This is something new I would like to try hope you enjoy.

Parker was having a great time he had managed to get few days to himself and visit a place he hadn't visited for year's since he was a teenager and that place was Litwacks Arcade.

He was surprised to see the old place was still standing but still he couldn't help but think off all the best times he had here before he headed inside the building to see Dawn the owner who had taken over from Litwack.

The reason he was here that there was a machine Dawn was trying to get rid of and Parker wanted one for year's but was never able to get one and that was a fully refurbished and a slightly updated first generation Dance Dance Revolution which by chance another friend of Parker heard about and phoned him to let him know.

When he was taking a look Dawn came over and said "do you want to have a go before you take it away" Parker grinned and said "Don't mind if I do if you wouldn't mind having a go as well"