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Chapter 1: A Fateful Night

'Finally! tomorrow is the day I gone to Beacon Academy! Can't wait to see bro face when he know I pass the test!' thought a young teen around 17 year old he stands 5'9 with messy brown hair, chocolate brown eyes and wearing a white T-shirt and a red hoodie, black cargo pants and red sneakers. His name is Kido Kenichi. Currently, He had just gotten back from enrolled to Beacon Academy and on his way to home.

"Man! I almost late for the enrollment glad i just got there on time and I have to go home now because I still didn't pack my things an- Hmm? what is this?"Kenichi said when something caught his eye. when he pick it up his first thought is its look like a small box of deck card and it held a few cards in it that said 'sword vent' and 'seal' "what the hell? a deck box who would have dropped this? better take it with me than leave it here." when he took the in his pocket something strange happen


"what the? what is that noise?"said Kenichi when he heard the ringing noise "I don't like the sound of it its like something bad gonna happen"


'Me and my big mouth!' thought Kenichi when he ran to the direction of the screaming woman "there! WHAT THE HELL!?" In front of him is the woman around mid twenty tried to get something like sticky web out of her and the strange things is its come out of the mirror! Thinking fast he ran toward the woman and tore the sticky web away from the woman when he done he shout to the woman "GET OUT OF HERE! AND CALL THE POLICE NOW!"

The woman nodded and quickly ran away to called the police Kenichi lets his guard down for a second suddenly a hand come out of a mirror and drag him into a mirror

"CRAP!" Kenichi said before everything went white

"Ahhh what happen?" when Kenichi open his eye he saw the strangest sight before him.

The building is still the same but at the same time it didn't look real and everything was backward. "What the hell? what is this place?" when Kenichi started to freak out he heard something behind him "what the-!" when he saw it his first thought is it look nothing like a creature of grimm it's looked like a cross between a spider and a centaur and it look at Kenichi with rage in its eyes 'crap! I think it want to eat me because I interrupted its snack time! well, sorry buddy I won't go down that easily!' thought Kenichi when he reach for something behind him but felt it empty and the Kenichi remember something important.

He didn't bring his weapon with him when he left home.

'Son of a bitch! why the hell am I forgot to bring Dragon Fang at a time like this!' thought Kenichi angrily to himself. Suddenly, something glowed from within his pocket. Going into his pocket, He took out the thing that was glowing which was none other than the deck box he picked up early.

"What the...!" He didn't get to say more as the light glowed brighter. It wasn't long until the light died and he notice that the deck box was no longer in his hand.

"What the!? Where is-! what happen to me!?" he than ran to the nearest mirror and gasped at what he saw on him

Kenichi was wearing a navy blue body suit with black boots and black armbands as well as shoulder pads, all of which had silver sockets attached to them. His torso armor is black with silver pectorals and abdomen. He was also wearing a black helmet with a silver faceplate with a grille over two large eyes. On the forehead was a single silver line that went over and behind his head. Around his waist was a silver belt with silver sockets on the sides. And in the middle was a slot and in the slot was the black deck box.

"wow...cool!" then he heard a growl behind him and saw the spider monster ran toward him. 'crap! I almost forgot about him! what the hell am I gonna do!'


"What the? who said that? and what the hell is Advent Card!?" Suddenly he remember the card inside a deck box 'Maybe...' Kenichi then reached down and pulled the card out and it read: Sword Vent and then the gauntlet on his arm slid down, revealing a hidden slot. He looked at it before inserting the card into the gauntletand it closed all on its own.


The gauntlet spoked in a normal tone as from the sky, a sword came spinning down and stabbed into the ground not too far from him

Kenichi the walk toward the sword and pulled it out, looking at it and then the spider monster before saying"Don't know what's going on but here I come!" he then charged toward the spider monster and swung the sword down with all his might. But sadly


It broke instantly

"What the heck!" he said in disbelief, the spider monster backhanded him, sending him to a truck that park there "Ouch...that thing hit harder than I thought" he than looked up and notice that the spider monster walk slowly toward him 'I guess this is it...I never got a chance to enter Beacon and to make friends sorry big bro I don't think I can go home now I'm sorry' thought Kenichi in despair


'EH?...that voice again'


"I...I want to fight I don't wanna die like this!"


"Wait, what is DRAG-!?"



When Kenichi looked up he saw a card and it read: Contract and he saw a mechanical looking red Chinese Dragon and held up the card to it. The dragon then flying right at Kenichi before a bright glow appeared when the two collided.


when he open his eye Kenichi notice something change with his armor. He wore a red body suit with black boots and black armbands as well as shoulder pads, all of which had silver sockets attached to them. His torso armor is black with silver pectorals and abdomen. On his left arm was a gauntlet shaped like a dragon's head with yellow eyes and a black and silver snout as a handle extended from the front to fit in his hands. His helmet was black with a silver faceplate with a grille over two large eyes. On the forehead was a dragon head-like symbol. Around his waist was a silver belt with silver sockets on the sides. In the middle was a slot and in the slot was a black case with a golden dragon symbol on the front.

He breathed in before saying,"Yosha!" with that said, he ran right towardthe spider the the spider lift it leg and try to backhanded him. but to its surprise'he dodge it and counter it with roundhouse kick it in the face the sent it back a few meter 'It look like my strenght is also increase too...Okay lets try this again' Kenichi pushed the card of his Grag Visor down before drawing a card and inserting it, closing the brow as it spoke.


Something shined in the sky before a red sword appeared spinning down to him. Without looking he caught it with his right hand before running to the spider and plunged the sword right through its head and then jumped back a few meter and inserting another card


Kenichi circled his arms before thrusting them forward as Dragreder coiled around him again. He then struck a stance before he jumped in the air where Dragreder followed him. Once in the air, Dragreder snakes around him as the Rider corkscrews in midair until he is in a kicking position. Once ready and at the peak of his jump, Dragreder blasts him with a Drag Fire, sending him flying towards the Witch as his kicking feet and entire body was covered in flames."Dragon Rider Kick!" He announced his finishing move as his flaming foot slammed right into the Witch and caused a huge explosion to occur.

"Whew! I did it! I can't believe I really did it! now...how do I get back? Hmm..looked like I have to go back the way I came from"

5 minute later

"Man I'm beat I need to get back now bro will worry sick if I don't hurry" said Kenichi


"Okay! what the hell happen now! can someone give me a break!" Kenichi said angrily and walked toward the voice when he arrive he saw a men with black suit lying on the street and seem to out cold he then asked the old man who owned the shop name 'From Dust Till Dawn'

"What happen old man?"Kenichi asked the old man "This guys tried to steal the Dust in my store but the girl took care of them and she chase the leader now" the old man said

"Where did they go?" Kenichi asked "Up there!" the old man point to the rooftop "Thanks!" He then ran to the rooftop and quickly climb the ladder and he see a man. He was wearing white, holding a cane, and was smoking on a cigar. He recognize that his name is Roman Torchwick a wanted criminal. And a young, silver-eyed girl dressed in a black blouse and a skirt with red trimmings, complete with a red cloak. Her entire outfit is made up of various shades of red and black, with black as the primary color on the main suit and red on the cloak. Even her shoulder-length hair is black with a red tint to it. She has cross-shaped pins holding her cloak to her shirt. Around her waist is a belt which holds large cartridges in individual loops, as well as a magazine pouch. She had silver rose symbol and her weapon is a scythe so big thet he started wonder how a small girl like her carry it with ease.

(Insert: Kamen Rider Kuuga OST Corruption/Kairan)

"Freeze!" the girl said to Torchwick he stoped and said "Persistent..." suddenly, behind Torchwick, an aerial VTOL appeared right behind him and he got on.

"End of the road kids" he then tossed out a red Dust at us 'Oh shit!' Kenichi thought and ran to the girl to protect her from the explosion but he felt nothing so he open his eye and found a blonde woman in a purple cape holding a wand/riding crop stood in front of them. She waves her weapon and summons several streaks of purple at the ship.

Torchwick then yelled to the pilot "We got a huntress!" the pilot then got up and headed to deal with them. The blonde glowed purple for a moment before she aims another blast above the ship, resulting in a dark storm-cloud right above it.

"Wohh so cool." Kenichi said. With a flick of the blonde's wand, large jagged pieces of hail starts falling, pummeling the ship and even breaking through the window that narrowly missed the Roman's head. The pilot, a woman in red, finally reaches the back of the VTOL, ready to fight the huntress. The pilot was a female that was for sure, but what she looks like was unknown as her figure was being shadowed.

"Who is that?" he thought. The female pilot starts to light up like fire, aiming a burst of energy at the huntress. The Huntress blocks it, but the flame splatters behind her and glows hot with the enemy's raised hand. The blond huntress back-flips out of the explosion and magically gathers the shards to create a giant arrow and then sent it towards the VTOL. The woman in red shatters the arrow with several blasts, but it reforms just in time to hit the side of the ship due to Roman's quick aerial lean. The wreckage separates and reshapes into more arrows that encircle the ship, but the woman in red summons several glowing rings around herself that expands and destroys the shards. She the charged another fire ball and this one is bigger then the last one! "Oh no!" the Huntress said before created a shield around us to at least minimize the damage. just as the woman about to throw a fire ball at us something or someone stopped it.


Something crash against the wing of the VTOL, "shit! woman the VTOL is badly damage we need to get out of here now!" Torchwick said and he took controlled of the VTOL and took of

"Damn it he got away! and who is that guy that help up?" Kenichi asked when Kenichi looked around Kenichi saw him standing a few meters away from them he tried to reach for a mystery man but the fire blocked him but can see the man clearly. He wore a black body suit and had bright red torso armor that bore a resemblance to muscles, which was adorned with a gold trimmed collar. The shoulder armor and gauntlets were the same vibrant red color, with the gauntlets having gold cuffs and trimmings. The cuffs having red jewels on the sides. The ankles were covered up with golden anklets and like the cuffs had red jewels in the sides, with the knees also having gold armor with a red jewel in the center. The collar and midsection of the torso armor had what appeared to be ancient symbols.

Just below the torso armor was a silver belt which was also covered in these ancient characters. It had an oval shaped base with a large red circle shaped gem stone in the center, which was outlined in black. On the left side of the gem stone were two small rectangular buttons. From left to right the buttons were colored purple and green. It was the same on the other side of the gem only the colors were red and blue. There were yellow square-like buttons with the ancient symbols as well but those only appeared to be for decoration. The yellow protrusions continued to the actual belt portion until it met cylinder-like objects that have another ancient character on both sides.

The most striking part of his attire is the head, which resembled a stag beetle. The mouth plate was silver and resembled the mandibles of a bug. The black helmet had gold trimmings on the bottom. It had rhombus shaped protrusions where the ears should be, most likely to help them fit inside the helmet. The eyes were big and red and seemed to have a compound like appearance, further enhancing the stag beetle look. The eyes were framed by three golden horns, two that were long and curved over the eyes and one that was in the middle that was shorter. In the center was a single, small red gemstone.

The man stare at them before he raise his hand and give them a thump up and nodded his head and turning around to leave "HEY! wait!" Kenichi yelled at him and try to run after him but when he got there the man disappear liked he's not there. 'who are you?' Kenichi thought


"Err...you're huntress can I have your autograph!?" the girl in red said to the huntress 'Seriously!?' Kenichi thought

5 minute later

"I hope you three realize that your actions tonight will not be taken lightly. You two put yourselves and others in great danger!" the blonde huntress said

"But they started it!" the girl in red said

"And I just passing through when I heard a gun shot" Kenichi defend himself

The Huntress just stared at both of them and picked up her riding crop."If it were up to me, you three would be out of here with a pat on the back-"the blonde said Kenichi and the girl smiled at this."and a slap on the wrist!" finished the blonde as she went to whip her wand/riding crop at them causing the girl to jump slightly

"… But there is someone who would like to meet you two" said the huntress. As she stepped aside to let a man carrying a plate of cookies and a mug filled with coffee come through the man was middle-aged with tousled gray hair and thin brown eyes. He has a light complexion, and sharp facial features. He wears shaded glass spectacles and a dark-green scarf with a small, purple, cross-shaped emblem on it. His outfit mainly consists of an unzipped black suit over a buttoned vest, with a green undershirt. He also wears black trouser shoes and long, dark-green pants.

"Ruby Rose… you have… silver eyes" the man said He leaned a little too close to the girl and asked "So can you tell me how you are able to do this?" "Uh. Signal Academy" said the girl name Ruby.

The man asked again" they taught you how to use one of the most dangerous weapons ever designed?"" Well one teacher in particular" Ruby replied

Ozpin just stared at her and then put down the plate of cookies. Ruby reached out uncertainly then grabbed one cookie and ate it with one she started to devour all of the cookies until there was none left.

"My god she really like cookie"Kenichi thought with sweatdrop

"It's just that I've only seen this kind of skill in one person, a dusty old crow" the man said

Ruby then tried to say something but had too much cookies in her mouth. She then swallowed all of her cookies so she can speak properly.

"Sorry. That's my uncle Qrow. I would have been total garbage without him and now I'm all like whaaaaaaa wa cha" replied Ruby

"And what is an adorable girl such as yourself doing at a school designed to train warriors?" the man asked

"Well… I want to be a Huntress" replie Ruby

"You want to slay monsters?"

"Yeah! I only have two more years left at Signal and then I'm going to apply for Beacon! You see, my sister's starting there this year, and she's trying to become a Huntress, and I'm trying to become a Huntress 'cause I wanna help people. My parents always taught us to help others, so I thought, Hey, I might as well make a career out of it! I mean the police are alright, but Huntsmen and Huntress are just so much more romantic, and exciting, and cool, and really, Gosh, you know! "

Kenichi stare at her and think 'Man she really want to be huntress'

"Do you know who I am?" the man asked

"You're Professor Opzin. You're the Headmaster at Beacon." she replied 'oh now I remember him' thought Kenichi

"Do you want to go to my school?"

"More than anything!"

Opzin exchanges glances with Glynda who grunts her disapproval before turning back to Ruby. "Well okay and you mister Kido tommorrow don't be late like today"

"Yes sir!" Kenichi replied

Next Day

'I can't believe I'm on my way to Beacon now ohhh it's like my deram come tru-!' He didn't notice that he walk into someone and fell down

"ouch! sorry man I got distract with something please forgive me" Kenichi said

"Oh that okay you don't really mean it" replied the man when Kenichi looked up he saw a man around 17 year old who had a short,spiky brown hair and a deep emerald green eyes he wore a long blue two tail coat and a short sleeved, open button-up shirt with a black undershirt. He wore a black cargo pants and white and blue sneakers. "So...you feel nervous right?" he asked

"Kinda... I feel that if I messed up they would kick me out" Kenichi say the man chuckle and say"don't worry I know you got this. Anyways I didn't get your name? my name is Dylan Luce nice to meet you"

"Hello Dylan my name is Kido Kenichi nice to meet you too...so what do yo- "

"Bro hurry we almost there" someone said and Dylan just frown and say "sorry man my sister called me so see ya and good luck " and walked away

"He seem nice...well, Beacon Academy here I come." Kenichi say before he get out of the air ship

With Dylan

'so its look like you join Beacon too this will be fun Kamen Rider Ryuki'

End Chapter 1

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