Hello readers (if there are any) I've decided to start writing again yay! So here it goes please enjoy.

The wind was whistling through the trees outside my apartment. I had just made myself a cup of chamomile tea, after my fight over the phone with my mother. It seemed like we've been fighting a lot more lately. The truth is we were never close to begin with, even when I was a little girl. She was always off somewhere with her a new boyfriend. You see my Dad died when I was just a little girl so I don't remember him too much but hey life goes and you deal with it. Then there's me Gwen, who currently rents an apartment in downtown New York City, the big Apple. My life's pretty good right now I just finished university with a degree in Medieval Studies, like that's going to do me much good in the near future.

"Man, this storm is getting worse by the minute, I thought. I had just switched on the T.V. to the history channel it always reminds me of my Dad. There was a documentary on about the Arthurian time, that is my favourite era. I always loved how my Dad had named me after queen Guinevere from the King Arthur legends. He always had an interest in fictional history especially King Arthur.

"BOOM! A roll of thunder sounded from the sky. "Dam," I cursed, the T.V. went all blurry and the picture got distorted. I got up from the couch to try and fix the T.V. I was fumbling with some cables when lightning hit the building. I could feel it go through every metal and electrical objects in the room, including the T.V. cables I was still holding on to. Suddenly I felt a painful surge of electricity go through every part of my body. I couldn't move, all I could do was wait for it to be over. Eventually, my body couldn't take it anymore and I blacked out.