Previously on The Legend of the Lord:

Tom gritted his teeth. He still was very attached to the aristocratic Slytherin's heir idea and certainly that would blow his ego quite a bit. With a resigned sigh, Tom nodded "I can accept this deal...". Roswaal smiled and extended his hand to Tom for him to shake it. 'Why I feel like I've signed a pact with the devil...'.


The next day, Tom found himself walking towards the near village with Rem.

"Tom, you and Rem have to go to the village and buy new supplies"

Tom sighed. He call himself one of the greatest conjurer and still doesn't know what Conjuring is...

Conjuration had been a very obscure branch of magic back at home. Interesting enough, it was because of the taxing price for a simple conjuration and because 'You cannot create something from nothing' (Gamp's laws). Tom had big magical reserves and he had found a way to circumvent the laws: yes, you cannot create something from nothing but.. you can re-create something you ate or drank in the past, remote or not.

After creating his own improved philosopher's stone, Tom preferred his invention to the much more exhausting art. Luckily enough, the wizard had the alchemical stone inside his trusty backpack.

Having finally reached the market Tom was stopped by the blue-haired maid "Tom-san, I think I will do the task... you may do what you want.".

Ever since Tom has arrived at the mansion the twin maids had expressed barely concealed displeasure, trying to outwit or belittle him. It would have worked... if Tom had actually cared.

If he had had his youth's mindset, he would have retaliated with the old subtle tactics he reserved to bullies. But Tom has grown wiser and he just rolled with it. He actually wanted to explore the small yet friendly village. Many civilians were walking happily on the streets and doing their own routines. An old man, much more older than Tom's real age, approached the wizard, seeming weary and desperate.

"Sir Riddle, Sir, you have to help us!" Confused at the elder's request, Tom asked what was the problem. The old man sighed "Since few weeks ago, many of our hunters had been found dead, only few small bites found on them." He continued his begging "Sir, we cannot defend our village properly and we have many children here.".

Tom sighed "I will see what to do..". The elder kneeled to the mage "Thank you, Sir, thank you...".

He started to investigates the village area, his first step being the orphanage. Maybe some of the children of the dead hunters would have known something.

He reached the door and he found himself assaulted by the old memories of the Wool's Orphanage.

I..It's not here...I need to calm down...

Tom calmed down with few breaths and knocked at the door.

An old woman opened it and looked suspiciously at the youth. "How may I help ya, youngling."

Tom repressed all his memories about Matron Cole and sighed. "Ma'am, I had been put in charge of some investigation about the strange deaths that had happened recently."

The matron looked at him for few minutes, then she nodded and let him inside.

The inside of the building was poor decorated and seemed almost decaying. ..1..2..3..

"This orphanage has not received enough funds to sustain the building and we had been stuck with those conditions for a while." ..4..5..6..

The matron's look then changed to one of disdain "Then there's... that FREAK" ..7..8.- WAIT WHAT?!

Tom felt his old memories return stronger than ever. "W-who is this... freak?".

He felt like the nightmare had returned, he hoped, no, he BEGGED for it not be the same case.

The old woman grunted "She was found years ago among the corpses of many..."

She seemed to remember vividly the situation "We thought that she was a poor thing, such an horrible trauma she had experienced..." That angry glint returned to her eyes "Then stuff happened!" Tom needed no more, his soul was screaming to put down the old hag.

Using a silent confoundus, Tom ordered the matron to lead him to the girl.

The room he was led into was much more worse he had expected. The room lacked any base furniture a children needed, not even the most crude toy present. In the small bed there was a girl,

her appearance very unique: she had long, smooth black hair... with white streaks; her eyes dark purple and they hinted that the child was curious yet terrified.

"Leave." Tom's order was followed by the old woman, who left the two.

Sighing, Tom started to talk to the girl "Hello child.".

The girl nodded and saluted "Hullo, Sir.". Tom felt his heart constrain under the painful remainder of his own childhood. "My name's... Tom Riddle". The girl continued to answer "Mah name's Lydia."

Tom smiled. "Lydia... what a nice name..." then he looked a bit more serious "Lydia, may I ask a very personal question?" At her nod, the teen continued "Do 'strange' things happen when you are sad, angry or generally very emotional?" The girl frowned and looked at him suspicious, yet she nodded. "Look" he grasped the ball he had 'borrowed' from one of the sellers and made it float. Then the ball transformed into a small kitty toy that floated to the girl. Lydia, stunned by the spells, caught unconsciously the ball-now-turned-toy. "H-how...?" Tom chuckled. "Child, we are magical beings... but not those simplistic fools that call themselves mage..." His eyes showed pride "We are sorcerer and sorceress.".

"And you..." He kneeled and got closer to her. " have the potential to become one of the greatest." She looked at him with a straight face, waiting for what he could have said next.

"That's why... I wish to adopt you- Ofh." He was tackled by the small child. Wet tears flowing from her eyes and then she fell asleep, her last word being "Nii-chan..". He smiled softly and carrying her outside the orphanage disillusioned he started to return to his companion. He would have a lot to explain...

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