I am in a room where I am so often, I see groups of people dueling, I look over to my left and see a woman with frizzy black hair who I have learned to be Bellatrix Lestrange, shooting a red stream of light at Sirius Black, her cousin and Harry Potter's godfather Sirius falls through a veil, which then carries him upwards and he vanishes. I run over to Bellatrix as Remus Lupin holds Harry back, I shout "Crucio!" At the top of my lungs, wand pointed at the source of Harry's pain, the Lestrange woman. She shrieks as Harry comes over to her, sobbing. In fear of hitting him, I stop the curse. Harry tries, and fails to do the curse,

"Never used an Unforgivable Curse before have you boy?" She said "You need to mean them Potter! You want to cause pain- to enjoy it- righteous anger won't hurt me for long. Your friend is much better than you"

She used the curse on all of us again. Then, like every time I see this, I wake up.

"Deidra! Wake up!" My roommate said, jumping on my bed.

"Really? This is how you wake someone up? For 17, you aren't very mature"
"I know, would this be more mature? Aguamenti!"
"Hey! No fair"

"Dark Arts starts in a few minutes"
"Okay, I'm up" I say, being late to that class, forget it. Immediate detention. Which loosely translates to instant target practice for the nearest student.

At dinner, Neville, a Gryffindor who said he wanted to be a Hufflepuff in first year, I don't know why, but that's what he said. He said Harry Potter was back. I followed him to whatever room he goes into to see him. He was talking to Luna about Rowena Ravenclaw's lost diadem and where the replica was. They went up to the Ravenclaw common room and that was the last time I saw them before the fighting started. My wand ready, I started shooting off curses at the death eaters, left and right.

The fighting went on for a long time. I saw more than a few people drop dead, Fred being one of them. I may not like Ginny, but I like Fred just fine. I realized that he died. Then, out of the blue, I remember I was an Auror. Not exactly a good one, but I still have clearance to kill all of these people. "Avada Kedavra" I shout at all the death eaters that are close to me, they have no time to react. They die. I see Harry walk into the forest. Hours later, Hagrid comes out, holding Harry and crying. He's dead. I see Augustus Rookwood, a death eater, fire a green spell at me, I don't dodge it. I was killed. I choose not to go back as a ghost, but I didn't see Harry. He must have decided to be a ghost. I have a feeling it will be an eternity before I see him again.