Jyugo's P.O.V.

It was a sunny day at Nanba prison. We were all happy to see sun after several gloomy days of constant cold and cloudy weather. Though, I was not happy that we were forced to work outside while I was lost in my thoughts.

Uno and the others have been commenting about me being useless more than usual lately. Although that statement is completely false. I'm more useful than they like to say I am and not to brag but I'm both stronger than I look and smarter than I act. However usually I prefer to watch from the sidelines and let them puzzle it out themselves. It's amusing to see them all get upset for being unable to figure things out.

Sure, Uno is my best friend and the others are all close friends, but sometimes I can't help think that they only keep me around because they feel indebted to me. Or I'm just their human amusement game. Either way it shouldn't bother me, but it does. It never bothered me before, so why does it now?

I can't really understand why any of them would think that way either. Sure, in the past I've helped them out in other prisons, but it's not like I've done anything special. I've helped break out numerous criminals from across the globe. I really can't comprehend why they insist on keeping me around if they all think that I'm useless. Or why they would think I am amusing. Maybe I act funny without knowing it?

There is a reason while each of them have been able escape from prisons while simultaneously surviving the other prisoners and some of the less than kind guards without my help. To be honest I don't know how they do so without my help but I usually don't mind so long as they are still my friends.

Rock and Nico act childish most of the time but despite what many believe they both have a piercing kind of intellect and even fiercer instincts that they acquired from switching from living on the streets to prison life.

Uno despite his gambling habit, cheerful carefree attitude and knack for getting into trouble is a genius when it comes to planning and human analysis. Having always had the talent using it most when gambling.

I've noticed that none of them have ever insulted me when we escape. It also wouldn't be the first time that prisoners have tried to use me to help them and their friends escape. Although most of them are involved in underground crime rings like the Mafia and Yakuza.

Anyway, we were all outside building thirteen crawling on our hands and knees in the dirt, helping pull out the weeds. I hadn't been feeling all too well recently, my face had been feeling flushed and I occasionally felt dizzy spells wash over me and started to loose my balance while standing perfectly still. Hopefully i am not sick.

Hajime who had been watching us extra carefully was yelling at another one of Building Thirteen's cells. Taking a quick glance around to make sure no eyes were watching and that the camera's were turned in another direction I took that chance to leave. I wrote down, in my neatest handwriting, that I went back to my cell and left it where my Nanba Gaurd'ening™ Supplies (and, yes, I do realize that that's a terrible pun) were placed. Surprisingly it was pretty neat. It was just terribly slanted.

Standing nonchalantly and walking towards the door as if I was supposed to go there I left the area I was weeding, and went back to my cell. I instinctually quieted my footsteps as soon as my barefeet hit the cold concrete.

Swaying slightly as another dizzy spell hit. For the first time since I had entered Nanba Prison I was working alone, without the others to set off rather obvious traps. Along the way I ran into Kuu, who in my opinion is the best guard in the whole prison, but I explained to him that I was heading towards my cell and that I wasn't feeling well. The guard cat walked with me, keeping slitted eyes on me as I used the wall to support me to make sure I didn't fall. The cat was patient and stopped when I had to stop and regain my balance.

When we both reached my cell it took me longer than it usually would have to unlock the door. Stumbling inside I collapsed onto one of the futons before falling asleep while Kuu sat outside the door like any human guard would do. A few minutes later his cat instincts kicked in and cuddled up against my head. His paws kneading into my messy hair. Slowly he helped me fall asleep.

Eventually I wake up again just too close my eyes and try to rid myself of the dizziness. As well as a new headache. My attempts don't last long before I could I felt my stomach begin to churn and despite the mind numbing lack of balance I managed to stumble my way into the restroom.

I heard the soft paws of Kuu coming. He rubbed his head on my leg in some sort of comfort. Somewhere behind me I swore I could hear Hajime angrily yelling my name. It stopped as soon as he entered my cells bathroom. He didn't say anything, but he grabbed my arm (since we're making him seem really sick wouldn't picking him up and carrying him be better? Even if he was grabbed by the arm wouldn't he be too dizzy to walk?) and brought me to my feet. He carefully placed me on his back and began the journey to the infirmary. He held me loosely in case I needed to vomit as we walked, Kuu walking close behind. I felt like vomiting the moment he started walking away. I just never told him in case I did vomit.

Kuu tried to follow, but he ended up having to be carried off by Rock to the guards office. Wait, what? When did he get there? Ugh my head.

When we had gotten into the infirmary I saw others in the same condition IT was. Must be going around. I looked and saw I was the only one from building thirteen, which doesn't make me feel any better. Soon I was placed on a comfy bed as they took my temperature.

Tuning out what they were doing, I began to sweat more. I thought of all the times I felt useless, well when I didn't even try. If I actually did my best, I could harm my friends...I could harm my family. As I thought badly of myself, I was falling asleep from the medication they put me on. It helped me rid of the self doubt before going into a fitful sleep.

Hajime P.O.V

Hajime watched as fifteen slowly closed his mixed eyes. Hajime has a duty to keep Jyugo and his friends safe.

He would never say it out loud, but he is kind of worried for fifteen. He's never seen the boy so sick before. Actually Jyugo has never been sick, never pretended to be either. He could only hope his favorite escapee would get better.

Without Jyugo in his cell, the other three would mope around, though Uno would constantly use hair products to distract him. Uno hates not being able to help his best friend. So he helps by trying to not worry….it doesn't work well.