Chapter 6 - First Dusk

Location: Grassy Fields, West...

It's now Night Time. The whole island was completely dark and dusk. The current time, is unknown. The camera began showing each locations of the student's now.

"Rest in peace our dear student, Boy#26 Dimensiona. I'm sure they won't be missed! 37 of you remain. Kill each other already. You still have a week to go! Hahahaha!" The speaker turned on and instantly turned off, announcing a death of another student.

Night, Luka and Dakota we're walking in the lead of their group. Meanwhile, Dan, Jack and Capy we're in the back.

"Son of a..." Jack clenched his fists and twitched his eyes.

"Calm down Jack." Capy said as he patted his back.

"Look. Once we get there, let's relax alright?" Dan said as he still kept his hand on his wound.

"Yeah. You aren't looking to great right now either. I don't wanna lose you too." Jack said and sighed.

"You won't, haha. It's just. Painful, y'know?" Dan gave out a chuckle.

"I know that." Jack smiled and chuckled back.

"What about our plan?" Capy asked the two of them.

"...Lower it down. I know. But after we get onto healing Dan. We'll do it." Jack whispered to Capy and he gave a nod.

"Yeah, yeah. Sounds good." He agreed to it.

The six of them kept walking through the fields.

Location: Tower, Middle of the Island...

"They're almost here, I can feel it." Alex said as he was sitting down on his office chair. Chantal was just standing next to him.

Suddenly, the door began creaking. The door opened and Ryan looked directly at Alex and Chantal.

"Hey there, Ryan." Alex smirked and had his arms crossed.

" do you know..." Ryan's eyes opened more, feeling a bit weird about encountering the actual transfer students.

"Shhh..." Chantal told him to lower his voice.

"You're not gonna kill me...right?" Ryan asked the two of them.

"Why would we?" Chantal raised her eyebrow and looked at Ryan with a confused face.

"Because you're...bad?" He asked again.

"You got that wrong." Alex said.

"...?" Ryan was speechless now, he didn't know wheter to panic or stay calm.

"No, we aren't killing you Ryan. Understand? And killing us won't give you anything." Alex said with honesty coming out of his tone.

"How do you know?" Ryan kept interrogating them.

Alex pulled out a paper and told Ryan to head to him. Ryan shrugged and went to Alex and grabbed the paper. He began reading it slowly.

'We need help. Actual help. We aren't here to bring danger or anything or kill anyone. We know the truth under this game but you have to keep quiet about this. We need to bring some people and help us out on taking down the true creator of the law, and end this law once and for all. But first, we have to escape this island, don't we? And we know how. But we can't do this alone, the two of us. Because they're are 38 people versus two. You see why we had to write this down?' This is what the note said.

Ryan gasped and looked at Alex and Alex just nodded.

"I accept." Ryan nodded his head up and down. Alex clapped and Chantal as well.

The door began creaking again. Ryan looked behind him, Alex and Chantal looked straight at someone who aimed their AK at them.

"Evan! Put it down!" Ryan waved his arms around, signaling him to lower his gun.

"Ryan... Those are..." Evan aimed the gun steadily at the two of them, the two of them just looked at him with a normal stare.

"Don't. Don't, seriously." Ryan kept begging him to not shoot.

Evan sighed and lowered his gun.

"How can you trust them?" Evan asked Ryan.

Ryan waved Alex's note around and Evan went straight for it and grabbed it.

"I see..." Evan finished reading it and looked at them again, he put his gun to his back and the other two chuckled.

"Now you get it?" Alex asked Evan.

"I get it now, sorry." Evan rubbed the back of his head and nervously chuckled.

"Don't worry about it." Chantal said.

"So, where are we gonna go now?" Ryan said as he looked at Alex and asked him.

"Let's talk about it on the morning. I'm tired." Alex said and gave out a yawn.

"Same here." Chantal said and yawned as well.

"Are we really gonna stay here?" Evan said and groaned.

"You wanna roam around at night and possibly die?" Alex asked him.

"Nah." Evan responded back.

"Let's find a room in this tower and rest there, then." Ryan suggested.

"Hm. I second that." Alex said.

The four of them we're now standing up and conversating on their way out of the office.

Location: Streets, Near the mall...

"Just lower your gun, we can't stand here all day like this can we?" Mike smirked at Raiker.

"I really just want you to go away..." Raiker said, still holding his gun and pointing at Mike's face.

"Mike, seriously. Stop doing unnessecary drama." Jimmy whispered to Mike to his ear. Koru noticed it and heard a bit on what Jimmy was saying.

"I don't care Jimmy. This is our chance. Our chance." Mike had a glare on his whole face.

"Our chance at what?! Getting killed?!" Jimmy said and groaned loudly.

"I'm gonna count to the 3, if that gun ain't lowered..." Mike looked directly at Raiker.

"Really, Really now? This must be a joke." Raiker said.

"I'll shoot you. If It's not lowered in 3, and I'm dead serious." Mike had his finger around the trigger now.

"Raiker just shoot him!" Koru smacked his arm and Raiker's eyes opened up even bigger.

"This is stupid!" Jimmy yelled out pretty loudly. He didn't want to deal with this anymore.

Raiker couldn't hesitate anymore, he fired his gun right at Mike's head. A perfect direct shot. Raiker glared at Jimmy and aimed his gun at Jimmy. Jimmy put his hands up and was shaking now. Mike was on the ground completely dead and bleeding. Jimmy looked at him and gasped.

"Raiker, don't." Koru said.

"But he's his acomplice..." Raiker was shaking with the gun on his hand.

"And? He has no weapon or anything. You really gonna kill a defenseless student now? This was self-defense. But he's not even threathing or anything. Heck, I even heard he told him to stop it but didn't listen." Koru defended Jimmy from Raiker, and Jimmy just kept shaking there, not wanting to die.

"...Gah." Raiker lowered his head and lowered his gun as well.

Jimmy lowered his hands down and noticed two people walking behind them.

"Wait, look ver there... It's..." Jimmy pointed to the two of them, behind them.

"That's...Row and Alan. Oh my god." Koru said as he turned his back on the two of them.

"Row?! Alan?!" Jimmy said. He couldn't believe it.

"HEY ROW! ALAN!" Raiker yelled at the two of them.

But the two of them ignored them and started running now. Koru began running now, wanting to catch up with them now. Raiker couldn't leave Koru's side so he began running as well with him.

"Are you just gonna stand there? C'mon." Raiker yelled behind him to Jimmy.

Jimmy didn't know what to do anymore. He grabbed Mike's gun which was on the ground and put it behind him. He took Raiker's word and began running as well to catch up to Row and Alan. Why they we're running away? Who knows.

Location: Outside of a Restaurant, East side of the Island...

Two student's have finally arrived to their destination after a long travel.

"Whoa..." Shibita looked at the outside of the restaurant, it didn't look as bad as they thought it would.

"It's abandoned of course. But this looks, recently abandoned? I dunno how to say it." Corbies put his hand on his chin and rubbed it.

"Why don't we check it out inside?" Shibita asked him.

"Yeeeah. Let's rest here as well. It's so dark and I'm scared if anyone is hunting us down." Corbies looked behind them and to his sides, paranoia was getting to him now.

"I know, I know." Shibita smiled at him.

The two of them opened the door and rushed inside of the restaurant.

Location: Underground...

"So, are you guys alright?" Azu was walking down the underground with the other two student's behind him.

"Yeah, yeah. Just freaked out." Cyber said and sighed.

"Them drawings right?" Erick asked Cyber.

"It's so ancient...and weird." Cyber looked at them, looking creeped out by them.

"Yeah. I agree. It's not ordinary at all." Azu said as he looked at them as well.

"But do you think. We're gonna get anywhere by exploring this place?" Cyber asked Azu.

The two of them stopped and began thinking about it. Is there a point?

"Might as well. We are trying to run away from everybody else." Azu responded to his point.

"Yeah..." Erick agreed on that.

"We have to rest at some point. Do we even have anything in our bags that might come in handy?" Cyber shoot his bag and heard stuff rattle in the inside.

"Probably. But let's reach the end of this tunnel and rest there. I think, we're almost there." Azu put his hand on top of his eyes and looked in front of him. Light could be seen from it.

"Hmm..." Cyber said.

The three of them, continued to go underground onto the final area of it.

Location: North Island's Left Corner...

"Hey! Cold?" Omid called him out from a distance.

Cold looked at him and gasped. He pulled out a knife from his pocket and began rushing towards Omid.

"Chill! Chill!" Omid began walking back slowly, but didn't run away from him.

Cold was now right in Omid's face, with the knife being pointed onto his face.

"Why are you here? Did you stalk me?" Cold looked at him with a serious face.

"I was here before, just relaxing over there on the beach." Omid said and pointed over to it, you could see the shapes he made on the sand.

"Hmm..." Cold said and closed his eyes, he decided to pull away his knife now.

"So..." Omid said, trying to spark up anything to say.

"I'm heading to the north camp. In hopes of finding something to eat." Cold said.

"North camp? We are already on the north." Omid said as he looked out in the ocean.

"Corner. The camp is to our right." Cold said and pulled out a map from his pocket.

"I see..." Omid said as he looked to where Cold was pointing on the map.

"Well. Do you wanna come? Or stay here all day?" Cold asked him.

"Now that I think about it..." Omid said and crossed his arms, he began thinking if to stay or go.

"You coming?" Cold asked him again.

"Yeah, I'll come. Thanks for not killing me, by the way." Omid accepted the offer and chuckled.

"No problem. Let's head out now, even thought It's dark. I think It's better to go now so nobody sees us." Cold put his map away and looking around them, everything was pretty dusk after all.

"Hmm, good idea. Let's just grab my stuff on the beach." Omid said.

"Alright." Cold said and nodded.

The two of them we're now, about to begin traveling to their next destination. They went to the beach Omid was staying on.

Location: Docks, South of the Island...

There was two students opposed to two other students right on the dock.

"Don't come any closer." Wulf was pointing their shotgun to Brian, and Jeff who was behind Brian.

"We're not here for any harm." Brian was trying to talk Wulf to not shoot them.

"They don't look harmful..." Damon looked at them and noticed Jeff who was hiding behind Brian.

"It's because we aren't. If you want, we can drop our bags." Brian said.

"Right, Alright. I'm not much menacing either anyways..." Wulf sighed and said.

"How come?" Brian asked him.

Wulf pulled the trigger on his shotgun, but nothing happened.

"That's why." Wulf sighed again.

"Ohhh, no ammo?" Brian asked him again.

"Yeah, sadly. We want to look for some ammo soon so we can defend ourselves at least, from strangers like you." Wulf said.

"I think I have some in my bag." Brian said as he pulled out the backpack from his back.

"Really?!" Wulf gasped and asked him.

"Yeah. I do." Brian opened his bag and pulled out some shotgun shells from it.

"See?" Damon smirked at them, he knew they weren't in any danger from the beginning.

"Alright, sorry for...scaring you guys. Haha." Wulf nervously smiled and closed his eyes.

"No problem. We just wanted to stop by at your hut to rest. We're both really tired." Brian sighed and Jeff got out of his back,
with some sweat over his forehead.

"Indeed. We've been traveling all day and we kinda want a break." Jeff wiped off the sweat and sighed as well.

"Then It's no problem. Go right in!" Wulf smiled at them and pointed to the hut.

"You guys aren't gonna come?" Brian asked them.

"In a bit." Damon said.

"Alright alright, we're gonna be inside. Okay?" Brian said and waved goodbye to them.

"Got it!" Wulf waved back and remained on the dock along with Damon.

Brian and Jeff both went and got inside the hut near the docks. Wulf and Damon both remained on the docks and began discussing some ideas.

The camera now panned and zoomed into the next few areas on the other student's still alive.

Location: Near the River, West Side of the Island...

The two student's we're both laying down and discussing their plans for the morning inside their tent.

"According to my map. We can head over here." Senri pointed to his map their next location.

"Hmm, it looks promising." Derian rubbed his chin and looked at all the possible places they could go to.

"I think this is gonna be a great area. We could probably find a nice ore inside to keep or maybe sell?" Senri smiled at Derian and chuckled.

"Haha, we'll see about that." Derian said and laughed a bit.

"Let's head there on the morning. Listening to the river at night is relaxing." Senri closed his eyes and hummed.

"Yeah, I agree. It helps me fall asleep fast a lot." Derian said and closed his eyes as well.

"Same here." Senri said.

Location: Waterfall...

"Y'know. This is really uncomfortable and I don't like it." Jose kept scratching his back from the grass bothering him.

"It's not like we have anywhere else to sleep at." Nick was standing up and walking around.

"The rock's aren't any better, so don't bother." Perry said as he was sleeping on top of a rock, trying to fall asleep.

"It was fun playing on the water, but my bones feel numb." Jose looked at his arms and hands, they we're soggy.

"Yeah, same here. It was fun indeed. But we need a proper place to go to next." Nick said and looked over to Perry.

"Can we discuss this in the morning? I'm tired of hearing you both talk." Perry said and gave out a loud groan.

"Alright." Jose rolled his eyes and closed his eyes again, attempting to catch his sleep again.

"Sorrryyyy..." Nick giggled and kept walking around.

Location: North Camp...

The group of student's were inside the tents now. Most of them unpacking their bags, in it.

"I'm glad these tents are comfortable. I'm sleeping like a king in here!" Irvin was bragging about the tent he chose for the night.

"One had bugs in it and I wanted to die." Haine was in another tent, responding back to that.

"Too bad yours isn't broken. This one sucks." Jesus groaned and noticed the holes in it. It wasn't pretty at all.

"Can you all sleep?! It's probably midnight and I want my beauty sleep!" Dez yelled at the three of them and they all chuckled.

"Alright Ms. Dez. Sleep well." Haine giggled and Dez only gave out a groan.

Everyone stopped talking now, and everything was peaceful and quiet. It looks like they're all going to sleep now.

Location: Pharmacy, West Side of the Island...

The group of six finally arrived to the location they have been looking for ages. Dan was sitting in a chair and Night was tending to his wound.

"How does your wound feel now?" Night said as he rubbed some alcohol around Dan's arm.

"Much better now. It's like. It's gone now." Dan looked at his wound, it looked completely cleaned now.

"For an uninhabited island, this place isn't completely missing much." Jack said as he looked around the cabinet's. There still was some bottle of pills around the place.

"Thankfully. That means we can survive for a week. Right?" Dan looked at Jack and Jack nodded.

"I hope so. I kinda doubt we're all gonna die if more than one person is alive on the last hour?" Jack started thinking about that.

"Would mean the games we're pointless since the beginning." Capy said who was sitting on one of the chairs, waiting for Dan.

"Exactly." Night said as he has been hearing their conversation for a while.

"Alright, Night. Thanks. But can you leave this room for a bit? I need some time alone." Dan asked Night.

"Oh really? What about those two?" Night asked him back and looked at Jack and Capy who we're sitting in a chair.

"Yeah in a bit. Lemme just tell them something personal. Just go." Dan said and pointed to the door.

"Okay, Okay." Night shrugged and decided to leave the room they we're on. He then went outside along with Luka and Dakota.

"So...what's Luka doing anyways? Is he with Dakota?" Dan asked Jack and Capy.

"Yep. They're both talking outside." Capy said as he looked through the window.

"Should we leave them now? We can leave through the exit door right in here." Dan looked behind him

"This is kinda risky. Considering how Luka has the sole weapon that could easily kill us all." Jack brought up the fact they didn't have anything to defend themselves with.

"We're gonna be stealth about it then." Dan suggested that idea, and they both couldn't help but to nod.

"Hmm... What if Luka comes to hunt us down?" Jack asked the two of them and they thought about that as well.

"I doubt he'll waste his time for that. Plus It's dark at night. He won't even see us go to be honest." Capy brought up that up.

"True..." Jack said.

"So, are we gonna go? We don't have much time to decide. I'm tired of being around Luka, he's dangerous." Dan asked them both, once again.

"Let's go then. It's settled." Jack said as he got up from his chair.

"According to the map inside this room. We can head out. Over there!" Dan said and pointed to their next location.

"That's a horrible idea. But. If you say so." Jack shrugged and noticed that location wasn't a very secure one.

"Won't know until we try." Dan said and chuckled.

The three of them we're now standing up. Dan slowly tip toed to the exit door along with Capy and Jack. They opened the door with a lot of care and got themselves out of there. He closed the door without making a sound, and now they we're gone from the area.

Location: Front of the Pharmacy, West Side of the Island...

Luka was still holding Dakota from his hands and asking him the reason's why he attacked him.

"So, why was it necessary to open fire at us huh? Is it because?" Luka pointed his gun to Dakota's head as he looked at him with a glare.

"You're an asshole Luka. You stole my master from me man!" Dakota accused him from that.

"Master? That was my master. Not yours." Luka responded back with a furious tone.

"You...literally begged for his training. Unlike I did." Dakota said and glared at him.

"I trained myself with a bit of his help. He offered to train me after all, and I accepted it." Luka said and scoffed.

"You stinking liar!" Dakota called out on his bluff.

"Alright, be in delusional." Luka said as he held his arms tighter.

"Y'know what. Fuck you! I bet he didn't teach you this!" Dakota raised his leg from behind and kicked Luka in the crotch.

Luka groaned and his gun was dropped from his hands. Dakota immediately grabbed it and pointed it towards Luka.

Night noticed it and couldn't do anything about it. He just stood there watching them both bicker and argue.

"I know you won't shoot me Dakota, you don't have the balls to do it." Luka was getting up from the ground, recovering from the kick.

Dakota was speechless and just stood there shaking, hesitant whether to shoot him or not.

"C'mon do it. This is exactly what master would of taught you as well, wouldn't he?!" Luka gave out a psycho laugh and started to come closer to Dakota.

Dakota's eyes widened and expanded. He pulled the trigger onto Luka, but nothing happened.

Luka punched Dakota in the face and knocked him out completely from it.

"You should of seen this coming. I took the ammo off before I dropped it. Idiot." Luka picked up the gun from the ground.

Luka put the ammo back onto the gun and loaded it. He looked at Dakota and sighed.

"I'm sorry to do this man. I was about to give you a third chance to redeem yourself. But you always blow it. This is why, you weren't the chosen one. And It's time to say goodbye." Luka was about to pull the trigger, but Dakota got shot in the head as soon as Luka noticed the bullet inside his head.

He looked behind him and noticed Night with another gun on his hands.

"You two we're arguing about...a master and chosen one?" Night dropped his gun again, and had his arms crossed as he looked at Luka.

"Why we're you eavesdropping us? What the fuck? And you shot him?! And how did you even obtain another gun?!" Luka yelled at him and his eyes widened. He didn't realized he yelled so he sighed and took a deep breath.

"Calm down. Yeah he was about to kill you man, but I see you two have some history with each other. You better tell me. I don't wanna regret shooting him. Oh and this gun? It was inside a cabinet." Night said and nervously chuckled about the gun.

"Alright, then sit down and let's talk all night about it. It's a long story. But thanks anyways." Luka sighed again and looked over to Dakota's dead body.

"Yeah, sounds good. The other guys are probably talking as well for the night. So they won't mind us being here." Night said.

"Hmm..." Luka said, feeling a bit down having taken down Dakota.

Dakota was on the ground, dead and bleeding massively from that shot. Night and Luka both grabbed his body to dispense it away. After that, they both sat down in-front of the pharmacy and started to have a conversation.

The camera zooms out of the area and everything becomes blurred out, thus marking the end of another chapter.

Students Alive: 35

Boy#7 Mike - Caused by Koru, Killed by Raiker. Shot in the head.
Boy#35 Dakota - Caused by Luka/Himself, Killed by Night. Shot in the head.

Students who did not debut: