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They didn't go far this time. In fact, they were still in the same room, they were just now laying on Regina's bed. And as the smoke cleared the women could hear all the window and doors unlocking, and the shads going back to their original positions.

"I guess that means we won." Emma said staring down at Regina.

"Did you mean it?" Regina asked after a second of contemplating "Do you really love me?"

"Every word." Emma said smiling loving at Regina.

"I love you too." Regain said she leaned up and kissed Emma firmly reigniting the fire that had started just moments ago. Emma broke away from the kiss trailing her lips down Regina's neck, stopping to suck on her pulse point causing Regina to moan. Not wanting to leave any marks Emma continued her quest south. Once Emma reached Regina's lace covered nipples she leaned back to get a good look at them. "I have wanted to suck on these for what feels like forever now." Emma said transfixed by the site before her.

"Well what are you waiting for then?" Regina panted out. Not needing to be told twice Emma finally leaned down and took a lace covered nipple into her mouth softly sucking and biting causing Regina's back to arch off the bed in pleasure. After a moment Emma switched sides to give the other nipple just as much attention.

"Emma please I need more." Regina moaned and begged. With a flick of the wrist Emma got rid of the rest of their cloths. Both women moaned at the skin to skin contact. Finally, after what felt like forever for Regina Emma started moving her hands down her body soon coming into contact with her dripping core. Not wanting to keep Regina waiting any longer Emma plunged two fingers without warning.

"Yes! God yes, please Emma!" Regina cried and begged. Emma shifted her body so her thigh was right behind her hand to help give more strength to her thrusts. They quickly set a fast pace, Regina hips meeting Emma's fingers thrust for thrust. Not long after the blond started to pick up her thrusting she could feel the brunettes walls start to tighten. Knowing that Regina was close, Emma leaned up to Regina's pulse point once more and sucked and bit down while adding a third finger in the molten heat. "Fuck!" Regina screamed as she came from all the sensation she was feeling.

Emma moaned at seeing Regina come undone. It was probably the single most erotic and sexiest thing she has ever seen. As the brunette started to come down from her high Emma slowed her thrusts but didn't stop completely. She shifted her body so she was more open for the brunette's fingers. Regina seeing that Emma was opening up for her did not waste any time in plunging two of her own fingers in to the blondes dripping core. The both soon found a rhythm that quickly picked up speed.

"I'm so close I want to cum with you! I need more Regina." Emma panted. Regina moaned then added a third finger while both women picked up there pace.

They were both on the edge of no return with two more deep thrust they both were flying over the edge. Suddenly, the bedroom door flung open and with no way to return the ladies only choice was to finish riding out the pleasure they were feeling. "Oh my god!" Snow screamed while covering her eyes, mentally scared at seeing her daughter and former enemy in the throes of what looked to be a damn good orgasm.

"Mom what are you doing?" Emma exclaimed as she moved to cover herself and Regina who was still in a state of bliss from the two back to back orgasms she had.

"We got worried when we didn't hear from you. Both of you actually. You guys have been MIA for two days!" Snow said. "I'm just going to go wait down stairs." And with that Snow walked out of the room softly closing the door behind her.

As soon as they heard the footsteps retreat to the staircase both women burst out laughing. "It would be your mother to catch us having sex." Regina chuckled

"Yeah she would" Emma continued " I guess we should get dressed and tell her what happened.

"I suppose your right." And with that Emma rolled off Regina and stood. With a wave of her hand both women were dressed once more.

"So you guys were locked in here by an invisible voice and forced to play games to get to know each other?" Snow asked still finding it hard to believe after what she saw up in Regina's bedroom.

"Yes! Though the more I think about it, it was more to get us to open up about our feeling for each other." Emma said while looking at Regina and softly smiling.

Snow seeing the look being passed between the two woman turned to Regina and pointed a finger at her "If you do anything to hurt my daughter I will end you." Snow said in her most threating voice she could muster before she caved into a fit of giggles at the stunned look on Regina's face. "I'm just kidding I saw this coming a mile away. I'm actually surprised it took you guys this long. But seriously Regina don't hurt her."

"I don't plan on it. I love her. I have for a very long time I was just in denial and I don't want to waste any more time ignoring these feelings." Regina said with a soft smile. Snow nodded her head in approval and turned to Emma "The same goes for you , don't think I won't end you cause you're my daughter" Snow said with a playful smile on her face.

"Don't worry mom I have no plans in running from this. I feel the same as Regina, too much time has been needlessly wasted."

"Well good. And now that I know your both alive and well I have a confestion to make." Snow said a little sheepishly. "I think I'm the reason that you guys had to play those games. Um I kinda made a wish a few nights ago that you guys would wake up and realize you both had feeling for each other." Snow finished with a shrug like it was no big deal.

"Mom!" "Snow!" Emma and Regina said at the same time.

"You know that thing whatever it was put us in some very uncomfortable situations! Right?" Emma said shock still coloring her voice.

"Not to mention the last round it shocked us if we didn't do what it said." Regina added.

"I didn't think it would actually come true or that anyone was listening! It was just a thought I thought and I didn't think anything would come of it you know!?" Snow said defensively. "Sorry but not sorry because now you guys know how the other feels and you guys can talk and figure things out. So before you guys yell at me anymore I'm going to leave you guys to figure things out." Snow finished while she gave both women hugs and exited the house.

"Well shit." Emma said staring off into space processing what she just found out.

"Well shit indeed." Regina said also staring into space.

Both girls sat in silence just looking out in front of them until it was interrupted by Emma stomach. Coming out of her thoughts Regina said flirtatiously while holding out her hand for Emma to take. "Come on miss swan let's get you something to eat your going to need the energy."

"Oh god don't say my name like that anymore it makes me tingly I don't think I can control myself anymore if you do." Emma all but moaned as she took Regina's outstretched hand. Regina chuckled at Emma as they both walked to the kitchen where this whole crazy mess started.

The end!

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