A short timeline for As Told By Ginger.


Episodes 47&48 of the show, titled Butterflies Are Free set up the transition in the series for Ginger, taking her and her friends from Lucky Junior High to Lucky High School.

There were a total of ten episodes of the show following this transition, counting The Wedding Frame as one full episode.

Based on the events of the episodes leading up to the finale, we can assume that the actual wedding took place sometime after Thanksgiving (Note to the episode Ten Chairs), but before Ginger finished her Freshman year.

Depending on when their birthdays are, Ginger and her friends would have all been around 14 or 15 (as Freshman in high school), and Carl and his friends would have been 11 or 12 (as 6th graders).

Even though the school names are Lucky Junior High and Lucky High School, the school system in the series is set-up on a middle school (students in the 6th, 7th, and 8th grades) and high school (students in the 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grades) basis. This conclusion was gathered based on information gathered throughout the entire series and was used to determine the ages of the characters.

My fan-fiction series will take place after The Wedding Frame and will use the above information as a foundation and guide, keeping everything realistic and relevant for the characters.

Disclaimer: I do not own As Told By Ginger, any of the original characters, or any of the story-lines that were used in the show. The show belongs to Nickelodeon. I only own my original characters and story-lines, which were still inspired by the original series. My work, characters, stories, and themes may NOT be re-used or re-written without direct consent from me. Thank you.

This story takes place around two years after the wedding. Ginger is now a junior at Lucky High School and Carl is beginning his eighth grade year. Following some-what in his older sisters footsteps as he too has been accepted into the prestigious Avalanche Arts Academy. All seems to be going great for Carl, until he arrives and discovers his roommate is a familiar face whom he'd rather be a lot less familiar with. Will the two boys hit it off and send sparks flying in the dead of winter, or will they crash, burn, and be left in a mood even more bitter cold than the chilling Avalanche air? Find out in: Fire And Ice!


Warning Warning Warning!


This fan-fiction contains yaoi (animation based Male/ Male pairings, BL/ boy love, and all around general frolicking and gayness). If you do not like pairings of this nature, then this story probably is not for you.


Rated T 13+ {For mild language, suggestive themes, and general content not suitable/ comprehend-able for a younger audience.}


[Carl/Blake] [Cake Shippers] [Yaoi] [BL].


Avalanche Arts Academy Student Directory


Name: Avii Akumai (Yes, I'm Asian, get over it)

Born In: Cherry Blossom Heights

Age: Fourteen

Grade Level: Grade Ten (I'm advanced for my age...)

Student Status: Full Time

Years At Avalanche: A Fifth year student. Have been a student at A.A. since grade six.

Studying/ Major: Contemporary Dance

Other Interests/ Hobbies: Photography and Poetry

Best Friends: I'm easy to get along with, but Kei, Remy, and Carl are definitely my favorites.

Sworn Enemies: Vextor Hollingsworth, aka Satan, I mean no, seriously, this kid is Satan.

A Bit About Me: Hmm let's see, I'm 5'1 but don't let my height and cuteness fool you, I'm still intimidating and vicious. Rawr. I have hazel eyes, deep olive skin, and my hair, well, your guess would be as good as mine, judging by how often I color it. *Giggles* Overall, I'm sweet, bubbly, and pretty pleasant to be around, as long as you stay on my good side I won't have to rip your face off and feed it to Remy! :D


Name: Remy Vanderhoof (Am of German descent, obviously)

Born In: Mount Edelweiss

Age: Thirteen

Grade Level: Eighth Grade

Student Status: Full Time

Years At Avalanche: This is my third year, fifth semester at Avalanche.

Studying/ Major: Music

Other Interests/ Hobbies: More music (I'm a prodigy) ... But when no one is around I dabble in architectural and structural design.

Best Friends: Kei Mathers and Avii Akumai

Sworn Enemies: Don't really have any.

A Bit About Me: My name is Remy. I'm a German music prodigy, can play any instrument that you place in front of me. My father is a famous guitar player and my mother is a seasoned Opera singer. Music is the reason for my existence... Or so I am told. Anyways, I'm albino, meaning I basically look like Caspar The Ghost's twin brother. White hair, fair skin, violet eyes. I'm 5'10 tall, have a slender frame, and my white hair hangs nearly to my arse. I guess that basically covers it. If you give me food, I shall spare your life and allow you to live to see another day.~


Name: Kei Mathers

Born In: Heathered Hills

Age: Fourteen

Grade Level: Eighth (I was a sick kid, started school a year late)

Student Status: Full time on scholarship

Years At Avalanche: Working on my second year

Studying/ Major: Photography

Other Interests/ Hobbies: I like to sketch, sculpt, work with wood and metal. I keep myself busy, to say the least. More distractions equals less time lost inside of my head.

Best Friends: Myself

Sworn Enemies: Also Myself.. and my older sister, Clover.

A Bit About Me: I'll get back to you on that...


Information on other students will be updated as they are added into the story.


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