Years have passed through the incident of what happened to Padma Patil's murder case was closed. Ginny and Cormac was still alive but due to their health...they become crazy and Ginny's health care was not of them are admitted to St Mungos yet they reach Azkaban. The trial was appreheaded when The evidence showed of what happened to Padma's death causing the two to be guilty.

Harry was more ashamed of what he did by covering the murder of Padma Patil. His suspended was not removed but he still working as an and Neville came to him and said that he was their friend but not closely than the last time. Harry regretted it which is why..he apologized to them for covering back yet they forgived him to after they realized that.

Ron was getting his was so covered i rage that he was suspended unlike Harry who was still working on the Auror office. His thoughts remained of what happened to apologized to her but immediately Hermione was no longer to be found as tried but nothing could find her for more than 5 years.

The Weasley family was still make their own sorrow after they realized that Ginny killed Padma by accidental but during the court...Ginny cinfessed that she killed Padma because Padma was going to exposed her secret through Professor Dumbledore but it was to late as Ginny stabbed Padma with a kitchen knife causing her to entered a psycho within her.

Molly and Arthur regretted it along with Percy...but Percy was the worst said that he had cut Ginny from him anymore. Fred and George still continue their business joke shop as shop bloomed causing them to make their own arrnagements. Bot of the twins contacted with Hermione and Draco..even Draco was warmly to them.

No one had heard from the, for years but Black Dragon and Nightangle are still out there punishing of what is wrong and followed the rights. Harry wondered why those two vigilantes came without the wards Harry realized one thing...those two are making their own timing.

He wondered where Hermione and Draco went. Harry sent an owl to the, but the owl came back with a reply saying Hermione and Draco are in safe place where no one could disturb smiled when he realized hat Hermione forgived him but not the once she was.

No one had heard from them till now except the they are they are out there making their own rules and most of all they came and gone. Harry wondered why on earth did Hermione defended to Draco until he entered his house

Hermione ans Draco are on the forest near the backyard even they are sleeping on the carpet. Hermione opened her eyes causing Draco to opened them.

"Nice dream or bad dream?."Draco asked

"Nice dream."sId Hermione

"You'll love me? Real or not real?."Draco asked

"Real."Hermione replied until they both looked on the sky. "Somehow i enjoyed staying here than going back to the housel"

"Yeah i agree."said Draco until it hitted Hermione

"What time is it?."

"Ugh...i don't know."

"There's some pies on the oven."said Hermione

"Oh god and our children are running wild."said Draco

Hermione smiled as she released from Draco's grasp and went to her daughter who was playing some plastic cups with Spencer.

"Lyra what are you doing honey?."Hermione asked while lifting Lyra from the ground yet Draco noticed something wrong.

".Edward?."said Draco

Edward patted on his back causing Draco to chased the Edward through the backyard yet he caught it yet Edward seems carried Lyra while Draco holds Edward and looked on the sun who began to setting.

"Your the lucky one."said Draco

" are."said Hermione.