"The Camden kids are all grown up, starting families and careers of their own. When Matt and Sarah move their family back to Glen Oak, all of the Camden kids eventually find their way back."

This is my first 7th Heaven fanfic. The idea randomly popped into my head while I was watching the show. I'm really not a writer but I try! The story is set around 2012/2013.

Here's a little background on the Camden kids and their families:

Matt and Sarah Camden are both 34 with three children. The twins, Noah & Tyler, were born after Matt & Sarah had their first pregnancy scare. It wasn't easy for them to raise twins while still in medical school, but they managed to do it. Sarah ended up graduating two years later than Matt, but it all worked out. When Matt was in his last year of medical school, Sarah got pregnant with their daughter, Madalynn. Noah and Tyler and now 10 and Madalynn is 5. Sarah and Matt decided to move back to Glen Oak to start their own practice, Matt being an Gynecologist and Sarah being a pediatrician.

Mary is now 31, and hasn't spoken to the rest of her family in two years. She has two children, Charlie is 9 and Caleb is 6. Both children live with their father, Carlos, who lives in Puerto Rico and occasionally speaks to Matt or Kevin.

Lucy Kinkirk is now 30, and her husband Kevin is 35. They have three children. Savannah is 8, Stella is 6, and Wyatt recently turned one. Lucy is still a minister alongside her father at the church. Kevin is now a professor in the criminal justice department at Crawford University.

Simon is 27, and rarely contacts his family. He speaks to them on the phone and visits once in a while, but no one knows what's really going on with him.

Ruthie is 22 and finishing up her senior year of college at Crawford University, majoring in Child Psychology. She works two jobs, one at the stables, teaching beginner riding lessons, and the other being an assistant at a preschool.

Sam & David are thirteen and in 8th grade. Both play baseball, and are still very close.