Author's note:

I think 6 chapters is enough for this short story. ;D

At the party, it felt like I was at a renaissance fair. Everyone was in fancy clothes. I felt so out of place. Yes, I was wearing a fancy dress but I wasn't supposed to be here. I hope Merlin can find that spell soon. I was startled out of my thoughts when I heard someone talk to me. "Gwen, may I have this dance?" It was Arthur, the Prince was asking me to dance! Holly smokes, well I can't refuse a Prince. "Sure, your Highness." I muttered. "Gwen how are you enjoying your stay in Camelot?" He asked "It's better than I imagined." I replied. "So how would you like to stay here for a while?" Arthur asked. "Oh, I don't know, I think I should go home to America." I replied awkwardly. "Guinevere you're not like any woman I've ever met. Stay here with me." I was so shocked and confused. What should I do? Should I stay here and live with royalty in history or should I go home and live in a one bedroom apartment watching history? "You know what Arthur, I'll stay." Merlin's spell can wait.

thank you so much if you got this far, I really appreciate it. BYE!