It doesn't rain much in the Dream Forest, but when it does, it's best to be indoors. Lucky for the small Photographer, he had re-discovered the old tent just in time. As Cameron entered, he could hear the sound of the rain becoming heavier, followed by the first loud roar of thunder.

Perfect timing.

He looked around the old, rustic tent. The nostalgia was overwhelming. Everything looked untouched from the last time he was here, only this time he's alone.

It just didn't feel right being here without the other Photographer.

Putting his satchel to the side, Cameron sits down in a soft bundle of blankets. He lays back trying his best to not let his mind wander to the obvious topic. His eyes traced the tented ceiling's mystic patterns, then to the teapot and kettle in the corner, then to the empty film cases nearby.

The other Photographer.

His presence was still warm in his mind. The two of them were so similar in nature and appearance, but they each had their own quirky differences at the same time. Two photographers, one a teensy, the other a limbless thingamajig from Picture City. Cameron mainly preferred digital photography while Alrayzen always stuck with the traditional route. Cameron would always simply wear a binder, but Al always heavily layered his clothes. He couldn't understand how the man never overheated under that heavy coat and scarf.

They were so similar but unique in their own ways. Like they were made for one another.

The little photographer felt his chest become heavier.

The film cases... that's right. The fairy hive.

He still remembers Alray telling him in broken sign language about "the fairy hive" in the hills. He had almost forgotten. That was the whole reason he was here. To find this supposed hive, a crystal cave previously home to an ancient generation of ludivs.

How did he say it again?

Cameron mimicked the signs with his hands while translating it aloud in a hushed voice.

"In the hills, I have seen... a cave of crystals, just like the Fairy Council, but more beautiful. Saw it when I was a young lad. Now I dream to see it again, and to take pictures. To immortalize the adventure."

Cameron stopped himself, and put his hands down.

I'm not going to cry.

He laid down in the blanket bundle, shutting his eyes tight as if to block away every intruding bad thought and painful memory trying to make its way into his mind. He found solace in the eventual hold of sleep.