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This very night is a chaotic one for Silverstone City. The black-suited speedster, Zoom, has murdered six cops interfering with his "operation" at Rathaway Industries. Thea Queen has been kidnapped by an unknown mercenary wearing a black and orange mask named Deathstroke. Astra has escaped from the D.E.O. and is currently battling them along with her husband Non and their army.

Flash and Killer Frost team up to stop Zoom.

Green Arrow, Black Canary, and Arsenal search the city for Thea.

Supergirl is preoccupied by Bizarro's sudden reappearance to deal with Non and Astra, so Alex and J'onn take care of the Kryptonian army for her.

Killer Frost was waiting at Rathaway Industries. Flash had returned to S.T.A.R. Labs to pick up their newest "ally." The Scarlet Speedster returned with Linda Park, who was now wearing a black and white suit and a mask to hide her identity.

"Been training, Park?" asked Killer Frost.

"It was messy and a lot of cardboard cutouts were obliterated, but I'm getting the hang of my powers," replied the school reporter. "Oh, and the name's Dr. Light. Cisco's idea."

"Welcome to Team Flash, Dr. Light," said Flash.

"So, um, why are we teaming up with the city's most notorious killer?" asked Dr. Light.

"Because this notorious killer has a boyfriend now," said Killer Frost.

"Oh, turning over a new leaf, huh? Cool," said Dr. Light. "Sorry. Pun not intended."

"Let's just get inside," said Killer Frost, growing impatient.

Flash, Killer Frost, and Dr. Light were given permission to look around Rathaway Industries to find Zoom. They searched every floor, but the black-suited speedster was nowhere to be seen. There was only one place left. The basement.

"It's nice to be out on field with you, Frost," said Flash. "We should do this more often."

"Depends," said Killer Frost. "I'm still going to kill Reverse Flash when I see him again."

"Not that I want to be a killer or anything, but he killed my mother. I get to make that decision," said Flash.

"Finally growing a backbone, Flash? Good for you," teased Killer Frost.

"This Reverse Flash has done some nasty things to you two, huh?" questioned Dr. Light.

"He killed Speedy's mommy and turned me into a killer. Yeah, nasty," said Killer Frost nonchalantly.

"I'm sorry, Flash," said Dr. Light.

The three search the basement for Zoom. Four dead employees lied on the ground. Judging by the bodies, they were either stabbed through the heart by a vibrating hand or their necks were snapped at super speed, which means Zoom is here.

"Nice to see you again, Flash," said Zoom in the shadows.

"Show yourself!" yelled Flash.

"And I see Killer Frost is with you," said Zoom, still hiding in the shadows. "Since when do you play hero?"

"Since you decided to betray me," said Killer Frost. "You start trying to draw Flash's attention with these murders instead of waiting for me to finish the cure."

"I'm done trusting you, Frost."

Zoom comes out of nowhere and sucker-punches Flash. Flash chases Zoom around the basement. Killer Frost and Dr. Light stand back-to-back, waiting for an opportunity to strike.

"How's your aim, kid?" asked Killer Frost.

"Working progress," said Dr. Light. "I got a 51% on my accuracy test."

"Good enough for me," said Killer Frost. "On my signal, fire to your right when I say go."

Flash and Zoom punch each other while they run around the basement, but Zoom remains ahead. He was too fast, even for The Flash.

"Go!" said Killer Frost.

Dr. Light fires to her right and hits Zoom, knocking him down.

"Good job, Light," said Killer Frost.

Flash puts the power-dampening cuffs on Zoom, negating his super speed.

"I got you," said Flash. "Now, let's see who you are."

Flash takes off Zoom's mask.

"Hunter Zolomon?" said Flash, surprised.

"You know me?" asked Zoom. "But you wouldn't know unless... you go to school with me, don't you?"

"Oops," said Flash, regretting saying Zoom's real name out loud.

"I'll be glad to remove your mask after I take you down," said Zoom.

"Uh, I don't know if you're paying attention, but you're the one wearing the anti-metahuman cuffs, not us," pointed out Dr. Light.

"Am I?" replied Zoom with an evil smile.

For some reason, Zoom vibrates out of his cuffs.

"But how?" asked Flash.

"Better speed," answered Killer Frost.

Killer Frost fires an ice blast, but Zoom dodges it. He and Flash engage in yet another high-speed chase around the basement.

On the other side of the city, Green Arrow, Black Canary, and Arsenal have arrived at a warehouse where one of Deathstroke's subordinates said Thea was being held in.

"Be prepared for anything," said Green Arrow.

Unfortunately, Arsenal darts into the building without preparing.

"Love," commented Black Canary.

The three vigilantes enter the warehouse only to be greeted with gunfire. Arsenal fires an explosive arrow in the very middle, which distracted all the gunmen. The three vigilantes get out of their hiding places and attack.

Green Arrow kicks one thug to the wall and then whacks another in the face with his bow. He stabs one thug in shoulder with an arrow and then throws that thug towards another, knocking them both down. He then shoots arrows at three gunmen, incapacitating them. Green Arrow finishes two gunmen by firing two arrows that released cables to tie them up. One thug tried to shoot at him from behind, but he nonchalantly shoots an arrow through his bicep without looking.

Black Canary uses her Canary Cry to stun six gunmen. She uses a roundhouse kick on one thug, then takes out the next with a punch to the face, and then knocks out another with a scissor kick. She trips one gunman and then punches him in the face, takes out the fifth one by smacking his face towards a crate, and finishes the last one by kneeing him between the legs before unleashing a deadly uppercut.

Arsenal was going, as teenagers would say, full beast mode on all the thugs. With his enhanced strength, thanks to the Mirakuru, he seriously injured each thug with just one hit. He hits many in the face. He hits one on the stomach. He broke one's ribs. He twisted one's arm. His one punch sends a thug flying across the room at great length. He then bashes one's skull, almost killing him.

"Something's not right. I've never seen Arsenal this violent," said Black Canary.

"Arsenal, stand down!" Green Arrow shouted.

Arsenal was busy pounding one thug to the ground over and over again. He stopped when Green Arrow grabbed his arm.

"I said, stand down!" repeated Green Arrow.

Arsenal calms down as he moves away from the severely injured thug.

"You stay here. We'll get Speedy," ordered Green Arrow.

Arsenal responded. "But she's my..."

"Not a discussion, Arsenal," interrupted Green Arrow. "Stay here!"

Green Arrow and Black Canary move into the next room. In the middle of the room, under a spotlight, is Deathstroke himself, sitting on a chair.

"Where is my sister, Slade?" asked Green Arrow.


Deathstroke takes off his mask, revealing himself as Slade Wilson.

"You son of a..."

Arsenal came running in and punches Deathstroke in the face. Deathstroke, however, was unfazed.

"Language, Arsenal," scolded Black Canary.

"I didn't even finish the insult," said Arsenal.

"If you're looking for poor Thea, she's not here," said Deathstroke.

"Where is she?!" shouted Green Arrow.

"Wouldn't you like to know?" teased Deathstroke.

"Um, Green Arrow?" called Sin, who was tasked by Arsenal to be on monitor duty in the bunker. "Thea's okay. She just showed up at the precinct."

"I take it Ms. Queen is under the protection of the SCPD," guessed Deathstroke.

"Why did you do it, Slade?" asked Green Arrow.

"I made you a promise, kid," said Deathstroke. "I intend to fulfill it."

"If this is about Shado, that was not my fault!" growled Green Arrow.

"Yes, it was!" shouted Deathstroke. "You are the reason she is dead. You are the reason for my pain. And I will make you feel that pain. I assure you."

"What makes you think we won't out you?" asked Black Canary.

"Because you have no proof," said Deathstroke. "Plus, I have friends who can make anything and anyone disappear."

"What's the point of all this if you were just gonna let her go?" asked Arsenal.

"You'll find out," said Deathstroke. "See you 'round, kid."

Deathstroke puts his mask back on as he walks away. Green Arrow takes out an arrow and aims it directly at him.

"Slade! Don't move!" He shouted.

"If you kill me or take me prisoner, then my friends'll go after you dear sister," threatened Deathstroke. "There are so many ways to hurt you, kid. Yet, so little time."

Green Arrow had no choice but to let Deathstroke leave.

"You're letting him get away?!" questioned Arsenal angrily.

"Arsenal, enough!" Green Arrow said. "What is wrong with you? I know love can make you do crazy things, but what I saw back there, was just rage and violence."

Arsenal was frozen. His sudden violent tendencies have made Green Arrow and Black Canary suspicious.

Supergirl and Bizarro were engaged in an evenly-matched aerial battle. Supergirl couldn't stand fighting her anymore because her sister and her friend are fighting Non and Astra.

"Eve, if you can hear me, you have to stop," pleaded Supergirl.

"There is no Eve. Only Bizarro," said Bizarro.

Bizarro punches Supergirl, sending her crashing to the ground.

"Ghostbusters much?" joked Supergirl.

Bizarro was about to land a super-fast, super-strong stomp on her, but Supergirl flies out of the way, leaving Bizarro to only stomp on rock.

"Eve, I know who you are. You're a 15-year-old girl with a family and friends," continued Supergirl, trying to reach her. "You don't want to hurt anyone."

"Bizarro kill Supergirl," said Bizarro.

"Okay, fine," said Supergirl.

Supergirl uses her super breath to blow Bizarro towards an abandoned warehouse. She then uses her heat vision and sends Bizarro flying out of the warehouse and crashing into a car.

"Now, are you ready to talk?" asked Supergirl.

Bizarro responds by firing her freeze vision, encasing Supergirl in ice. Bizarro then unleashes her heat breath, but Supergirl breaks free of the ice before she could be melted. Supergirl flies towards Bizarro at high speed and slams her to a steel wall.

"I don't have time for this," grunted Supergirl.


Meanwhile, Non and Astra were winning the fight. Half of the D.E.O. agents in the fight are dead. None of the Kryptonian army was incapacitated.

"J'onn, you have to transform," begged Alex.

"I can't," said J'onn.

Alex shoots her Kryptonite pistol at Non, but the special tech on his suit protects him from harm.

J'onn takes on Astra, trying to retrieve his Kryptonite knife while he's at it. While J'onn managed to remove the anti-Kryptonite tech from her suit, Astra still overpowers him. She holds down to the ground, preparing to execute him.

"I will give you the warrior's death you seek, Martian," said Astra. "When I take your life, you will..."

Astra was cut off when a Kryptonite sword pierces her from behind. It came from Alex. Astra falls, feeling weak and on the brink of death.

"Retreat!" Non ordered.

Non and the rest of the Kryptonian army retreated.

"N-N... Non," called Astra weakly.

"I guess your husband isn't the faithful kind," joked Alex.

"Alex!" scolded J'onn.

J'onn tried to help Astra, but it was too late. Her eyes closed permanently. She was dead.

Flash and Zoom were trading speed punches left and right, but Zoom was getting the upper hand. No matter how fast Flash moves, Zoom just moves faster. He speed-punches Barry in the chest and stomach repeatedly and then does the same to his back, battering him as hard as he can.

"I think it's time for a taste of your own medicine," said Flash.

Flash started running around in circles, charging himself with more electricity. He throws a yellow lightning bolt at Zoom. To his shock, Zoom grabs the lightning bolt out of the air and throws it back at Flash, electrocuting him.

"Whoa," reacted Dr. Light.

Zoom speed-punches Flash many times before striking him in the back, breaking his spine. Killer Frost and Dr. Light gasped with shock.

"Now, it's time to finish this," said Zoom.

Killer Frost immediately fires an ice blast that freezes Zoom to the floor. He vibrates himself out and runs away, leaving the ice-powered meta and the light-powered meta to tend to their injured friend. He couldn't stand up.


Oliver and Moira arrive at the SCPD precinct to see Thea, who appeared haunted by something. Moira gives her daughter a hug, glad that she's alright. Thea, however, pushes her mother away. She was angry, which is never a good sign.

"Thea, what's the matter?" asked Oliver. "What did Deathstroke do to you?"

"Nothing," answered Thea. "Except tell me the truth."

"What truth?" asked Moira.

"That Malcolm Merlyn is my father," said Thea, glaring angrily at Moira.

Both Oliver and Moira were shocked to hear this. Why would Deathstroke kidnap Thea just to tell her a big secret?

"You knew?" asked Thea, looking at her brother, shocked that he knew.

"I... I..." Oliver couldn't speak.

Thea pushes both her brother and her mother aside and runs away, feeling betrayed.


Supergirl had arrived at the lands outside the D.E.O.'s secret base. Astra lay dead on the ground with J'onn seemingly worried.

"No! No! Astra! Astra!" cried Supergirl.

"She's gone, Supergirl," said J'onn sadly.

Supergirl found a wound on Astra's chest. It resembled that of a sharp blade. Look at Alex, Supergirl saw a Kryptonite blade in her arsenal. Supergirl can only look at her sister with horror upon realizing she is the cause of Astra's death.

"Astra was gonna kill J'o... Hank. I had no choice," explained Alex.

Supergirl ends up punching the ground in anger.

"There is always a choice," growled Supergirl.

The Girl of Steel flies away, angry at her sister for taking away the aunt that she loved once and loved still.

Deathstroke returns to his secret office to see that his mercenaries have stolen a valuable chemical component from Mercury Labs.

"The distraction worked, Mr. Wilson," said Sebastian Blood.

"And the mission was a success."

Saying those words was the leader of Slade's army. Her name is Isabel Rochev, a.k.a. Ravage. She wore her own orange and black suit, modeled after Deathstroke's. She had lead the raid to Mercury Labs to steal the chemicals while Slade distracts Oliver Queen.

"Christina McGee knows something has been stolen from her labs, but she does not know it was us," said Isabel.

"Ms. Pagonia is gonna be so proud," said Sebastian.

"Not as much as I am," said Slade. "Oliver Queen will be too busy patching up his family issues to focus on stopping me. Victory is at hand."

"What now, Mr. Wilson?" asked Isabel.

"Now, it's time for you to go to school, Isabel," said Slade.

Caitlin was about to walk to her apartment building, paid for by S.T.A.R. Labs after her home was no longer available due to her mother's death, until she was pulled to an alley by none other than her boyfriend, Ronnie. He didn't look happy.

"Hey, Ronnie," greeted Caitlin.

"Don't Hey-Ronnie me, Caitlin," said Ronnie, sounding mad.

"What's the matter?" asked Caitlin.

"Killer Frost," answered Ronnie. "You didn't think I'd find out? She just so happens to be out there killing people every time you ditch me on date night. And don't think I didn't notice you making your coffee cold with your bare hands."

Caitlin couldn't speak. She was horrified that this day has finally come.

"You lied to me, Caitlin," said Ronnie, feeling betrayed. "I thought you loved me."

"But I do," said Caitlin.

"The woman I love would never kill innocent people," said Ronnie. "Have you really lost it while I was gone?"

"You were dead, Ronnie, and I may have lost my way because of it, but you're here right now with me," said Caitlin. "Please, Ronnie, I've changed now. I'm trying to do better. I'm helping The Flash now."

"How can I love someone who does nothing but lie and keep secrets from me?" asked Ronnie. "So much for Fire and Ice."

Ronnie was about to walk away, but Caitlin stopped him.

"Ronnie, please, don't go. I love you. I always have. That's never changed," said Caitlin, about to cry. "I know I've committed some horrific crimes, but I want to make up for all that. Why? Because of you. Only you, Ronnie."

Caitlin kisses Ronnie, who couldn't help but kiss her back. Suddenly, Ronnie's skin started to freeze. His inside were getting colder and colder. It's like the heat was being sucked out him by Caitlin. He collapsed.

Caitlin opens her eyes to see Ronnie on the ground, not moving or breathing. His body was a frozen, wrinkled corpse.

"No! No! No! Ronnie! No, Ronnie! Don't do this to me! Not again!" cried Caitlin.

No matter how much Caitlin cried or hoped, nothing happened. There was no heat left in Ronnie's body to keep him alive. Caitlin had absorbed all the heat from his body.

"NOOOOOO!" cried Caitlin in agony.

Her emotional outburst created a mini snowstorm as she cried on Ronnie's frozen, lifeless body.

"What have I done?" cried Caitlin.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Barry finally wakes up. He was lying down on a medical bed, hooked up to medical equipment that is keeping him alive. He sees Cisco and Linda right beside him. Cisco had to remove Barry's suit so they could operate on him, which meant revealing his identity to Linda. She didn't mind, though. If anything, it made her admire both the Flash and Barry Allen more.

"Hey, Barry," greeted Linda.

"You scared us there," said Cisco worriedly.

"Wh-Where's Caitlin?" asked Barry.

"Ronnie called. She had to go," said Cisco. "But she patched you up immediately before she left."

"Guys..." said Barry weakly as he felt nothing below his upper body.

"What's wrong, pal?" asked Cisco.

"I can't feel my legs," said Barry.

Barry's back is broken. Thea is angry as Oliver and Moira. Kara is mad at Alex for killing Astra. Caitlin accidentally kills Ronnie (I know, it was a bold and maybe bad move on my part). What else could go wrong?