*Authors Note*

Welcome to the sequel to my fan-fiction! This one takes place a few months after the first one. This is overall my sixth fan-fic ever made! I'm not perfect at English since It's not my main language. But I apologize for any grammatical or spelling errors made. I hope you enjoy reading!

Chapter 1: Tracked Down

Location: School...

It was noon in the United States of America. The whole sky was bright and sunny. It was summer for all of them. Every student on the school was outside having fun, talking to each other, eating and playing around.

The camera zooms it to three certain teenagers who we're having having a conversation while sitting down in a table.

"So? Did you bring our lunch or not?" A teenager was sitting down on his seat next to two other teens.

"It's in this bag, chill out." The other teenager pulled out a bag from their behind and placed it on the table.

"What's in it?" The other teenager asked, sitting next to the other one.

"Why don't you check it out Chantal?" The teenager scoffed, revealing one of their name's.

"Alright then. Alex are you gonna eat?" Chantal asked the other teenager who was sitting next to her, his name also revealed.

"Of course I am, I'm dying of hunger." Alex said and groaned.

He grabbed the bag and pulled out three burgers from it. They look, not like ordinary burgers...

"Really, Anthony?" Alex called the other teenager's name out.

"It's what the lunch lady gave me!" Anthony yelled out.

"This looks, expired..." Alex put his hands on his mouth, trying to not puke.

"It's GOOD." Chantal had her mouthful of that burger, Alex was near to throwing up even more now but he held it back.

"Meh, a burger is a burger." Anthony took a bite out of the burger.

"Do you think we will ever graduate this year?" Alex asked the two of them.

"What do you mean by that?" Anthony raised an eyebrow, as he put down the burger.

"We're taking 10th grade again, in barely a few months ever since you know..." Alex sighed, Anthony knew exactly what he meant.

"You we're fired from your part-time job, remember that?" Chantal brought up Alex's success and not his successful life in just a second.

"The bakery? Yeah, shut up." Alex rolled his eyes and Chantal giggled.

"Haha, 'least you made some money off that." Anthony said.

"Chantal hasn't even found a new boyfriend yet. Thank god." Alex said and chuckled.

"Hey!" Chantal was irked a bit by that.

"Chill chill. You'll find one eventually." Anthony said and also chuckled.

"Oh I know, I just wanna be single for a good while." Chantal said and crossed her arms.

"Sounds good, the good decision anyways." Anthony said.

"Ever thought of getting a new brother?" Chantal smirked at him.

"Fuck off." Anthony rolled his eyes, Alex chuckled in the background.

"We've all lost something and we've mourned about it, but come on. I'm tryna' eat here." Alex said.

"From parting our ways we ended up applying to this school in another country. Our parents actually knew about Battle Royale those bastards. United States ain't as bad as you think it is." Anthony said.

"Lucky for us we learned English at the right time, can't you believe they don't speak Japanese here?" Chantal said.

"Because we only speak that in our country." Alex rolled his eyes, seeing how Captain Obvious Chantal was being.

"In some other areas I've heard they do." Chantal said.

"You heard wrong then." Alex said.

Chantal chuckled and took a bit off her burger.

After a few seconds, the three of them looked at the sky hearing some weird sounds. Helicopters we're passing by and siren's could be heard coming from outside.

"Why are they flying so low? I can feel the breeze down here." Alex pulled his arms out, feeling the fresh breeze.

"I hear siren's. Prooolly looking for a criminal somewhere." Chantal said.

"What If they're inside the school?" Alex said.

"You really think someone here would have killed someone? Or we would have been dead by now anyways." Chantal said.

"I would not be surprised anymore." Alex said and sighed. He remember's the files he read from before.

"Um, why is every student running away from this area?" Anthony raised an eyebrow and looked around. Chantal and Alex also looked around, the school bell started ringing now.

"You guys need to get out of here." A student yelled at them from the distance.

"What do you mean...?" Anthony asked them.

"Look up. I can't stay here any longer, but I'd run If I we're you. You're being tracked down." The student said.

A helicopter turned on their lights and pointed to the three of them sitting on the lunch table.

"Wait, what the hell?" Alex got out of the table and stood up.

"Guys... I think..." Anthony said and gasped.

"No, no... you're not saying..." Chantal knew exactly what he meant.

"RUN!" The student yelled out from the distance, after that he started running back inside to the school, the doors instantly closing.

"BUT OUR CLASSES? AND LUNCH?" Chantal was panicking, she did not want to fail this year.

"PUT YOUR HANDS UP NOW." A loud voice was heard coming from the helicopter.

"DITCH THAT. YOU KNOW WHY THEY'RE HERE. QUICKLY TO THE SCHOOL." Anthony got up from the table and was gonna head inside the school but was stopped by Alex.

"We are NOT GOING INSIDE THE SCHOOL." Alex grabbed his shoulder and said.

"Then where do we head?!" Anthony was scared.

"Jump the fence damn it!" Alex suggested.

"Where would we go?!" Anthony asked Alex in a panic.

"Our hideout." Alex calmly said.

"You're right." Anthony took a deep breath, he remembered where he left the files at a few months ago.

The three of them ran to the fence but it was too high up to climb up.

"Fuck this god damn school and It's security." Anthony kicked the fence in anger.

"If we don't hurry they're gonna catch us." Chantal said as the siren's we're getting closer each time.

"Looks like someone has to do this." Alex said closed his eyes.

"Alex, no..." Anthony said.

Alex crouched down and put himself close to the fence.

"Use me as a ladder. and GO." Alex yelled at them.

"But we can't just leave you behind-" Anthony was about to finish his sentence but Alex just yelled more.

"HEAD. TO THE HIDEOUT NOW. You'll take care of this and Chantal." Alex yelled out.

"No, No..." Anthony did not want to lose Alex, but he can't let the sacrifice be for nothing.

"We need to go Anthony. They're not gonna kill Alex, well hopefully. I have fate for him and you better too" Chantal said while patting Anthony's back.

"Fuck. FINE. Damn it Alex." Anthony clenched his fists and tried to calm down again.

"Just go, I'll hold them off if I have to." Alex said.

Anthony got on top of Alex and grabbed onto the top of the fence, he clinged to it and pulled himself up, he then jumped to the other side and landed safely, looking at Chantal who was getting on top of Alex now.

Chantal pulled herself up to the very top and made it up. She jumped to the other side and landed right next to Anthony.

A few police officer's kicked down the doors inside the school and saw Alex only, they haven't noticed Anthony and Chantal on the other side.

"Go! They're here." Alex got up from the ground and looked behind him.

"Farewell Alex..." Chantal bowed down and began running away from the area.

"We won't forget you. Thank you for everything." Anthony sighed and bowed down as well, beginning to run away from the area along with Chantal.

Location: Alleyway...

They we're both inside an alleyway now, Anthony looked behind him and saw Alex running away from that area but in the process heard gunshot's coming from the distance. Anthony gasped and stopped looking behind.

They both ran for a few minutes and managed to reach the end of the alleyway which was a dead end.

"Fuck, Fuck. We are in a pickle. FUCK." Anthony seemed pretty pissed off.

"Don't yell! Jesus!" Chantal said and covered his mouth.

"Stop it. I know I know but, we're in an actual dead end. The hell are we gonna do?" He took her hand off his mouth and began whispering.

"Down the sewers. Remember It's underground. We built a little cabin inside." Chantal looked down at the ground, a sewer lid was on top of their feet.

"How do you know that? I don't even know where we are at." Anthony said.

"I memorized the whole United States map in just a single week, extra credits for geography." Chantal smirked and pointed to her head.

"Sonuvabitch. No wonder's you're always so worried about your grade." Anthony said and chuckled.

"Something to feel good about." Chantal said and smiled.

"Where the hell could they be?!" A voice was heard coming from outside the alleyway's wall.

"Great they're near us." Anthony crouched down with Chantal and whispered to her ear.

"Anthony. I'm gonna regret this." Chantal said as she let out a sigh.

"What?" Anthony asked her, confused as always.

"I'm gonna. I'm gonna go. We can't risk leaving any evidence here so. You're going down the sewers alone." Chantal said.

"No. Not you too!" Anthony whispered a bit louder, hearing his complains pretty clearly.

"Anthony, just. Before I do this. Go down the sewers. I'll. I'll cover it up so they have a harder time tracking you down alright?" Chantal was feeling confident about this.

"With what?!" Anthony asked her.

"With this." Chantal looked at the trash bin near them and she put her hand inside, pulling out a paint can from it.

"Good grief..." Anthony said and face-palmed himself.

"I threw this away a while ago, It works a little but It's almost empty." Chantal looked at it, It was a gray spray can. The same color as the ground they're standing in.

"You better be alive when I finish handling this." Anthony glared at Chantal.

"Remember they're just gonna transfer us to another killing game." Chantal chuckled.

"That's, what the files said before... I'm afraid of another one." Anthony said.

"Well, that time is now. Japan want's another one don't they? And they only need two of them for their next one's don't they? Better make them me and Alex." Chantal said.

"But I heard Alex getting shot!" Anthony said as he got flashback's from Alex running away from the area.

"By a tazer. Those we're tazer sounds you idiot." Chantal hit him in the face with a slap.

"Ow! God damn it." Anthony groaned while rubbing his cheek.

A helicopter was being heard coming from the distance and lots of police siren's as well.

"Go down the sewer's before It's too late, idiot!" Chantal grabbed the lid and put it to the side, a ladder was seen at the side of the sewer hole.

"I fucking hate you both, and If you both don't survive. I swear to god." Anthony said as he climbed down the sewer.

"We're putting an end to this Anthony remember. I won't forget you and neither will Alex." Chantal said.

"Just. Please take care alright guys? I don't wanna lose you." Anthony looked at Chantal with an upset face, they we're his closest friend's after the tragedy happened.

"We'll be fine. We did survive the first one didn't we? With our experience we're gonna survive this second one."

"That better be true, I'll. I'll find a way to communicate with you both.

"Shoot! It's getting late. Go! I see the helicopter!" Chantal pushed Anthony's head down and Anthony sighed.

He began climbing down the ladders by himself, upon reaching the bottom he saw Chantal's face for the last time.

"Farewell Chantal. It was nice knowing you, If you do make it out, I'm taking you to the nearest burger shop and have a meal or somethin'." Anthony chuckled.

"It was a pleasure meeting you Anthony. I'd love that haha. But now. We'll see what happens." Chantal winked at him and put the lid on top of the sewers. The spray can could be heard being sprayed on top of the lid. Chantal placed a few rock's on top of it to make it see like It's part of the road.

Location: Sewers...

Anthony was now inside the sewer's alone. A helicopter was heard landing on top of a building and Chantal's footsteps could be heard further and further away each time, hinting Anthony she is running away from the area.

"Not again, not again... We weren't ready for this. None of us where but, It's all up to me now huh? I better take a look at the files again." Anthony whispered to himself as he proceeded to run away inside the sewers, looking for the cabin they build somewhere in the bottom.

"I thought moving outside from the country would keep us safe, but that did not last long. This law is ridiculous. They keep us like damn slaves. We thought we could escape from this law but It's more powerful than we thought. We're just simple teenagers aren't we? But us three are gonna prove we have the right's to put an end to this all." Anthony still whispered to himself. He stopped running and looked at the area which was divided by four other routes.

"Damn it. This is gonna take a while. Forgot to ask Chantal for directions." Anthony groaned and picked the first route, he knew he had to find the correct route now.

The camera now zooms out of the area, showing the FBI, army and police officer's outside all over the city.

Chapter END.