Chapter 7 - The Second Day

Morning roze upon the whole island, the camera was hovering around the island. Finding their next pair of students. The time, is still unknown.

Location: Front of the Pharmacy, West Side of the Island...

"Day two fellas. You still have six days left to graduate, don't wont worry. And start killing! Say goodbye to Boy#7 Mike and Boy#35 Dakota! It appears they're not with us anymore! Hahaha!" The speaker gave out another announcement, and shut off instantly.

"Oh, someone that we haven't murdered yet was announced? That's shocking." Luka was still sitting in front of the pharmacy, along with Night.

"I never knew that Mike guy, but too bad he didn't make it." Night said as he smirked and chuckled.

"Looks like we went all night without sleeping." Luka looked to the sky, he saw the sun was rising slowly.

"Not really tired, honestly." Night said.

"Same here haha." Luka said as he rubbed his eyes.

"Should we check up on the others inside?" Night asked him.

"They're probably sleeping." Luka said.

"Yeah, I'll be quiet. I know" Night said.

Night got up from the ground and went to the door, he opened it and looked around. His eyes widened as soon as he got inside.

"You guys here?" Night looked around, they weren't anymore. He went to the room they we're in before. They weren't there either.

"Oh my god..." Night gasped and his eyes widened.

"You alright in there?" Luka asked him from outside.

"They're not here." Night responded back.

"You joking?" Luka gave out a groan.

"No?!" Night yelled out.

Luka pushed the door open and went to the room Night was in. Then Luka noticed the emergency exit door being slightly open.

"They left us." Luka was looking at the exit door.

"With OUR stuff as well!" Night said as he looked around for their bags, and he didn't find any.

"...No way." Luka gasped and clenched his fists.

"What are we gonna do now?!" Night was starting to panic, they had nothing to eatnow.

"We have no other choice but to, hunt for stuff." Luka suggested.

"You're just gonna let them slip away?!" Night grabbed him and shook him.

"They won't make it without us. Just wait for those announcements." Luka closed his eyes and smirked.

"Yeah, yeah. You're right." Night gave out a sigh and had let go of Luka.

"Let's get out of here before anyone finds us in here." Luka was heading towards the exit door in the room they we're in.

"Right behind you." Night started to walk along with him.

The two of them, have now left the area completely. The camera now starts to find our next pair of students.

Location: North Camp...

The group of student's we're in the camp wandering around. Jesus was on lookout in a small water tower. Haine was sleeping, Dez was cooking some food with some firewood. Irvin was walking around, thinking to himself.

"Is Haine, really gonna sleep all day now?" Jesus facepalmed himself, hearing her snore.

"She feels like this is a vacation more than a game." Dez chuckled.

"T-That's not true! Just give me a few more minutes..." Haine yelled out from her tent, hearing their conversation.

"Wait- Wait. I see people!" Jesus grabbed the rifle he had on his tower. He aimed it to two student's who we're heading to their camp.

"Are they armed?!" Irvin asked him.

"No...I don't think." Jesus responded back to Irvin who was in the front now.

"Wait, people are coming?!" Haine screamed from her tent.

"Don't scream you retard!" Irvin screamed at her back.

"Let them come here." Dez said.

"Why?!" Jesus looked at her with a glare.

"If they're unarmed. They're just harmless. I'm sure of it." Dez was still cooking her food inside a pot, thanks to the fire it helps.

"Hmm... we will see first." Jesus still kept his rifle on his arms.

The two student's who we're coming had their hands in the air and walked slowly onto Jesus' tower outside the camp.

"Hey, we're not looking for any trouble..." The student said. It was Omid and Cold.

"How can I be sure of that? And you aren't gonna kill us all?" Jesus aimed his weapon to the face of the two of them.

"All?" Cold's eyes widened and questioned that.

"You people aren't the only ones here." Jesus said.

"You have more inside?" Omid asked him.

"It's just four of us. Versus two of you." Jesus said.

"We don't wanna murder! Jeez!" Omid said as he waved his hands around.

"Then, drop your bags." Jesus asked the two of them.

"Will do, easy." Omid got his bag out of his back and threw it on the ground.

"Just so you know, I will draw my weapon if he tries anything stupid. Alright? And if he does, back me up." Cold whispered to Omid as he was taking his bag off.

"Will do." Omid whispered to him back.

Jesus jumped out of the tower and landed on the ground safely, he went up to the two student's and grabbed their bags. He still looked at the two of them like they had suspicious all over their face.

"Come right in, then." Jesus said as he was walking to inside to the camp, along with the other two student's behind him.

Location: Outside the Tower, Middle of Island...

Four student's could be seen getting out of the tower now. They we're all standing outside, looking at a map one of them had in their hands.

"Hmm. I guess we're gonna head this way?" Ryan said as he pointed to the distance.

"We have to." Alex said.

"You guys are the only one's able to defend us." Chantal said.

"What if we just, kill you and get this over with?" Evan had Ryan's AK with him still.

"Wanna all die in this island along with us instead?" Alex said as he glared at him.

"No, I was joking anyways." Evan chuckled and Alex only glared at him back.

"Keep your eye's sharp as well. Don't let anything fool you now." Alex gave out a bit of advice to Evan and Ryan.

"What do you mean?" Ryan raised an eyebrow and asked him, looking doubtful at that.

"Don't trust your friend's, as much as you'd want." Alex said.

"Why not?" Evan asked him.

"It's not like they'd kill you guys." Ryan said.

"You don't know anything, until we reach our destination." Alex gave out a snicker and began walking now, along with Chantal.

"..." Evan was speechless.

"I'll keep that in mind." Ryan said and nodded.

"Let's head off then, shall we." Chantal said and looked at Evan and Ryan who was not moving, up until now.

The four of them now proceeded to walk together, with Evan in front of the two of the transfer students and Ryan in the back. They are going to be traveling south.

Location: Hut in the Docks, South of the Island...

There we're four student's, just waking up inside the hut now. They we're all yawning and giving out groans.

"Hey, morning guys." Wulf was stretching himself and yawning.

"Morning. We made it to day two, huh?" Brian looked around the hut. It was small and made out of straws. It wasn't comfortable to sleep in.

"Hey, morning sweetie." Jeff looked at him with a smile from the floor and he smiled back.

"Ohhh, are you two a thing?" Damon winked at Brian and Brian blushed along with Jeff.

"Y-Yeah I guess." Brian rubbed the back of his head and chuckled.

"Nothing to be ashamed of, It's cute!" Wulf said as he smiled at the two of them.

"Indeed, you two are adorable together!" Damon agreed with Wulf's statement.

"Aww gee, thanks!" Jeff was feeling embarrassed from all that.

"Do we have any plans for today?" Brian asked everyone in the room.

"Hmm, we shouldn't stay here all day. Yeah, but I got no ideas.

"We could maybe go fishing?" Jeff chuckled and suggested that.

"We don't have the tools for it." Wulf said.

"Aww...and I was excited." Jeff's head lowered and he frowned.

"We could down one of the neighborhoods around here and look around if there's anything useful in them." Damon suggested.

"Oh! Now that's a good idea." Brian said.

"Hey!" Jeff said and pouted.

"Sorry, but It's true." Brian said and chuckled.

"When shall we head out?" Jeff asked them.

"Soon as possible. Let's not try to make any enemies outside either. I heard that announcement a while ago. And I'm counting." Wulf said.

"How many are left?" Brian asked him.

"...About thirty five. Only five died yesterday. Luckily we didn't run into anyone except you guys, who we're kind enough to not just. Kill us." Wulf looked at Jeff and Brian and smiled nervously.

"We wouldn't." Brian said and smiled back.

"Yeah, we're all just wanting to survive and find a way out of here. Yeah?" Jeff said.

"Indeed." Wulf nodded with his statement.

Location: Outside of a Restaurant, East side of the Island...

"A lot of that, wasn't edible..." Corbies groaned and closed his backpack. It felt pretty light only managing to find a few cans.

"Did you manage to salvage anything good?" Shibita said.

"Only food worth for hours. Sorry..." Corbies sighed.

"Ah, It's alright. At least we tried. I only got a few bottles of water which most we're almost empty..." Shibita sighed as well.

"Whoa..." Corbies looked at the ground and noticed a dug-up hole in it.

"What is it?" Shibita asked him.

Corbies crouched to the ground and began digging it. Inside of the hole, a desert eagle was shining in it.

He grabbed it and looked at it carefully, not putting his hand near the trigger.

"...Does it have ammo?" Shibita asked him.

Corbies rolled it around and it was full of ammo.

"Luckily, all bullets." He said as he put it on his pocket.

"That's gonna come in handy, I'm glad you noticed that. I didn't even notice, haha." Shibita said and rubbed the back of his head.

"Yeah, I got sharp eyes." Corbies smirked at him and chuckled.

Location: Near the Waterfall...

The camera reveals the trio of student's leaving the waterfall now.

"Goodbye...our beautiful paradise..." Nick waved goodbye to the waterfall, as they we're walking away from it.

"Screw that place! It left me numb like crazy." Jose pulled his middle finger and waved it to the waterfall.

"Jeez, It's just ambient." Perry rolled his eyes and just didn't hesitate to look back.

"I didn't like it." Jose said.

"But you had fun in it, didn't you?" Nick asked him in a teasingly tone.

"Yeah...Yeah. I did." Jose gave out a sigh, he knew he had fun in it regardless of how it made him feel afterwards.

"So did I." Nick said.

"Anyone have a map with you?" Perry asked the two of them.

"Nope." Jose said and shrugged.

"Nah." Nick responded back, neither both have a map on them.

"Welp, guess we're gonna travel blindly." Perry looked at the sky and noticed the sun rising from the east.

"Pretty sure everyone else on the island does the same. If we stumble upon someone..." Nick said.

"You know what to do." Jose said and cracked his knuckles.

"Thank god we got lucky with the bags." Nick said as he looked to his pocket, he had his handgun right in it.

"Indeed." Jose said.

The three of them began to travel on foot to their next destination now.

Denis was near their area, he looked at the three of them from a distance inside some bushes. He popped an idea, and decided to follow them around.

Location: Underground, West side of the Island...

The student's we're walking at a slower pace inside the caves now. They we're still reaching for their goal.

"I'm. Tired. Of. Walking." Cyber was breathing heavily, wanting to stop already.

"Did we even, sleep? Wait- sleep? Did I really just ask that?" Erick yawned and looked at the ground.

"We don't even know if It's day, or night..." Azu rubbed his eyes and yawned.

"Probably, night... Since we're so...y'know..." Cyber looked at the two of them and noticed the baggy eyes they had, including himself.

"But we can't stop- What if someone is on their way to end us? This is the sole reason we need to keep going-" Azu kept giving his reason's.

"We have weapons to defend ourselves. Don't we? Right?" Erick was going nuts now. His lack of sleep was making him crazy.

"We haven't even gotten a chance to stop and look at our bags! We need weapons to defend ourselves in the first place-" Cyber groaned and facepalmed himself.

"Fine. Then let's stop here. Right in this corner." Azu said and gave out a groan. He sat down on the ground along with Cyber for a few seconds. But Erick stood there, looking at his side.

"But...the end of the tunnel is right there?" Erick pointed to his side, and they could see a giant room in there with even brighter lights and some dark areas.

The other two student's gasped. It appears they've reached the end of this underground cave.

"Are we...gonna?" Cyber asked the two of them.

"Yeah, yeah. This is what I wanted to see as well... The end of this place." Azu looked at it from where he was standing.

"Maybe, there's something we need..." Erick said.

"You know, that looks really dangerous..." Cyber noticed the dark areas in some of the areas in it.

"Are you saying we shouldn't go inside?" Erick raised his eyebrow and asked Cyber.

"Maybe, I kinda don't feel like dying..." Cyber responded back with a hesitant tone.

"There might be treasure in there-" Azu said.

"Oh, true!" Erick agreed with Azu.

"What treasure?! Look inside your bag-" Cyber said but was cut-off by Azu.

"Let's go in..." Azu said and stood up from the ground.

"B-But-" Cyber tried to convince them to not head inside.

Azu or Erick didn't listen to Cyber at all, they both went and walked to the direction of the room now. Cyber had no choice but to follow them into it.

The whole area becomes blurred, the camera zooms out, as usual. This marks the end of this chapter.

Chapter, END.

Students Alive: 35


Students Who Did Not Debut: