Adagio Dazzle is currently in jail. She is going to talk with her lawyer as a matter of fact. She wants him to take her spot in the limousine. She also wants him to take care of the bus. Adagio will be staying in jail and won't be escaping in jail. Let's hope that the lawyer will be taking Adagio's place in the limousine.

"Adagio, you will not be able to escape from Jail" said the police.

"I won't sir" said Adagio.

"Thank you, Adagio" said the police.

The police officer left the jail and Adagio's lawyer came in.

"Hey, you" said Adagio. "Do you want to take my spot in the limousine?"

"Sure, Adagio" said her lawyer. "I'm sorry that you arrested by the police"

"It's okay" said Adagio. "Just go the limousine is here"

At the entertainment district, Rarity saw the bus and the limousine passes by. Then, the lights turned green and Rarity starts driving.

"This is a beautiful day" said Rarity.

She saw her sister Sweetie Belle sitting down on the bench.

"Hi, Sweetie Belle" said Rarity. "How are you doing today?"

"It was good, Rarity" said Sweetie Belle. "Take me to the barber shop, please"

"That is a wonderful choice, darling" said Rarity.

On their way, they saw a limousine chasing at them.

"Rarity, look" said Sweetie Belle. "That limousine is chasing us"

"We better get away" said Rarity.

"Get them, Aria" said Adagio's Lawyer.

She tried to bump the car but Rarity drove it away.

"We missed it, Aria" said Adagio's lawyer. "How dare you defy me"

At the barber shop, Rarity drops off Sweetie Belle and gives her some money.

"Your car is fast" said Sweetie Belle.

"Thanks, darling" said Rarity.

Later, the time ran out and Rarity has made about $8,687.

"My rating is Insane and the next reward will be held when I hit $50,000" said Rarity. "I need about $8,202 more"

"That's right, Rarity" said Celestia. "Keep it doing"

They will get some more money for the next reward. See what happens in the next chapter of this story.