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Regina was eating a bowl of cereal that she had bought for Henry and he had left at her house. Secretly she loved the cereal too but didn't want henry to know, so she would simply tell him it went stall and she would buy him a new box the next time he was over.

Regina was about to take another heaping spoon full into her mouth when suddenly a cloud of white smoke appeared in front of her at her kitchen island. When it dissipated seated on the stool was Emma mid bite into a bare claw. Emma looked at Regina, who had a spoon full of cereal half way up to her mouth, in shock. No one spoke for a good long while, each person confused as to what just happened.

"Did you do this?!" Emma asked confused.

"NO" Regina exclaims.

"Then who did?!" Emma exclaimed slamming her hand on the counter top and as she did all the doors in the house flew shut with a loud bang and all the windows closed and the curtains drew themselves together, casting the house in an eerie darkness.

"What was that" asked Emma.

"Don't you feel that?"

"No what am I supposed to feel?" Emma said rolling her eyes at Regina.

"Magic… strong magic ...I have never felt this magic before..." by now Regina is slowly pacing on her side of the counter while biting her thumb musing aloud.

"Why did all the doors and windows close?"

"I don't know" Regina answered absently.

"Why do I get a feeling they are locked" Emma said walking over to a door. "Because they are" Emma grunted to herself, while trying to force open the kitchen door. At this Regina was brought out of her musing and stalked over to the door, where she too tried opening it.

"Stand back maybe I can use magic." As soon as Emma was back far enough Regina waved her hand in the air and instead of the door opening Regina was tossed back by her own magic bouncing off whatever barrier was around that door. Just as Regina was standing back up to try again a disembodied voice spoke.

"I would not do that if I were you Regina." Stopping in her tracks Regina turned to Emma with wide eyes and said, "I'm not going crazy you heard that too right?"

"Yes" she replied.

"We are going to play a game my dears… a game were you will find your self's and learn things about each other that will bring you all closer together. Now this is a simple game you do as you're told and once you have completed the task assigned then you two lovely ladies get to move to the next room."

"What the hell is going on? Who the fuck are you?! Let us … " Emma's mouth was magically closed and her eyes got big as she started to panic a little, looking at Regina and seeing that she was trying to come to her aid but she could not move a muscle.

"It is not your business of whom I am just know I am law, I am absolute, what I say goes and if you try to defy me in anyway well … we will get to that if it comes up. Now are you going to be a good girl and let me explain the first game you gals will be playing" the voice asked sweetly like it just didn't threaten their lives.

Emma nodded and her mouth was unstuck but she could no longer mover her body like Regina.

"Now for your first game you guys will be playing a rousing game of never have I ever. For those of you who have not played before you hold up ten fingers and you go around in a circle saying things you have never done before and if you have done what is being said you put a finger down. The last person who has fingers up will get a surprise in the next room. And don't lie because I know all and I will make you put the finger down. To spice it up a little you have to tell about your "I have never's" in the bedroom! Your game begins now!"

Instantly they were released and could move again.

"Well should we sit down?" Regina asked

"Yeah, let sit at the island. It's the only place to sit right now anyway." Said Emma

As they sat down they each put their elbows up on the counter and held up their fingers.

"I'll start I guess" Emma said. "Never have I ever made out with a girl before."

Regina chuckled but kept her fingers up.

"Never have I ever slept with a person I liked"

Emma puts a finger down while saying "Really?"

"Well that person would have been Daniel but then your mother told my mother about him and my mother killed him before we could get that far in our relationship and then I never liked snows father but he never touched me. We didn't even sleep in the same room. And Graham well he was a handy pet." Regina said with a bitter smile on her face.

"Ok, well never have I ever had handcuffs used on me before"

Regina put a finger down.

"Never have I ever been in a submissive position before."

Emma keeps her finger up.

Twenty minutes later Emma has two fingers left while Regina has three.

"I have never slept with another woman" says Emma.

Regina puts a finger down.

"I have never gone down on anyone before."

Emma puts a finger down.

"I have never not had a one night stand, after Neal that is"

Regina puts a finger down

I have never umm… Regina blushes and looks down at the counter while mumbling really fast "ihaveneverhadanorgasimbefore…"

"What? I did not understand what you just said" Emma chuckled.

Sighing Regina rolls her eyes her blush getting darker and says a little more clearly "I have never had an orgasm before."

Emma puts her last finger down and "Reall…." She is stopped mid word by the kitchen door opening to a spinning purple vortex and the voice saying

"You may enter your next room"

"You have never had any kind of orgasm before? Even by your own hand?" Emma asked in a shocked disbelief.

"I mean with the people I have slept with. I don't it just never happened for me. I mean don't get me wrong I enjoyed myself but just never got to finish so to speak."

"I suggest you ladies get a move on before your trap in here for good!" the voice suddenly boomed; causing both women to jump in their seats.

They both looked at each other got up and walked to the vortex that stretched from the bottom of the door frame to the top. "On the count of three" Emma says. Regina just nod.

"1…. 2… 3….!"

And they both jump through the door.

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