After retrieving technology from the alienous ship, the Black Knights confiscated it to Rakshata, and her scientiest to upon more reasearching. Within hours, and hours of studying the technology, they finally got results. Rakshata brought only a small amount of paperwork. Ohgi opened the folder to see papers that are really overwhelming new.

"oh my goodness!" ohgi said

"what is it Mr. Prime Minister" Tamaki asked

"This technology these aliens have no mentions of Sakuratie, and they seem to be using some resource that has been made into another planet, and the PDA shows somewhat plan to destroy this Galactic Empire, and restore the Republic. I'm saying that these aliens are fully technological advanced than us in the Planet. The Ship they are on can go faster than the speed of light"


Everyone was shocked and overwhelmed to see that a ship that big can go fast than the speed of light

"The Speed of light, that's impossible. We can only go fast as Britannian aircraft" said Kallen

"We must find these aliens immediatley, and we must question them" said Ohgi

"we must get Earl Asplund to get more information about the speed of light, and their resources" Rakshata stated.

(Meanwhile with the 3 Jedi's and the Rebel Soldiers)

After hours, and hours of searching for civilization, they have finally found what they needed.

(Tokyo, CApital of Japan)

The city of Tokyo was filled with tall futuristic buildings with ship ports on the blue sea. Aircraft was flying all over to look for these aliens that landed. As they enter, the Rebel soldiers put their blasters in their belts, while the 3 Jedi's put their lightsabers in their belts which they attach onto. Upon entering the city, people were mainly looking at Ahsoka Tano. Believing she is the alien. Her orange skin, and horns made the public fear her. Immediatley, almost all the citizens called the police, the government, and the miltary.

Ring Ring Ring

Kallen's fliphone rang. She awnsered it and put it into her left ear.


"Kallen it's Tohdoh. I believe we found the Aliens. It's in Tokyo"

"Very good, don't make them leave"

Kallen hangs up her phone.

"Everyone to Tokyo the Alien is in Tokyo"

They turn on their Knightmares, and activated the Landspinner. The Knightmares rolled as they were driving, but they set up for a fast speed. The City of Tokyo was filled with people looing at the alien and their allies. heavy metal tanks surrounded the jeid and the rebel soldiers.

"Don't make any stupid moves or we shoot" the voice came through the loud speaker

Carth turn his head towards his master.

"Master Ryria, what do we do now" he asked

"I don't know my Padawan. We can try to negotiate with the people here" said Taris

People made loud whispers about how did humans came from another planet while Earth was the only planet that has humans.

(Space 10 LY's away from Earth)

The Star Destroyer was floating in autopilot while they shoot astroids that got into their way. Vader was in his meditation chamber with his helmet off. His head was pale. During the years with his suit, the burnet scars from his battle at Mustafar were healed, but his hair never grew back. In his meditation, he use to search the Jedi Remnant. But after hours of meditation, he found out where they were. He turns off the chamber, while the helmet was gently put back into his head. Vader stepped out of chamber, and set the coordiantes to the planet they must go to.

(Yavin 4)

The Rebel alliance were on the hunt for the Jedi Squad to get the PDA to destory the Empire. The Rebel allaince is a Rebellion group to overthrow the Empire, and restore peace, and democracy all over the Galaxy. But the only problem is to where would the remaining jedi would be, thankfully they had one last jedi with them, and his name is Luke Skywalker.

"Master Luke, do you know where these remaining jedi are" Mon Mothma asked

" I have no idea, but I can do some meditation to find these missing jedi's are"

"Understand. Come straight back here once you found them"

Luke bowed to the Chancellor.

Luke walks away from the office, while other rebel soldiers captured Stormtroopers with their handcuffs, and they were taken to be interrogated. Mon Mothma took them to the cells. Each of them asked questions about the empire, the stormtroopers had no choice to tell secrets about them. One of them is about the missing jedi.

"So what did you do with them" the Rebel asked

"I really don't know. all I remember they escaped and they head to a random destination"

(Hour later)

Luke Skywalker returns to Mon Mothma, and he told her about they are on a planet that has huge life forms, and gave her the coordiantes.

"Excellent work Skywalker, we will send a large rebel army incase of the empire attacking it"

Luke Skywalker is now on his way to the Earth System to find the missing jedi.

(Earth, Tokyo, Japan)


Nina was watching the media in TV. She was a bit freaked out about the aliens coming to their planet. Milly was brodcasting the news all over Britannia.

"What dose these aliens want? Do they want to destory our planet, or do they seek peace?"

Kallen and his troops arrived at the scene to the aliens were. Kallen was shocked to see a mysterious humanoid creature.

"Guys, let me talk to the alien" Kallen gets off of her Knightmare, and walks towards the Aliens.

"I'm Kallen Kozuki, the military commander of Japan. Why do you come to our planet"

"We're here to seek refuge away from the Galactic Empire. Please take us to your leader" said Ahsoka

"Very well then follow me"

Kallen KOzuki calls Ohig to negotiate about the aliens and their misunderstands. They were taken by a limo. The 3 Jedis, and the rebel soldiers sat in the limo taking to the Diet. Where they will meet the Prime Mininster.


Ohgi walks onto the hallways, pass the corridors, then waits at the negotiating tables. Villetta Nu, the wife of Ohgi and their child, Chigusa were in the negotiating room as well.

"Hey Villetta, maybe i Should talk to the aliens myself. I want you to take care of our child" said Ohgi

"Becareful Ohgi alright?"

Villetta kisses her husband while Ohgi kisses his baby in the forehead. As the two left, Kallen, escorted them to the Diet, and Tano, Taris, Carth, and the rebel soldiers were put into negotiations.

"hello Mr. Prime Minister, My name is Ahsoka Tano, and these are my team. Taris Ryria, Carth Sen, and these 3 are the Alliance Soldiers. Jack is the blonde hair, Sadine is the brown hair female, and Rex is the guy with the tan skin."

"I'm Kaname Ohgi, what brings you to the Planet Earth" he asked

"We beg you to seek refuge. We are trying to hide from the evil Galactic Empire" said Tano

"Our crashed ship is called the Ambition, and it had important stuff we needed." said Taris

"I know, we have your technology with your right now, but we need to know how you make it"said Ohgi

"Um to tell your the truth, I don't think it exist in this planet" said Sadine

"What do you mean" he asked

"I can assure that we are telling the truth, but I want to explain this later" said Jack

"but the Important thing is that we beg that we seek refuge"

While they negotiate, a few of large space ships were on the tip of the Earth's atmosphere. Darth Vader stared at the planet as he sense a few remaining jedi. The Black breathing fiure was unpatient to execute the Jedi at his own hands. Meanwhile Maximus imformed Vader about the Jedi.

"Lord Vader, we have found sights of the Jedi at this planet"

"very good, after we catch this jedi, we will take over this planet, and become part of the Empire" said VAder

"Yes Lord Vader"

Everyone in Japan were staring at a space ship that was blocking the sun. It shadow covered the whole entire Tokyo City. Vader trying to reach communication on Kallen's Knightmare.

"Attention your are interfering our mission. Stand aside from the Galactic Empire, or else you will be dealt with." said Vader

"Jedi?, Empire?" what is he talking about.

Kallen was confused about this. She had to comply.

"get off of our planet you aliens"said Kallen

That was a big mistake that she made.

"Very well, If you are going to interfer our mission, then you will be dealt with." said Vader in an angry tone

"Oh boy this is going to be a tough battle" said Kallen