Managed to squeeze another chapter out of this one for you guys who are reading! Going to be picking up another of my old Chryed stories for you soon so watch this space! Thanks for sticking with me through this one, especially given how bad I've been at updating! Xx

As Syed turned to face Christian, a whole surge of memories came flooding back to him. None of them stood out in particular, it was more the feelings that they invoked within him that he was most conscious of. Just hearing his name spilling from Christian's lips in that moment had taken his breath away, and it had almost been like he had sensed his presence before he'd uttered a single syllable. He didn't know how long he stood there, drinking in the sight of the man standing not ten feet away from him. It could have been hours, but in reality was probably only seconds. All Syed was sure of in that moment of time was that he'd never been as happy to see anyone as he was seeing Christian in front of him right then.

"Christian!" Syed almost laughed to himself as his name left him. It felt such a huge relief to say his name and understand the reasons why it sounded like he was saying it with such reverence, that he just couldn't stop himself from repeating it over and over, like a sort of mantra. "Christian." Syed shook his head in awe, his feet moving of their own accord and carrying him towards his partner before he could even register that he was moving. Before he could say or do any more, the older man had him locked in a bear hug, one which he was now only too happy to reciprocate. Forever.

"Oh Sy, I thought I'd lost you," Christian buried his face in Syed's hair, inhaling the scent he had missed so much these last few months. He released his grip on Syed, his hands coming up to cup Syed's face, brushing his hair back from his eyes. "I missed you, so much." He paused for a second before laughing to himself. "That sounds stupid; you've been here this whole time, but..."

"I haven't, Christian," Syed shook his head, still thrilling at the sound of his voice saying Christian's name, bringing his own hands up and linking his fingers through Christian's. "Not the real me, not really. Things are still a bit hazy, and I dunno if I'll ever get all of my memories back." He brought one of Christian's hands to his lips and kissed his knuckles softly. "But I remember now. How I feel about you. How much I love you. I almost remember what it's like to be us; I feel like all of the most important memories are back now. But I still just need to know one thing." Christian looked at him questioningly. "Why did you do it? Put yourself through everything, time after time? Why did you keep letting me back in?"

Christian grinned as he answered the easiest question anyone had ever asked him, moving himself impossibly closer to Syed, their hands still clasped together tightly. "Because you make me whole, Sy. During the hard times, I tried to convince myself that I was better off on my own, but the truth was that I wasn't myself without you." He paused, unsure of whether to say the next part. "Even the times I hated you for what we were going through, I couldn't stop loving you." He released one of Syed's hands and cupped his face again, resting their foreheads together. "No one else has ever made me feel the way that you do. And yes, you drive me crazy sometimes, and it's not always been easy, but I know that you're the very best part of my life. Of me. I love you, Sy. And nothing, no amount of time or distance, or anything that could happen between us, could ever change that." Christian hesitated, his eyes still locked with Syed's, searching him for his reaction, unsure of how far the younger man was willing to go.

Syed smiled a breathtaking smile, his lips attaching themselves to Christian's in a soft, sensual kiss. It was a kiss which could have lasted forever. The world could have ended right there and then and neither of them would have noticed. They were lost in the sensation of being with each other once again, Syed only now just starting to realise the extent of what the other man must have gone through in the last few months. There would still be some hard times ahead, they knew, but now that they were somewhat back to where they had been before any of this had happened, both were confident that they would be able to get through whatever came their way.