: "It's going to be... GREAT!"

And so continues the greatest adventure for the mightiest Dark Lord, Tom Riddle.


Tom closed his eyes awaiting for the fall to stop.

Incredibly, there was no pain once his feet landed and the sight that was before him seemed more incredible. Numerous humans and hybrid beings were walking contently near the white fountain.

Tom looked left and right, analyzing his surroundings:

He was in a different world, one that seemed stuck in a medieval theme;

Everything and everyone had a connection with magic and he couldn't but be in awe to the purity of this.

Now that he had a grasp of his whereabouts, he started to notice that him too was different.

His appearance seemed to have been reverted to when he had started his training with Grindelwald (19 years old) and his magical core seemed to have grown three times before entering the portal.

Another thing he noticed was his trusty satchel. He opened it and found several items: the Deathly Hallows and a photo of his family. He grabbed the photo, making a silent promise of returning to them no matter what. He was about to put back the photo, when he perceived someone moving fast towards him. A small figure, a child, was moving at an high speed into him and almost caught his satchel. Tom dodged the thief's attempt but saw the precious photo of his family being destroyed by the speeding figure. Tom fumed and, pushing some magic in his leg, began to follow the thief. During the last years of training, Tom developed an hybrid form of magical teleportation. It was similar to an Apparation but the user maintained the grasp of where he was going. The Apparation worked as a basic teleportation A to B, the 'Shadow Step' was a constant teleportation in many different points. Sadly, the Shadow Step was one of the most exhausting spells in Tom's arsenal if overused too much. The chasing reached its climax when Tom was about to grab one of arms of the figure, when this started to pick a greater speed and disappear from Tom's line of sight.

Grumbling, the dimensional traveller decided to retreat to a shady alley and create a plan for the time being.

His first idea being visiting the city's library and study the geopolitical situation of where he was.

He was about to leave the alley when he noticed a trio of thugs blocking his ways.

"Hey boy, you have to pay the toll: your life in exchange of your wallet." The others grinned and nodded at their supposed leader. Tom sighed and, with just a swish of the Elder Wand, stunned the criminals. Before leaving, he started to search for money in the criminals' pouches but was interrupted by someone else. This time being a white-haired girl. But Tom's magical senses were screaming danger after perceiving her huge magical core and the presence of another being, much more stronger and powerful than Tom himself. This huge power level was the small cat floating over the girl.

"Are you okay?" Her voice was filled with worry and innocence and while Tom's senses were screaming him to run away, he decided to stay and talk. "Yes, thank you for your concern.".

The cat eyed him annoyed "You sure, boy, you seemed a bit scared of something." The cat's tone was more determined with an underline of smugness.

"Yes, I'm fine.. what about you two?".

The cat frowned while the girl looked at him curious. "What do you mean?".

Tom maintained his emotionless mask while replying.

"You don't seem accustomed to walk here." He sat down while silently using passive Legilimency on the girl. "Your appearance and movements scream nervousness.".

She had the decency to blush, embarrassed under such scrutiny.

Then she nodded "H-hai, it's the first time I walk in the capital..."

"But you don't seem to be familiar with the place, boy."

The feline seemed to add a particular skill in perceiving emotions, no matter how much masked.

Its sadist tendency reminding him of one of his old students, Bellatrix Black. She had been a talented witch that joined the Aurors Corp during Tom's leadership. She was able to getting information by tortures means that not even Tom had ever thought about.

Anyway, Tom looked abashed at being discovered himself. "Yes, this is the first time I walk here. I am a traveller." The floating being frowned once again "A traveller? From where?"

Tom replied with an half-truth "From far away, I don't think somebody ever heard the place."

Oddly, the cat reminded him of a less malevolent Dumbledore with his suspicious looks.

Luckily, he was saved from an interrogation by the white-haired teen. "Puck, we almost forgot about the thief." Puck looked back at his charge and nodded. They were about to leave before hearing an almost whispered question by Tom "Thief?" The girl nodded and explained to him how a quick criminal had stolen an important emblem from her. He replied by saying how possibly the same thief had destroyed an important thing and had run away. "If you want you might join us in finding the thief.." The girl seemed to deflate a bit, almost expecting a negative response. Tom shocked her "Sure and I might know where the criminal might be." Tom then moved to them "I'm Tom Riddle, traveller" he extended his hand to her and she unconsciously grasped it with her own "Emilia." The cat looked at him curious "Puck. And where do you think the thief might be?".

He smiled "If she was a thief, then she had to be in the poor district." Accepting it as an explanation, the group moved to the slums.

They arrived to a pub, the lights still on. Tom knocked at the door and opened it after hearing a groan that seemed "Enter".

The owner was a small giant, but certainly not like Hagrid. This man was very old as shown by the white frowns that he had. He was very muscular and had many scars.

"How may I 'elp yah, lad?".

Tom get closer and sat down, "Sir, we are to see if you know if there is someone who sells precious stuff." The man froze a little, before analyzing the two. After this he nodded and described of how his trusty little charge, Felt, was the one who recuperated objects for him.

Oddly, that reminded Tom of his period as worker under Mr. Borgin. Then the man said that she would have returned in few minutes and that they were welcome to wait.

Just as Emilia too had sat down, someone else entered the door.

She was a woman with dark, long hair with a purple rose. She was dressed in a very appealing dark dress, but Tom had long repressed needs and was not affected by it. Her eyes showed more than Tom would have liked. Purple gems that seemed darker than any shade present in the dress.

Then Tom perceived her magical auras and mused darkly 'Vampire...'.

During his campaign for the rights of magical beings, Tom had to fight off numerous beings that saw their power reduced by his reforms. Many of those were traditional vampires, older than an hundred years.

The woman looked at him, smiled and sat down. "Greetings, I'm here representing the one who gave you the 'job'." The old man, Rom, nodded and told her that the courier was coming soon.

Few minutes later, a figure that Tom recognized being the thief entered and removed her hood.

She was a petite blonde girl. Peculiar were her red eyes that, while not of the same shade as Tom, voiced a strong soul. "Old man, I'm back-" She saw the other three characters and asked them who were they. "Me and my friend here wanted to buy something." The girl looked curiously at the teen before her, then nodded and gave to her boss the emblem. Tom noticed the greedy look of the female vampire and decided to intervene. "What about that emblem there.".

Then Tom noticed the woman eying him suspiciously. He closed his hand in a fist and with a simple transmutation was able to create few golden coins. While he was not certain of the currency in this land, he knew that gold could buy almost everything. The old man and young girl looked stunned at the golden coins. The vampire then sat up "Sadly, I cannot allow you to take this emblem.." Her eyes flickered red. "...And I will have to kill yo-" "Levicorpus." The spell interrupted the woman and she found herself launched into the wall, cracking it by sheer force. Rom and Felt got their weapons ready, while Emilia summoned some crystal-like spears. The Elder Wand crackled with magic, almost seeming excited by the incoming battle. A feminine and insane laugh came from where the woman had landed. "Yes, it's been a while ever since I cut open someone to see their lovely guts.".

This woman was utterly mad and Tom had to put her down, FAST.

The vampire wielded two bent black sword that emanated dark magic.

Then she rushed to the group but was once again intercepted by Tom "Reducto" The spell hit the swords that were damaged a bit. Tom was seeking the assassin's weakness but she was too much fast and skilled with her daggers. Rom then assaulted the vampire but was almost killed by a stab in his neck. Seeing that neither him nor Puck were having success against the assassin, Tom looked at Felt. "Go and find help." The girl hesitated, then she speeded out of the door "A'righ onii-chan.".

The battle seemed eternal but Tom was keeping the vampire away. After what seemed hours of strenuous battle of reflexes, a young man wearing what seemed a knight entered. The assassin stopped for a moment and greeted the newcomer. "Oh my, Reinhard Von Astrea, now I feel important.".

Reinhard smiled confidently "Elsa Granhiert, you are going to die." At this the woman speeded and almost managed to land a killing shot on Tom, distracted by the knight. Luckily, Tom used the momentum and her closeness and threw a Bombarda Maxima, causing an explosion. Tom was almost perfectly fine, only having a small injury in his arm. The woman, now disfigured by the explosive spell, looked at Tom angrily but partly content of having landed an hit.

Although, seeing that she was overly outnumbered, decided to retreat.

Tom sighed tiredly. While he had used not even 5% of his own magic, his core was still working integrating the energy of the Deathly Hallows. Then he felt someone touching his injured arm and saw Emilia performing some sort of healing spell, Tom couldn't understand any of the strange words used by the girl. Once the process was over, Tom noticed Reinhard looking at Felt suspiciously. "Miss Emilia, may I have the royal insigna for a moment.".

Emilia looked at him curious of what the knight wanted to do with it.

The red-haired knight then asked Felt to grasp the insigna and, just when the girl touched it, light erupted. "As I suspected." He looked back at Tom "She is possibly a member of the royal family."

Then he returned the attention the red eyed girl. "You are a possible candidate to the Royal Elections.".

Tom was surprised. The girl was so similar to him when he was young.

Orphan, magically a possible prodigy and the connection with a royal lineage.

Without hesitation, Tom interrupted whatever protest the girl was going to say.

"Felt." She looked at him, a bit curious. "I want to thank you for having followed my order and I think you might need this" He gave her a basic magic book he had written. The putting his finger on the palm of her hand, the wizard began to focus in creating a wand for her.

She looked at him, this time questioning but Tom once again intercepted her "This gifts are going to make you great, but only if you want to be." Then Reinhard knocked her unconscious, took her in his arms and, after saluting the remaining individuals walked away from the destroyed pub.

Tom was about to speak but he started to feel a strong strain in his magical core and, unable to stop himself, fainted. Last thing that he remembered was Emilia calling for his name.

First chapter of a great idea. This story happens just after my other fanfic "'How to be a great Dark Lord' for Dummies'.