Twilight Racer have now entered the Easter race. She already registered for the race as a matter of fact. She will be racing all the Easter characters as well. Twilight went to April Valley by train with her family. She is getting ready to prepare for the race. Let's hope that Twilight can have a race with all the Easter characters.

"We are here at April Valley" said Twilight.

"We sure are, Twilight" said Twilight Velvet. "We will like to thank Chugs for taking us to April Valley"

"You're welcome Twilight" said Chugs. "We better go now"

"Bye, Chugs" said Twilight and her family.

They saw Chugs leaving April Valley as Twilight and her family left from the train station.

"That was nice of that train, mom" said Twilight.

"He sure was, Twilight" said Twilight Velvet. "We are now here at April Valley for the race"

"That is true, mom" said Twilight. "I'm not sure that Kermey the Leprechaunw will enter the race"

"He is entering the race, Twilight" said Twilight Velvet. "In fact, he is Hermey's brother"

"I see Seymour Sassafras, mom" said Twilight.

"Hi, you have must be Twilight" said Seymour S. Sassafras. "You are just about to enter the Easter race"

"Thank you for having me here, Seymour" said Twilight. "Is Peter Cottontail here?"

"He sure is, Twilight" said Seymour S. Sassafras. "He just finished building his own go cart"

"That is cool" said Twilight. "Some other characters have entered the race are Lilly Longtooth, Linda the schoolteacher, Sunny, Hallelujah Jones, King Bruce, Donna, January Irontail, Wellington, Madame, Bonnie and Antoine"

"I am the one who will blow the horn" said Seymour S. Sassafras. "it is for the race to start"

"We better get in our vehicle since the race is going to start" said Twilight.

"Don't forget, Kermey is entering the race" said Seymour S. Sassafras.

They went to their vehicles and starts their engine.

"Okay, racers, I will blow the horn and we start the race" said Seymour S. Sassafras. "Ready, set, go!"

He blows the horn and the race starts. See what happens in the next chapter of this story.