I choose Draco as well even his bad boy attitude.

Draco Malfoy was on the Manor listening to what he the Order captured Lucius Malfoy and other things but the worse of all...he heard from Bellatrix then he was going to be a death eater on his 16 was draping over him...he saw them murdered all of the muggles and placed them into the dungeons..tortured,raped and can't be a Death Eater...he can' rather die than joining that worse Death Eater meetings.

His mother can't help.

"No way...she could help.."Draco muttered his breath as he looked on his mother who was smiling so accept Draco as the Death Eater as well.


"Not a caring type...no this is not..i am not letting them make my own side as well."

Blaise and Theo

"Good one but apparently i don,t want them to interfere."said Draco as he grab his bag filled with his clothes,money and his went nearer as he listened to Bellatrix talking to Narcissa about Draco.

"This is getting on my nerves...i can't believe mother approved of this...why the hell is the matter with her?"Draco scratched his hair yet he focused... "No..i rather be a killer than a death eater."

"Now what am i going to do...god Draco...you needed a plan as well...well saving innocents...killed Death Eaters he will...but first he needed to get out here.

."Plan..."said Draco as he grab the portkey afte rhe wrote a letter not just a letter but a rude heard them talking.

"My lord...we should tell Draco right now that he will become a death Eater."said Bellatrix but Draco sneered..he really hate his aunt...most of all..he rather go to Sirius than joining this bitch hag.

"Now now..Bella...we can't tell the young boy right now..he needs rest...we should tell him tommorow."said Voldemort

"But my lord...why not now?."said Bellatrix causing Draco to opened the door slightly yet he saw Bellatrix talking to Voldemort who was hissing on his snake.

"He needed to pass this failed me his task and i will let him task him to interfere and assassinate Dumbledore."said Voldemort causing Draco to widen his eyes.

With a quietly closed the waited to let the night to go...he can't...he rather left and go where he felt pity for the young girl to save her from Voldemort who was torturing her...yet Draco helped her escape from Voldemort's hencemen by stunning them or hitting them with a vase.( good for them) then he told the girl to go escape as well before they could find her.

Draco realized something..he can be a saviour but not this can't go to the Order..nor the Headmaster not even Granger...his rival but apparently he hid his feelis ...because he fall in love with her during third he waited until the clock turns whole manor shut down the lights..yet he looked on the gates where he saw Fenrir guarding the both sides of the gate unable to he will not used the 'll use Dobby passagesway to guide them.

Draco was so glad that Dobby was still friends with did remember that he saved Dobby from Lucius who yells him for saving a house elf but Draco lied that it was another house elf who made a mistake not listened as he went to punished another House thanked Draco until he showed him the map where the Malfoys never know the passages if he needed to Lucius was abusive,while his mother only praise Lucius...

"I really hate that freaking moment."said Draco until he grab the map and showed the unknown passagesway leading through outside the Malfoy Manor on the living room.

Draco grab his things yet he put the letter on his desk and quietly left his went to the hallway where he saw Pettigrew sleeping..but he quicky went to the trapdoor under the rug,He didn't know that Dobby made a passagesway for him to entered the trapdoor and closed the door that covers the rug.

"Lumos."Draco light up his wand yet he grab the map and followed where it headed.

Once he arrived at the wnd saw a waterfall..letting the waters to lead him away to the ocean or the had no idea why Dobby was so helpful to smiled yet he had to be quickly before they realized that he was put the wand and the map on his bag..then looked back on the passages..then he looked down on the sighed yet he jumped and landed on the waters.

His took a deep breath as his hair turned wet as swam away despite the currents dragging swam and swam till he was far away from the manor...yet once he landed on the kept walking and walking through the woods no matter what the time kept running and running yet he needed to take a breath and rested.

He did remember that he withdrawn all of his money that he needed...but right now..he was living on the part of the muggle he need to do is to learned muggle things...but he needed to fight his arrived on the road yet he didn't rest..so he kept running and his run..he arrived on the entered the hotel completely muggle.

"Excuse me?..Draco said with a gentle tone causing the receiptionist to looked at him

"Yes sir?.."The receiptionist asked with a great charming smile but Draco smiled as well

"I would like to have a room for 3 days if it is okay?."Draco asked

"Of course...sir..here you go..room 349 that's on the third floor."said the receiptionist gaving him a key

"Thank hou Shirley."Draco read her name on her uniform before he took the key.

He used the stairs as he arrived on the room of unlocked the door and opened the lights as room was covered in yellow walls but feelin had no time for that as well yet he removed his shoes,clothes along with his bag even removing the rocks on his grab his wand but he realized that he can't made unknown magic as needed to learned how to defend himself without any one to find lied down on the bed and closed his eyes.

The next day

Voldemort cursed himself as he read Draco's gasped of what he'd done even Bellatrix was more cursive than took the letter amd read it.

Dear Mother and others

I wanted to say this for a long time but this time i had enough...Shut up all of you..i am not going to be a Death Eater which is why i need to leave as well..so like i am what a murderer like that psycho as well ...Hah...no offense..i don,t care...i rather die than joining your blah blah organizTions as well so let just say i left without you all...amd most of all...i hate you freaking aunt hag.

Your hateful son


"That boy..he escaped without our notice.."Voldemort cursed as he hol his wand

"My lord...we will find him you know that...we could ask Crabbe and Goyle where he is.?."Bellatrix said

"I agree with her my lord."said Snape

"Find Draco as well...and give him back to me."Voldemort growled

"Yes my lord."

Draco opened his was still on his hotel room yet he grab a water from his bag and drank...it...He caught a dream that Voldemort was chasing him..and now he was the one who can't go to Hogwarts now even this is the train needed to get out of here..out where he still have 2 days he lef tthe hotel and went to the airport where he bought a ticket that he will leave on he has muggle money now thanks to the exchange amount from Griphook( no offense as well )

He went to the grocery store where ge bought some food and drinks to eat along with his clothes but after that he went back to the hotel and proceed on his plan. He looked at the time..perfect...the train left King Cross...this was was worried that Blaise and Theo will look for him as did miss Blaise about his funny jokes and his italian rumours,he missed Theo.

Unlike his dad...Theo was compassionate like Potter but he cared for his friend as opened the televisions where he saw the beidge was unexpectedly collapse with a sigh .Death Eaters have destroyed the regretted that...he saw a girl crying so much that her mother was taken on the bridge towards her gripped his fist together until he stopped calming his effects.

Draco was packing again until he saw an owl swoop down the recognise the owl as rolled his eyes as he told Blaise that Berlin was ridiculious hesitations he looked around seeing no opened the letter


Where the hell were you man?! We,ve been looking for you on the train but you are nowhere to be found,,,,hell why are you making the rude comment on the Dark told us that yoy were missin but guess what? Death Eaters are looking for yoy as well...its a good thing that you escaped but hell man where the hell are you?! If you needed a hiding place call me.



Theo is worried that your said careful as Death Eaters are now looking for you.

Draoc crumble the paper even he showed Berlin out of the was pissed yet he was being hunted is no way he could go back into that place as still have a lot of plans to muggle world was safe where he was,but he was worried when innocent people die to save he needed a plan...he needed to call...

"No...no wait stupid Draco...you have a phone and an earphone but you cannot tell them where you are...god what am i thinking."said Draco

Draco grab a paper and beginning tovmake his plan as heard rumours that there was an organization who are indeed mysterious than Death knew it was on Nanda Pardat...the lair of the league of need to stay there as waited until the day passed.

After the day..Draco pack his bag and left the hotel gave the key to Shirley until he catch the bus on the terminal..saying that he needed to get to the airport blend in as a muggle until the bus arrived on the arrived the airport as well yet with a few wandless charms..he chanted it and managed to get into the board towards the ticket lead him to first class where he would stay there.

The departure went long but it was tired to plane arrived on Egypt yet he managed to get out of their as Egypt was hot yet he directed it towards the direction of Ra's al arrived on the place where the driver told him was the had no experiencce hanging through mountains...but he had no went to the Mountain as well

Next chapter Draco encounters Ra,s al ghul...while Harry Potter realized that Draco was gone