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Chapter 2

The Battle Continues! The Power of a Raged Saiyan!

Gine spat out another mouthful of blood as she fell to her knees. Trout's staff still impaling her through her abdomen,

"Eye for an eye…good thing…you were such an easy target," Trout said, breathing heavily.

"GINE!" Bardock called out again.

Trout dislodged his weapon from Gine as she fell forward onto her face, unconscious from blood loss. Using his staff as a balance, Trout turned to face the others, one bloody hand covering his chest wound. "Come saiyans, come die like this one here," he taunted. Looking to the side he was just able to catch Tora sprinting towards him. Tora threw a punch, and Trout dodged, striking the back of the tall saiyan's head with the side of his hand. Tora fell to the ground, unmoving.

Coming up behind, Borgos cupped both hands together and brought them down on the seemingly unsuspecting Trout, only to strike air as Trout disappeared once more. Borgos was then sent reeling sideways as Trout's black metal staff struck him upside the head.

Bardock clenched is teeth. 'This, BASTARD!' he screamed internally. The rage was starting to build up inside him, his veins were flooding with adrenaline. His power rose steadily, fast approaching it's limit as the ground around him started to crack and quake.

Shugesh and Selipa rushed in behind one another, Trout kicked one away, twirled and struck the other with his shin. Both were sent flying backwards. "All too easy," Trout said to himself. He tensed, bringing a hand to his still bleeding chest wound. Wheezing, he fell to one knee, his injuries were starting to take a heavy toll on him. Trout knew that he could no longer fight efficiently in his current condition, this battle needed to end right away.

He then heard a ferocious yell, looking to one side he saw the last Saiyan left standing, the palm haired one. He could practically feel the seething rage that radiated off the scarred warrior. Trout stuck his staff into the ground and braced himself, ready for the eventual explosive attack.

Bardock let out one more battle cry and launched forward, the ground beneath him shattered as he blasted off. He readied his hand behind him for one powerful punch.

Trout cried out too, as he launched himself forward. Mirroring Bardock's movements as he readied his own punch. Time seemed to slow as the warriors approached each other. A large trail of dust following each of the warriors as they flew towards each other. Then, their fists connected, creating an explosive shockwave that tore up the ground and blew away everything around them. The other Saiyan's, save Gine, having recuperated, were blown off their feet. The dust cleared, but the ground still shook as the two warriors traded blows.

Bardock dodged and struck, a raging fire was shining in his eyes. Every hit the Saiyan received seemed to not register as he was blinded in his rage. Trout noticed. 'I can't keep this up much longer, damn saiyan!' the mysterious warrior thought. Trout was breathing more heavily now, his strikes were getting sloppier, and had less power too them.

"YOU'RE STARTING TO SLIP, FISH BRAINS!" Bardock roared as he continued his relentless barrage of punches and kicks while his opponent desperately blocked and dodged, not having a chance to counter. This continued for a short while until finally, the palm haired saiyan broke through the mysterious warrior's guard. Now finding an opening, Bardock drew back his arm and threw his fist forward with all his raged filled power behind it, striking Trout in his stomach. Trout immediately was sent rocketing high into the sky at blinding speeds, dissipating the clouds he passed through, until he could no longer be seen.

Bardock was breathing heavily, his rage still flowing through his veins. He stood still for some time, hands clenched tightly at his sides and teeth barred. He turned to his gaze towards his injured comrades, his anger cooling off. He rushed towards the most injured one, Gine, who was lying unconscious in a pool of her own blood. He checked her pulse and breathed a small sigh of relief

"Good still alive," he said. He looked towards his other squad members, seeing they were mostly okay, at most some broken bones but nothing serious. He picked Gine up bridal style, her body fell limp in his arms.

"Everybody to your pods, now!" Bardock ordered. Each of his squad members rose sluggishly, nursing their injuries. Bardock took off into the air, he used his scouter to track the location of Gine's pod. Blood was still leaking from her wound, staining the Captain's armour red. It was a race against time. If he didn't get Gine into her pod soon, she was going to bleed out.

Like hell he was going to let that happen to one of his squad mates!

He boosted his speed even further, going far past the sound barrier of the planet. He was hyper-alert as more adrenaline was pumped through his body.

'Damnit Gine, why'd ya' have to land so far away?' he thought.

At last, her pod came into view. He tried to decrease his speed but was unable to in time resulting in him crashing into the side of a cliff nearby, making sure he turned his body so he would take most of the impact. He raced to her pod and slammed a hand onto the top, opening the hatch of the small round ship. He placed Gine into her pod as he rummaged around the storage compartments for the emergency medical supplies.

"Why the hell does Gine keep all this junk in her storage unit?" he commented. Gine was a strange Saiyan. While all the other members of the warrior race were entirely focused on fighting, Gine had taken an interest in technology and gadgets. Often, after conquests, she would scavange for some 'cool tech', as she'd like to say, from the defeated races and stored them into her pod for later research. Although she often forgot about them, resulting in her personal pod being overly cluttered.

Bardock was growing frustrated as he searched for the med-kit, throwing many small gadgets onto the ground behind him. "Damn thing, WHERE IS IT!"

After seemingly endless digging he finally pulled out a small metal box. He opened the box and retrieved a tank of green-gel. He stuck the spout of the tank into her wound and released a lever, causing the gel to flood into the injury and quickly seal up the hole.

"Good thing for this bio-gel stuff." Bardock said with a sigh.

Leaning into Gine's pod, Bardock set the coordinates for Planet Vegeta and activated the emergency stasis. He watched the hatch close as the pod lifted into the air, then blasting off towards the intended destination.

He stayed there for a moment, staring off into space.

"Hey, Captain, you done? We're ready to leave," he heard Tora say from his scouter.

"Yeah, let's get outta here,"

Two weeks later.

Planet Vegeta, Age 730

Gine groaned, a splitting headache was pounding in her head. Her hearing felt strange, she tried opening her eyes but quickly shut them when she felt them sting. She wasn't lying down, she realized, but more in a crouching position, her body felt like it was suspended in some sort of thick liquid. She reached to her face and felt some sort of mask connected to a tube covering her mouth. 'Oh! I'm in a healing tank!...Why?' She thought. There was a loud beeping noise, and the liquid surrounding her started to drain. The glass hatch lifted and she stepped out. She felt dizzy and almost fell over, but quickly caught herself. She was still wearing her armour. With a quick inspection she noticed a huge hole in the armour where her stomach was.

'Oh yeah, that fish guy stabbed me' She remembered.

"You might have some trouble walking straight for a little while," Gine jumped at the sudden voice not realizing there was anyone else in the room. "You lost a lot of blood, it's a miracle we got you here in time," said a short green skinned, reptilian alien with an orange mohawk.

"Yeah, I guess I can thank you for that Malaka," She replied.

"Hmph, at least you appreciate my hard work, you brutes always go and destroy your bodies and little old Malaka is always here to put you guys back together, but do I get much thanks? Nooo, most I get is a grunt and a hand wave, a death threat some of the time," The short green alien paused his rant and looked toward the Gine, who looked at him with an awkward expression. He sighed.

"Alright listen, just take it easy for a little bit, maybe skip your next mission. I know you're not the most durable Saiyan around, I don't want to see you get any permanent damage okay?" he said.

"Will do, now I actually have a legitimate excuse to get out of a mission." She laughed.

"There's a fresh set of armour in the corner for you, I'll step out so you can get settled." Malaka said.

The small alien stepped out, leaving Gine alone in the room with her thoughts. As Gine dawned her frsh suit of armour, thoughts of the battle came flooding into her mind. Ever since she joined Bardock's squad, the amount of times her life had been at stake has gone up dramatically. When she was placed on other teams, the races she helped purged were weak and defensless, most of them had very low levels of technology as well. Even when her previous captains would abandon her on the battle field, she was at no real risk of death. But as part of Bardock's elite, every mission she would find herself in a great amount of trouble. There were countless amounts of times where she ahd been overwhelemed and was saved last second by Bardock. The most recent mission was the closest she had eevr come to actually dying.

Gine sighed as she remembered just how useless she was on the battlefield. Everyone else was endlessly throwing themselves back into the battle trying to defeat the mysterious warrior, and she just sat on the sidelines, dojng nothing except stare in disbelief at the strength Trout showed. Sure, she was able to actually injure him, but that was a lucky shot, and it wasn't even using her own strength to do it, just some device. What happens when she faces off against a race whose entire population is that strong? Not even Bardock will be able to save her then.

This battle also made her realise something else. The rest of her team was progressing except herself. She saw how strong everyone one had become in recent times, they were faster, more effective fighters, yet she was still…herself. When Gine first joined the team, Bardock had put her through a rigorous training regimen that did improve her fighting skills to some degree, but recently she'd been really slacking off, possibly only training occasionally. Though, It wasn't all her fault, she was always away on missions, there was no time to train. A true saiayn warrior is able to adapt and become stronger from battle alone. Yet, she wasn't.

Maybe I'm not cut out for this, maybe I should just qui-

Gine was jolted out of her thoughts when she heard the short doctor yelling at someone outside the door.

"Hey, you can't go in there yet!" Malaka excalimed

"Move out of my way!" She heard a rough voice say.

It's Bardock!

The door slid open, and Bardock stepped into the room, a disgruntled look on his face. Malaka followd in behind him.

"Ah Gine, I see you've finished changing, let me take those tattered clothes then,"

"Hey, lizard, beat it. I have to talk with her," Bardock stated sternly.

The reptilian doctor sighed, "Alright, alright, I'm going. You Saiyans and your attitudes," He said, mumbling the last part.

The green alien exited the room, leaving the two comrades alone. Bardock walked towards a wall and leaned against it, looking away from Gine.

"How ya' feeling?" He asked

A small blush appeared on Gine's face, "Aww, are you worried about me?"

"Not at all, we're leaving on our next mission soon and I want to know if you're ready."

Gine scoffed, her face becoming visibly irritated,

"Of-course that's the reason, you jerk!" she spat.

"Well? Are you ready or not?" Bardock asked impatiently.

She huffed and crossed her arms, "Well, the doctor said that since I lost a lot of blood I have to skip the next mission."


"Excuse me!?"

"I said no,"

"Well why not!? You want me to die?"

Now it was Bardock's turn to scoff, "Gine you're a Saiyan, stop being so soft, a little blood loss won't kill you." He looked her straight in the eye, "And you're part of my team, and since I'm the captain whatever I say goes, Understand?" He said harshly.

The two became quiet, both avoiding looking at each other. Then Gine broke the silence.

"What happened," She started softly, "After I blacked out?"

"I sent that bastard straight to hell, then I took you to your pod and sent you away, that's it really."

The blush returned to her face, "Aww, that was sweet of you."

Bardock scoffed and looked away.

"Thanks," she said softly.

"For what?"

"For saving me…..again."

"Y-yeah, whatever, if you weren't such a crap fighter I wouldn't have to waste my time looking after you anyway," Bardock said.

Gine giggled, "You know you enjoy it," she teased.

"Tch, whatever," He dismissed, his cheeks turning a small tinge of pink.

"Anyways, here," Bardock tossed Gine a new scouter.

"what's this for?" she asked

"I had everyone's scouter replaced, for some reason that guy's power level kept dropping and rising so I figured they were all busted. These are newer models. Make sure you calibrate it for our next mission."

"I'm not going on the next mission."

"Gine, stop with this," he growled.

"We are allowed breaks after traumatic injuries Bardock, I won't get in trouble, I don't know why you're so insistent on me going on every mission."

"Look Gine, I'm trying to get us to the Elites, all of us. How do you expect to get any stronger if you're just going to blow off important missions like this?"

"How do you know it's an important mission?" she retorted.

"Well, I-"

"Do you even know what the mission is?" Gine cut in.

"No, but-"

"So, then it's not important,"

"Every mission is important when someone is as worthless as you!" he blurted out, letting his irritation get the better of him. Bardock cringed when he saw Gine's bottom lip start to quiver, a hurt expression clear on her face. 'Damnit, here we go again!' he internally berated himself.

"Well, if I'm so worthless," she started, her voice cracking slightly, "Then maybe I shouldn't be a fighter at all." With that she stormed out of the room, shrugging off Bardock's attempt to halt her.

Bardock tried to follow her, but then stopped when he heard his scouter buzz, indicating someone was trying to contact him.

"Yeah, what is it?"

"Squad leader Bardock," he tensed up when he heard the voice.

"You are to report to headquarters for debriefing on your latest assignment," said a commanding voice. One that he knew could only belong to his mission coordinator, Commander Dive, or as Bardock liked to call him, 'Asshole.' Bardock let out a long sigh, this was about to be a long day.


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