A/N: The story starts right after Kaname's and Sousuke's departure from Hong Kong. The story is an alternative to what comes next with minor or major changes in the backstories of some characters. Those who have read the manga and the light novels will notice quite soon. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy this take of the events.

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The flight back from Hong Kong is quiet. Sousuke is taking a nap, probably exhausted from the fight and the mental strain of the past weeks. He looks so peaceful. I can't help the smile that is spreading on my face. For as much of a nuisance he can be some time, this military-otaku is kind and sweet even without trying.

I feel my phone buzz and immediately take it out. Dad. I gently stand up, making sure not to startle Sousuke awake. I hurry into the lavatory to take the call. I close the door behind me and signal that the room is occupied.

"Dad," I answer.

"Kaname. Are you alright?" he asks worried.

"Yeah. Why wouldn't I be?" I ask a bit surprised.

"I was informed you disappeared and popped up in Hong Kong," he says, his voice grave.

"Uh," I say unable to form a coherent thought. How did he know? Wait. Hang on. "Did you put a tail on me?" I ask angry.

"I had to," he admits. "Those dimwits at Mithril pulled your bodyguard," he says.

"I thought you didn't like him," I counter.

"I don't. But he did a good job protecting you so far. The other guy Mithril sent, that Wraith, he didn't move a muscle when you were in trouble."

"Dad, I'm fine. I went to get Sousuke back," I confess. However, I don't tell my dad I have romantic feelings for the otaku. Dad might be okay with Sousuke guarding me, but I doubt he will be thrilled if Sousuke becomes my boyfriend. Although, I'm not sure Sousuke wants that.

"WHAT?" dad yells into the phone. "Why did you do that for?" my father demands.

"Dad, calm down. I had a hunch Sousuke was in trouble. Whether you like it or not, he and I are friends. That's what friends do. Besides, he is my best shot to find out who is behind me."

"I've told you, honey, I will find out," dad says exasperated.

"Dad, there's only so much you can do." I hear my dad sigh. He knows I'm right and he knows I can take care of myself. But more importantly, he knows Sousuke is a stand-up guy who keeps his promises. And he promised to keep me safe. "I gotta go now. I'll contact you as soon as I'm back home. Love you."

"I love you, too, honey. Stay safe." I look at the screen and smile. My dorky dad…

I return to my seat and find that Sousuke is still fast asleep. The guy must be really tired.

I lean back into my seat, trying to rest too, but the events of the past days are swirling inside my head. First, Sousuke disappears without a trace, then I'm being followed, then I find out Mithril sent a second person to watch me, but unlike Sousuke this person just observes and never intervenes. So much for protection. And then there's Leonard Testarossa. That fucking son of a bitch stole my first kiss! Just the thought of him makes me sick. I groan involuntarily and curse myself when I find Sousuke watching me.

"What is it, Chidori-san? Are you sick?" he asks concerned, oblivious of my internal turmoil.

"I'm good. I guess, the stress of the past days just got to me," I half lie. He stares at me almost like trying to figure out if I've told him the truth. I did. Part of it, anyways.

"We should land soon," he says as he checks his watch. I simply nod. I honestly can't wait to get back home. Thinking of home, my mind drifts to Sousuke.

"What about you?" I ask.

"What about me?"

"Since your mission ended, your apartment isn't available any longer. Everything is gone," I state matter-of-factly.

"I will look for another apartment when I get back from the base," he announces.

"The base?"

"Yes, Chidori-san. Merida Island. I have to answer for my actions in Hong Kong," he tells me, but doesn't elaborate. I want to tell him what he thinks will happen to him, but just then a flight attendant asks us if we need anything. Sousuke immediately requests two sandwiches and two sodas. Perhaps this conversation should be postponed for later, but mentally I make up my mind. He will stay with me. At least for a while.

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