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"Devil Trigger/ Grongi/ Not human"



I opened my eyes to look at my surrounding, only to find myself in the void "w-where am I? Why is it so dark?" I said out loud, hoping that someone would answer me.




Silence, was the only thing that answered me. I shook my head in frustration. "Of course... what am I thinking? Well, standing here doing nothing will get me nowhere. Time to move." I know that walking around blindly is not a good idea, but something tell me that I'll find what I looking for, if I don't get lost that is.




But no matter how far I go, all I found is darkness surround me. "Damn it, this is getting nowhere. What is it trying to show me? I mean, c'mon! What the point if I only see the darkness?"


"What the?" I look dawn at my feet and find out that I step on the puddle of red liquid, my brain finally start working again. "Blood? Why there's a blood on the ground?"

cOme CLoSeR

"w-what? who said that?" What is this? A horror movie!? There's no way that I just heard a voice in the middle of nowhere. But before I can think any further, my body just moved on it own, like it want to show me something.

After what it feels like an hour, I've reach at my destination, I look up to find a familiar place and at the same time, it's not. "b-Beacon? wh- what's happen here!?"

Beacon Academy, the tower that always stood proud while giving a light of hope, is now crumble. Fire spread everywhere, and corpses scatter on the ground, most of them is just a piece of flesh on the ground. 'Oh god! who could have done this!?' My thought suddenly drift back to my friends. 'Oh no...' I start to run at the ruin in hope to find my friends is alive and well.

"Ellie! Jaune! Kenichi! Yang! Where are you!? Please answer me!" I yelled out loud, hoping someone would answer me, telling me that all of this is nightmare. "Damn it! Where are they?" I search all over the place but I couldn't find them anywhere, until I've reach the campus.

"If I can't find them in the main hall, then maybe they'll locked themselve in their room, damn it! This is getting nowh-!? Whoa!" I stumble upon something, making me fell flat on the ground, face first. "Oww.. what the heck did I jus-" My eyes gaze upon the broken red object on the ground, I recognize it immediately as I pick it up. "Ruby's Cresent Rose? I got a bad feeling about this, Ruby won't leave her 'baby' behind like this. She must be here somewhere." I place it back on the ground and continue with my quest.

sHe'S HerE

'wha- what the heck? that voice again, and what does it mean she's here?' I thought and suddenly, my body moved on it own again. This time, it head straight to the cliffside of Beacon. "... Great, now what? Why is it suddenly want to go to the cliff?" I mumble quietly as I walk, I can't help but feel something dreadful coming from the cliff.




I've arrived at the cliff, and I finally find someone is here too. "Finally I found someone, Yang? Is that you? What are you doing here? And where is everyone? And what happen to Beacon? Yang?" I found Yang standing in front of me, gazing at Emerald Forest, refuse to face me. "Yang? What happen? Please talk to me." And she turn around to face me, my heart nearly stopped at the sight of her. She's missing her left eyes and her right arm got cut off, her body covered in cut, and have a huge hole on her stomach, she's barely clinging to her life. Her once cheerful face replace with tears and lifeless expression, like everything that matter to her is gone. I rushing to her side and held her close.

"Yang!? Oh god Yang! Who did this to you!? Please talk to me!" I yelled, hoping that will help her stay awake.

"y... Dy.. lan.. yo" Yang tried to say but it come like a whisper. "Who is it Yang? Who did this?" I swear I'll make that bastard pay for what he or she did to her, but as she say the next, my body froze.

"You.. did this... Dylan." Suddenly, my hand shot to her chest and rip her heart out and clenching it. She die instantly.

I brought my blood covered hand to my face, as I start to remember everything. I kill all of them, rip them to shred, stomp on them, I kill them all, even those who begged to spare their life. I kill them in cold blood. "I.. I.. no. This can't be happening! I won't! I will never did this to them! Yes, that's right, this is just a nightmare, it's not real!"

"Are you sure?" A voice said behind me, I turn around only to find a young man in white clothes standing before me. "y.. You!?" I yelled, as I tried to shake off the fear inside of me. The man in front of me only grin. "Why look so surprise? You will see all of this eventually, so why not enjoyed every second of it?" I only seethe in rage at his word.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP! THERE'S NO WAY I'LL ENJOYED THIS! I'M NOTHING LIKE YOU!" The man only sigh at my word. "Denied all you want, but eventually..." The man in front of me suddenly morph into monstrous form, which almost look identical to Kuuga, only with white armor and five golden horns. I feel myself shaking from the terror at the sight of him.

"You will become like me. The Ultimate Darkness. Kuuga."

That's when I let out the blood curdling scream.

(Insert: Kamen Rider Kuuga!)

A tribal drumbeat resounds throughout the night as the scene flashes from the shattered moon, to a silhouette of Kuuga, to a Grimm, and finally the symbol of Kuuga.

Osoreru dake no rekishi o zero ni makimodosu

(Only fear can rewind our history back to zero)

The camera blurs before refocusing on Dylan who wore a black suit and Kenichi who wore a white suit turn their backs to each other

Eiyuu wa tada, hitori de ii

(A hero is a single good person)

Again the camera blurs to Blake and Yang who wore a dress staring out into the distance

Ima, ano gake o tobikoete!

(Now! reach for that mountain and surpass it!)

Again the camera blurs to Kuuga in his rising mighty form

(Guitar riff)

The camera blurs to Kuuga and a man who wore a white cloth with a sinister grin on his face

Kuuga koe naki koe ga

(Kuuga! Weeping voices...)

as a bright light flashed revealing Kuuga in all his forms

Rising Mighty slightly turned but looking directly at the camera.

Rising Dragon thrusting the Rising Dragon Rod.

Rising Pegasus turned to the left, not even looking at the camera, slowly lifting the Rising Pegasus Bowgun.

Finally, Rising Titan looking to the right, the Rising Titan Sword, gripped tightly as he points his sword downward.

Kuuga kimi o yonderu

(Kuuga! Are calling for you!)

As the scene flashed again, Kuuga was standing in a burning dockyard with the White Fang soldier all around him

Kuuga tsuyosa no shoumei

(Kuuga! A proof of power!)

Kuuga in black and demonic form with black eyes staring out into the distance.

No Fear No Pain kowasu mono to mamoru mono

(No Fear No Pain Destroy one and protect the other!)

Rising Dragon jump high in the air before stabbing the Grimm with his weapon.

Rising Pegasus turn 360 degrees and shoot all the Grimm around him.

Rising Mighty jump high and step on the Grimm one by one before land on the ground after the Grimm started to explode.

No Fear No Pain kotae wa subete soko ni aru

(No Fear No Pain The answer will soon be here)

Rising Titan cleave the Grimm in half with one swing of his weapon.

Finally, Kuuga in black form with a gold trim drop kicks the Grimm.

Choujou shissou! ore ga kaete yaru!

(As I sprint to the top, I will evolve further!)

Kuuga staring out into the distance. And a camera spin around him

Chou Henshin! Kamen Raidaa Kuuga!

(Super Transformation! Kamen Rider Kuuga!)

Finally, the camera rises to the endless sky and a title appears with Growing, Mighty, Dragon, Pegasus, Titan, and all rising form, while the silhouetted in the middle and on the right side still covered in the black aura

RWBY A New Legend of Kamen Rider

Chapter 13: Black Armor



"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!" Dylan yelled on top of his lungs, before panting hard. "*pant!*...*pant*... a dream? I can't believe it, it felt real. Damn it! This is not how I started my day." Dylan said as he get up from his bed and take a shower to clear his head from a nightmare.


"Okay... what should I do today?" Dylan said while walking out of his room. "Team RWBY and Kenichi are preparing for the Vytal Festival, which will start in one month, and so is Team JNPR. I can't hang out with them, and Ellie go to god know where she is, after the breach she's start to acting weird, she rarely go to class and she didn't come back to the dorm too. What did she found anyway?" Dylan said quietly in deep thought, not notice someone turn around the corner.

"I think it's this wa- OOOFFF!" The girl turn around the corner and crashed into Dylan, making her fell flat on her butt. That's when Dylan have a good look at the girl on the floor, the girl have long white hair tied into twin braided, blue eyes and wearing a black bodysuit with a white military like uniform with a black cape on her back, and black shorts under the large ammo belt. He have to admit, she's cute.

"Kiana, are you alright?" The black hair girl asked the girl name Kiana. "I'm fine Mei but more importantly, you!" Kiana point at Dylan. ".. Me?" Dylan asked, having no idea what is going on. "Yes you! I fell because of you! If you have look where you're going then I won't fell down like that!" Kiana cross her arms under her chest while pouting. "Sorry." Dylan said, only to make the girl fuming more. "You didn't look sorry at all!" Dylan sigh, feeling tired just from talking to her.

"Is that so? Then I sorry again, Miss Tuna that I've crashed into you, do I need to call a doctor to check that you have a brain damage too?" Dylan smirk as he saw the girl crestfallen while mumble quietly, and look like she's about to cry "t.. Tuna?! Even... someone from this place call me... tuna."

Now Dylan feel like an ass for making a girl cry "... Sorry if I've offended you in any way, I just messing with you. No need cry, you look cute when you're not crying." Dylan said, try to stop Kiana from crying. "c.. c... Cute!? Hmph! Even if you call me cute, I won't forgive you!" Kiana pout making Dylan sweatdrop a bit. 'Wow, so she's tsundere type I see.'

"Kiana, be nice." The girl with red glasses speak for the first time, Kiana look at her. "But Fuka-" The silver hair girl with a drill-shape hair interrupted Kiana. "Just shut up, stupid Kiana. You making us look bad." Kiana start to cry and hug the black hair girl name Mei. "Waaaahhh! Mei! Bronya is bullying me again!" Mei just smile weakly while console Kiana. "There there, be nice you two."

Dylan just stare blankly at them, while the girl with glasses sigh. "Quite a lively bunch you got there miss..." The girl with glasses bow a bit. "Fu Hua, my name is Fu Hua, leader of team FBRK(Fabric) but you can call me Fuka, everyone call me that. And I sorry for my teammate antics." Dylan just waved it off. "Nah it's okay and my name is Dylan Luce, so.. are you guys here for The Vytal Festival too?" Fuka is about to reply but got interrupted by Kiana "That's right! We're gonna show the whole world that our academy is the best!"

Dylan look puzzled at her declaration. "I thought you guys come from Atlas?" Fuka shook her head. "No, we're Valkyrie from St. Freya Academy. Besides, our technology is far more advance than Atlas"

"... No offend but I never heard about that place or the Valkyrie before." Fuka sigh a bit "Not surprised, that school is isolated from the four kingdoms and Valkyrie is what we called Huntresses in our cities." Now that got Dylan attention. "Wow, outside the four kingdoms? Impressive, how did you guys fend off from the Grimm anyway?" Fuka smirk, while crossing her arm. "We have our ways. But I guess I should introduce my teammate to you first."

"The girl that bumped into you early is Kiana Kaslana." Fuka pointed at Kiana who did a mock salute. "Kiana, Valkyrie Ranger is here!" Fuka then pointed at the raven hair girl "And this is Raiden Mei, my second in command." Mei smile brightly at Dylan "Valkyrie Bladestrike, nice to meet you." Dylan nodded at her and reply "Likewise." Fuka pointed at her last teammate that look like the most youngest in team. "And this is Bronya Zaychik." Bronya just look at Dylan blankly. "... Valkyrie Chariot. You make fun of Kiana, the Bronya like you."

Dylan wasn't sure how to feel about this. "Err... that's great? But sadly, I'm not into loli, I don't want to go to jail right now." Bronya just continue staring at him. "... the Bronya don't like you." Dylan sweatdrop a bit after hearing this. 'Wow, that was quick.'

Suddenly, they got interrupted by a stomach growl from Kiana. Everyone else was staring at her with an unreadable gaze, Kiana just chuckle sheeply. "Sorry guys, I'm just hungry."

"Stupid Kiana, you always hungry." Bronya said, making Kiana's vein pop up. "What was that, you brat!?"

"Looks like you're really stupid if you can't understand what I said."

"I'm hungry because we got lost and can't find our room! If we have found our room then I won't be arguing with you right now!"

Bronya and Kiana look like they're about to bite each other head off. So Dylan decide to put an end to this. "Why don't you guys say it early? I can take you to your room now, ya know?" The four girls just stare at him like he's godsend. "... Wha-" Suddenly, Dylan got interrupt by Kiana, who hug him to dead.

"thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyousomuchyouaregodsend!" Kiana just keep yelling, while Dylan's face start to turn blue from the lack of air. "Ca...n't Brea...th! h-Help!" Mei quickly walk up to them and pry Kiana off Dylan who's gasping for air. "*wheeze*... *wheeze*... t-thank you!"

"Please don't mind her, she's like this all the time." Mei said.

Dylan just shook his head. "It's okay, to be honest, I can related to that. So.. shall we go? After that, I'll take you all to the cafeteria."

Kiana nodded rapidly. "Yes please!"



"Well, here we are." Dylan said, as he led the Valkyries to the cafeteria. "As you can see, it's not really impressive but the food from the academy is really go- " He got interupted by Kiana, who quickly grab a tray and bolt out from them.




"I'm sorry again." Mei quickly bow down. "... I'm used to it by now." Dylan huffed in amusement before facing them. "Well, what are guys you waiting for? pick up whatever you like."

"What about you?" Fuka asked.

"Nah it's okay, I'm not really hungry, You'd better go before Kiana eat all of it." Dylan shook his head.

Fuka nodded and left with her teammates, leaving Dylan standing near the entrance. "... What an interesting bunch." Dylan muttered quietly.


Dylan flinched when he heard someone called him, said someone happen to be Yang with her team and JNPR behind her. "Hey guys, done with your training?" He asked.

"You bet! We're so ready for the Vytal Festival! We're gonna show the world who's the boss!" Yang boasted.

"Then you guys are having a competitor." Dylan said. Team RWBY+K and JNPR look puzzled at this. "What do you mean?"

"Dylan!" Both team turn their head to find Kiana carry a tray of pancake and various of food, with her friends behind her. "Speak of a devil , here they are." Dylan said.

"Dylan, who are they?" Yang asked while staring at Kiana intensely, Dylan is confused by Yang sudden behavior. "They ar-"

"Kiana Kaslana, pleasure to meet you." Kiana replied, offered her hand for Yang to shake.

Yang look at her for a moment before raise her hand to shake. "Yang xiao long. Pleasure is all mine." If you look closely, you could see a spark clashing as their eyes met.

Fuka, Mei, and Bronya sweatdrop at this while RWB+K and JNPR look worried, Dylan suddenly feel likes he's just dig his own grave. 'This is gonna be one of those days isn't it?'


"So you guys are living outside the four kingdoms?" Kenichi suddenly asked the four of them. Both team decided to use this chance to get to know team FBRK(minus Yang and Kiana, because they still glaring at each other) while they eat.

"You could say that." Fuka is the first to replied. Ruby then suddenly remember something important. "What'd you got?" Ruby asked, making all four of them confused. "Pardon?" Fuka ask, unsure of what Ruby meant.

"Can I see your weapon? Please!?" Team FBRK sweatdrop at this while Ruby's friends sigh. 'Something never change.' They all thought.

"I guess... it wouldn't hurt to show you our weapons would it? I'll go first." Suddenly, a greyish black gauntlets appered on her arms, making everyone except her teammates eyes widen. "This is Cygnus Gauntlets, my main weapon."

"h- How is that possible!? I don't see anything on you!?" Weiss asked, feel shocked at the display. "You must be curious on how can I bring my weapon out like that right? We just have our weapons with us the whole time, we use the stealth camouflage, all the student at St. Freya have it." All of them feel amazed by this.

Something click inside Yang's head. "Wait, you use hand to hand combat?" Yang asked, catching a few attention, Fuka about to replied but got interrupted by Kiana, again. "Yep! Fuka is the best! Nobody in the academy can match her!" Yang only grin madly. "We should have a sparring match sometime." Fuka smirk a bit at this "Gladly."

"Me next!" Kiana reach behind her and bring out a blue revolver. "I called it Mjolnir! My trusty weapon!" Kiana boast. "Ignore her, she just want some attention." Bronya said, making Kiana's face fell. "w- why?" she cried.

Mei chuckle a little. "I guess it's my turn." Mei then bring out the odd shape katana that glow with purple light. "This is my Void Blade." Everyone looke strangly at the blade. "Are you sure you can fight with this?" Blake asked.

"It saved my life more then once, besides, this is the last gift from my mother before she passed away." Mei said with a sad tone. Blake was taken back by this. "I.. I'm sorry to hear that." Mei just shook her head. "It's alright, you didn't know."

"What about you Bronya? What's your weapon?" Ruby asked Bronya, who sit silently the whole time. "... The Bronya use Project Bunny 19C to fight." Everyone look confuse, what the heck is Project Bunny 19C? Except Ruby, who look excited for some reason "You use a bunny to fight!? Did it have it aura unlocked!? Just like Zwei then, is it cute!? Show me!"

Mei chuckle awkwardly, Fuka look amused a little, while Kiana make a face. "Trust me Ruby, Project Bunny is anything but cute. Besides, Bronya usually don't show the bunny to the people she just met." Ruby look confused at her word "What do you me-"

"The Bronya will show you." Bronya said, making her teammates widen their eyes. "What the? Bronya, what give? You always said you don't show it to someone who's just met? So why?" Kiana asked, shocked at the turn of event. "The Bronya trust them, trust her." Bronya said, pointing at Ruby who look confuse just as much as her friends. "Err... what?" she asked.

"It's nothing, it seem that Bronya trust you." Mei smile warmly. "Err.. okay? So, what does it loo-" Ruby stop talking as she see a figure hover over Bronya, said figure look like a fighting mech with only upper body with claw hand and shield on its right arm and a large cannon on its left arm. It only have a large crooked smile on its face as it look at them.

'Dylan is right! There's a stand user in Remnant! Wait, does that mean that I am a stand user too!? Does that mean everyone is a stand user!?' Kenichi thought in his head.

"So.. what do you guys think?" Kiana asked.

"That..." Kenichi begins.

"Was..." Jaune continued.

"AWESOME!" Yelled both Ruby and Nora. Before they shot up from their seat to examine the bunny.

"... Your friend are really interesting." Fuka smile a bit. "Yeah." Dylan said, as they watch their team inspected the bunny. 'Haa... what a peaceful day, I kinda wished It will last forever.'

Sadly, all things must come to an end.

"Ara ara, I finally found you." Someone suddenly said, Kiana flinched, Mei look worried, Bronya look indifferent, while Fuka just sigh. "She's here."

They all turn around to find a woman in maid outfit standing there with a smile on her face. "Rita, what are you doing here?" Fuka asked the woman name Rita. "Yae-san asked of me to find you in case you all lost, but I guess it won't be necessary. Since this kind man show you the way, may I know your name?" Rita asked Dylan in allure tone. "Oh.. err m.. my name is Dylan Luce, p.. pleasure to meet you miss..." 'Damn it! Why am I stuttered!?' Unknow to him, Kiana and Yang glaring at him from behind.

Rita just smile "Rita Rossweisse, pleasure is all mine Dylan-sama."

'Sama! She call me Dylan-sama!' Dylan cough a bit, trying to hide his blush. "I must apologize for interrupt your bonding time, but their senior need them right now." Rita wink at him before walk out of cafeteria.

Fuka sigh "I guess, it can't be help then. See you guys again." Fuka is the first one to leave, followed by Mei and Bronya, Kiana is the last one to leave but not before looking at Dylan while pouting, and with that. She finally leave for good.




"What is with her?" Dylan asked no one in particular, making everyone groan. "What?" He asked.

"You are hopeless Dylan." Blake said, making Dylan confuse even further. "What do you-"

Ring Ring Ring!

The sound of Dylan's Scroll makes everyone shut their mouth immediately, Dylan answer the called and realized it was called by a police. "Hello officer?"

"Kid, I gonna keep this brief, we got a situation."

"What kind of situation sir?"

"The disappearance of the people in the train station near Forever Fall Forest, some people claim that they saw a rhinoceros beetle man in that area." Everyone's eyes goes widen at this while Dylan's eyes hardened. "Unidentified Lifeform."

"Yeah, I already have your headmaster permission, please go and investigate it ASAP."

"Don't worry officer, we're on our way."

End call

"We?" Weiss asked.

"I think I could use some help, I want the non-Rider to evacuated the civillian out of there as far as you can. As for the Riders, you're with me, we gonna hunt him down." Dylan said.

"Alright! Time to get our training in good use!" Yang said.

"I want us to trained some more, but the civillian life is in danger. As a Huntress, I won't let that happen!" Ruby said.

"What she said." Weiss flick her hair.

"... It can't be help." Blake sigh.

"I won't abandon the people in need!" Kenichi said.

Dylan nodded his head and turn to team JNPR. "What about you?"

"This is what we sign up for isn't it?" Pyrrha said while smiling.

"Yeah, I can't look at my family in the face if I don't help people." Jaune said.

"I'm ready to break monster's leg!" Nora grin wildly.

"... Do you have to asked?" Ren said while checking his Storm Flower.

"Everyone... let's go!" Dylan said as he walk out of the cafeteria with RWBY+K and JNPR followed behind him.



"We're here." Dylan said as he park his bike near the station the Rider besides him, they have just split up with non-Rider teammates to secure the area.




"... It's too quiet, very quiet." Garren said as he survey the area.

"Yeah, that mean the enemy is already here, prepare yourself guys." Dylan ordered as the Rider ready their weapon.

"Dylan, I don't like this. It's like this Grongi tried to ambush us from somewhere." Ryuki said from behind.

"If I remember correctly, ambush is not this Grongi fighting style. This one fight head on." Dylan said.

"This doesn't make me feel safe at all." Blade said.

"C'mon Blade, as long as we're together we can beat anything." Chalice said cheerfully. (Me: It's really creep me out writing Chalice like this. -_-")

"Where is it? I want to break its legs!." Leangle said eagerly.


"*gasp!* Everyone! Brace yourself!" Dylan said as the other look around to find out if something wrong.

"You finally here. Linto warriors, Kuuga."

Everyone turn their head to the forest only to find a man in militant garb walking out of the forest. "You!" Dylan said

"Dylan, who is he?" Blade asked Dylan. "The one we looking for. Go- Gadoru-Ba!"

"Wait, Grongi is human!?" Chalice asked, horrify by this, thinking they were fighting Humen the whole time.

"No they're not." Dylan said as he transform. "Henshin!"




Kuuga transform into Mighty Form. "What are you doing here Gadoru?"

"To find a worthy opponents to fight, is the part of my Gegeru." Gadoru said.

"So that's why you kill all those poeple, just to find an opponents to fight!? How can you do something like that!?" Blade yelled at Gadoru. "The weak die and the strong survive, that's the rule of nature. If you want to stop me, you have to kill me." Gadoru's body start to flicker as he show his true form.

"Fine by us, we will stop the Gegeru no matter what. Even it kill us." Kuuga said while his friends assume their fighting stance.

(Insert: Kamen Rider Kuuga OST [CD1] 11. Gekitou 1:31)

"Then show me your resolve! Kuuga! Linto warriors!" The Riders rush at Gadoru, Leangle is the first to make any move by swinging her Leangle Rouzer at Gadoru who side step to the side and punching her sides with great force, making her flying back and collide againt the wall.

Kuuga is the next to make a move by punching Gadoru in the face which make him stumble a bit, followed by an ax kick. But Gadoru surprised him by grabbing his leg and throw him at Ryuki who look surprise at his incredible strength but manage to shake himself out of his stupor and successfully catch Kuuga in mid air.


"Don't mention it. Damn, this guy is strong!" Ryuki said, watching Gadoru evade the incoming attack from Chalice and Garren from their sniping point, no matter how many they shoot, Gadoru just keep dodging. "What's the plan!?" Blade asked.

"I have one. Break his legs!" Leangle yelled as she slide a card in her Rouzer.


"Wait Leangle, don't-!" Kuuga tried to stop Leangle from attacking Gadoru but it's too late, Leangle has already have her weapon stab at Gadoru who didn't flinch from the attack. Instead, he simply grab her weapon and use his palm strike to push her back and grab a broken pipe, the pipe start to flicker and becomes a staff, while his eyes changed from red to blue.

"Oh come on! That's cheating!" Leangle complained while trying to fight Gadoru head on. "Leangle don't-!" Kuuga's word fell deaf in her ears. Gadoru saw an openning and begin his onslaught on Leangle who didn't react fast enough to block it. And thus, is the first one to fall.

"Nora!" Garren yelled, seeing his childhood friend revert back and passed out. He recklessly jump down from the tree and about to engaged Gadoru if Kuuga didn't stand in his way. "Kuuga!?"

"Get Nora out of here." Kuuga said.

"But what about you?"

"Don't worry, I got this."

Garren seems hesitate for a moment before nodding his head. He rushing to Nora's sides and carry her out of the station.

"Alright, now they gone let's start the round-" Kuuga got interrupt by something.


His instinct tell him to mave his head, so he quickly run away from the tree. When he look back, he saw a tree that once stood have broken down like a toothpick. He look around and find out that Gadoru has changed his weapon from staff to a large bow gun.

"Err... oops?" Chalice rubbing her head a bit.

"Chalice... please tell me that you didn't shoot him with Chalice Arrow." Kuuga asked, his voice is emotionless.

"i-It's not my fault! He would have attack you if I didn't do something!" Chalice say, tried to defense herself.

"... Alright, I'll let you go for now. Blade, Ryuki, you're with me. We're gonna go all out with this son of bitch." Kuuga then change his form- "Chou Henshin!"


Into Titan Form, and quickly grab a broken pipe, turning it into Titan Sword. Blade grip his sword tightly. Ryuki also insert his cards into his Drag Visor.



With a sword in their hand, they all rush at Gadoru. Gadoru respond by shoot his bow gun at Kuuga, Ryuki intercept by using his Guard Vent with both of his arms to block the incoming attack. Blade create a diversion by rushing towards Gadoru and swing his sword at the grongi, which Gadoru easily dodge every attack and tried to shoot Blade at point blank, key word 'tried'.

Kuuga who's running behind Ryuki run up to Gadoru and knock a bow gun out of his head, before gripping his sword tight with both hands. "You're finished!" And thrust his sword towards Gadoru who didn't block it in time, and finally getting stab to the chest.

"Alright!" Ryuki, Blade, and Chalice yelled, thinking that they've finally getting rid of Gadoru for good.

Oh, how wrong they are.

"Err.. Kuuga? Why won't it explode?" Blade asked.


"Because?" Ryuki asked.

"He's not dead yet." Kuuga said, seeing Gadoru eyes turn from green to purple.

Gadoru snatch Titan Sword from Kuuga's grip before it start to flicker and turn into a claymore. "Oh you got to be kidd-" Kuuga never finish his sentence because Gadoru use the claymore that he just stole smack Kuuga away.

Kuuga's body flew back with great force, so much that he smash through many tree and so on. The three Riders look at each other before looking back at Gadoru who slowly walking towards the trio.

"Oh shit! Back up! Back up now!" Blade yelled. Chalice decided to shoot Gadoru, to give the other some room. Sadly, the arrow bounce off when it hit Gadoru's armor. "My attack didn't work!" Chalice start to panic.

"Now his armor is seriously durable now!" Ryuki decide to fight him head on, because he have a shield. 'I have Guard Vent, maybe I can take his attack.'

Sadly, Gadoru's strenght is too much for Ryuki to handle. The moment that claymore hit the shield, it easily shattered like a glass.

"Oh shit!" Ryuki exclaim before getting punch in the stomach. "Gah!" Ryuki cried out in pain as he fly towards his friends who caught him.

"You okay!?" Chalice asked in panic. "I- I think he's just broke my ribs." Ryuki said whil cluching his stomach.

"Here! This will help!" Chalice quickly slide a card into Chalice Arrow.


And shoot at Ryuki but he didn't feel pain, in fact, he didn't feel pain anymore. "Whoa thanks."

"No biggie."

"Guys! Save the talk for later! He's coming!" Blade yelled.


The trio turn around and spotted Kuuga in Mighty Form running at Gadoru, he then jump up and flip in the air and land a Mighty Kick on Gadoru who grunt in pain. "You like that!?"

Gadoru's body flew throught the air before landing on the ground, a few feet from them. Gadoru start to spasm as the rune appear glowing and spreading golden cracks on his body.

(End OST)

"You did it Kuuga!" Ryuki exclaim and the other two start to cheer. "Way to go!"


"Kuuga? What's wrong?" Chalice asked.

"โอ้ให้ตายเถอะ (Oh come on)"

"What's wrong? It's gonna die at any moment so why-" Blade never finish his sentence as Kuuga interrupt him.

"Just look." Kuuga point at Gadoru.

They all look at Gadoru's body, their face went pale when they see the golden rune has gone. Gadoru stop spasm and get up slowly with golden lighting surround his body.

"Oh come on! How are we suppose to kill this thing!?" Chalice said in fright tone.

"Kuuga, if you know how to kill this thing then say it now or we're all gonna die!" Ryuki yelled.

"... There's one way."

"One way?" Blade asked.

"I save it for a moment like this!"

"... Kuuga, please tell me the plan of yours didn't involve your running away cliche again." Ryuki said.

"Not this time, if we run away this time all the innocent will suffered. My plan involve you." Kuuga point at Blade.


"Yes you. Blade, listen carefully, I want you to use your Thunder card, and eletrocute me!"




"Kuuga, now it is not the time for your kink." Ryuki said with flat tone.

"That's not my kink damn it!"

"Wait, S&M is not your kink?" Ryuki asked.

"Hell no! Why would I hurt myself or others for pleasure!?"

"Err... what is kink?" Chalice asked.

"Not the time Chalice." Kuuga said.

"You must like sub and dom then." Blade said.

"Blade shut up!"

"You must like a girl in maid costume then." Ryuki said.

"Err.. I.."

"Aha! You do like a girl in maid costume!" Blade and Ryuki said at the same time.

"Can we just focus on the matter at hand damn it!? He's here!" Kuuga run out of patient. Seeing Gadoru walking to them slowly.

"Alright alright! Here!" Blade slide a card into Blay Rouzer.


"Here goes!" Blade fire a bolt of lightning at Kuuga. "AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!" Kuuga scream in pain as lighting shot through Kuuga's body and dissolve after a few minute, and changed into his Rising Mighty Form.

(Insert: Kamen Rider Kuuga OST Corruption)

"Haaa... haaa... haaa..." Kuuga tried to catch his breath. "Are you okay?" Chalice asked in concern.

"Never been better, now I can stay in Rising Form as long as I want. Okay, listen to me. I want all of you to stay out of the forest as far as possible, infrom the others too." Kuuga ordered.

"Why?" Ryuki asked.

"Because this form destructive power is quite scary. Please trust me on this."

"Okay..." Blade said in defeated tone.

"Ehh? But we can't just-"

"Ruby, it's alright. Don't worry, it won't be long."

"..." Chalice left with Blade, while Ryuki look at Kuuga last time. "Don't die." And he finally left with them.

"Hmph! I don't plan on dying just yet." Kuuga turn to face Gadoru who wait patiently for him to finished. "It's just you and me now Gadoru."


"Let's get this over with, in the Forever Fall Forest." Kuuga run into Forever Fall, with Gadoru followed closely behind him.


'Come on Gadoru, come and get me.' Kuuga running at full speed in the middle of Forever Fall, and stop when he lose sight of Gadoru.





The sound of Grimm enter his ears. 'Judging by that sound, must be a pack of Beowolves not far from here. Still no sight of Gadoru.' Kuuga continued to look at his surrounding. 'I have to focus, this forest is full of Grimm, I have to distinguish the movement. I'm screwed if I lost fucus just a second.'





"There!" Kuuga raise his arm to block an incoming attack from Gadoru just in time. Before delivered a haymaker to Gadoru, making stumble back. Kuuga use this chance to kick Gadoru in mid section, which knock some air out of his lunge. Gadoru grit his teeth before holding Kuuga's leg and swinging him to the tree.

"Gah!" Kuuga grunt in pain and tried to stand, but Gadoru beat him to it. Gadoru kick Kuuga in the chest, making him roll over before grab his neck and chokeslam him to the ground several times. Kuuga's head start to spin as he about to lose consciousness, but manage to stay awake and punch his elbow. Making Gadoru lose his grip on his neck, Kuuga stood up and delivered a knee strike at Gadoru's face making him stagger back a bit.

Kuuga then back up for a bit waiting for Gadoru to get up. 'Damn it! I'm already at my limit, gotta finish this quick!' Gadoru finally stood up, it seem like he's at his limit too. But suddenly, golden lightning surround his body and turn his armor from black to gold.

'He intended to finish this with the next attack, very well.' Kuuga took a stance, breathing in and out before he concentrated energy. A golden lightning appear once again, surround his body for a bit until his armor has completely changed. The form he was in right now greatly resembled his Mighty form, but the armor was black. That wasn't it as his body armor, shoulder pads, and gauntlets were now trimmed in gold as on the back of his hands is the ancient Linto mark of power. On both of his legs were armaments called the Mighty Anklet. Lastly, the lenses of his helmet were colored blood red.

Both stood silently, looking at each other, waiting to see if any of them make a move first.




Gadoru roared and start running towards Kuuga who is ready. He ran towards the Grongi, both of his legs now covered in blue flame.

They both jump high in the air, Gadoru struck his foot forward, while Kuuga did a drop kick. Both attack collided with each other in the chest, before both of them fell to the ground and lay still.




After the minute of silence, Gadoru finally pick himself up and stood triumphantly over Kuuga. Making his way to Kuuga, intended to finished him off, until...

"Ack!?" Gadoru suddenly halted his movement and clutch his chest in pain, before he removed his hands from his chest. Two runes appear glowing and spreading golden cracks on his body slowly. Kuuga finally regain consciousness and slowly stood up, watching the runes continue to spread on Gadoru's body who scream in pain. Until he exploded.



"And you guys just leave him there!?" Yang yelled at the trio, who just got back and explain what happen. "Didn't you guys said it can countered all of your attack!?"

"Yang, I hate to do it too but Dylan have a plan." Ryuki said to Yang. "I know you've worried about him, but this is Dylan we're talking about."

Yang cross her arms, unconvinced. "But still-"


"Wh- what the heck!?" Yang asked, feeling the ground shake violently.

"Look!" Ryuki pointed at the direction of Forever Fall Forest, everyone turn their head and saw a huge pillar of blue flame shot up to the sky like a volcano eruption.

"My Oum..." Weiss exclaim in shock, never witnessed something like this upclose before in her life. The others are in state of shock too.

"Just, just how powerful is he?!" Blake said in fearful tone. She didn't want to image someone with bad intentions get a hold of this power.

The others are speechless at this, except Yang who feel amazed by the power. "Amazing..." Was all she can say.


"Agh... my ears is hurt, Sakura-san really go all out on her talk." Kiana mumble while resting her head on the pillow. "Stupid Kiana, if you haven't got us lost maybe Sakura-san will go easy on us." Bronya complain while huging a weird yellow doll called HOMU.

"Come on you two, at least we've found a new friends right?" Mei's words calm them down. Fuka who sit on the bed reading a book day "Mei is right. Besides, aren't you interesting in him Kiana?"


"I think she mean Dylan. In fact, if I don't know you better, I'd say you just have found a love at first sight." Mei said, because she saw Kiana reject the guys who tried to asked her out countless time.

"Hmph! Who care about that idiot." Kiana pout.

"The Bronya think Kiana is just jealous because he look at Rita, not you."

"You shut u-!"


"What was that!?" Kiana jump up from her bed.

"An attack?" Mei asked.

"It come from The Forever Fall Forest." Bronya point out of the window, the four of them look outside and saw a huge explosion from the forest.

"I- I never saw something like this before." Fuka said.

"Oh my god..." Mei gasp in shock, while Bronya just watch silently.

As for Kiana. "Fuka, we need to go there now."




For a first time in his life, Ozpin feels scared, scratch that he is TERRIFIED. The fear of that 'woman' can't compare to this. 'This power come from a single man, he has the power to wipe anything off from this planet!' Ozpin thought in his head, he suddenly feel something he hadn't feel for a long time.


'Maybe, just maybe. He's actually can win this, the eternal war between Salem and I.'

"s- Sir? we got a call from James." Glynda also in similar state as him.




"Hello James?"


"Yes James, I saw it all."


"Calm down James, remember our Ace in the hole? That's him."

"Our Ace? You didn't told me that he is this powerful! We must studies his power!"

"James, don't do anything rash. Just leave him be."

"Why? If we can studies his power we could end this war!"

"Because James... be glad that he's on our side. If not... I don't know what to do."

"Ozpin.. oh no." Ironwood got interrupted by something. "What is it James?"

"We just got report about a massacre happen in the outskirts of Vale!"

"What!? A Grimm has invaded already?!" Glynda asked.

"No it's not, some survivor said it's not a Grimm attack, it's a demon, and it's heading towards The Forever Fall!"

Ozpin and Glynda look at each other in concerned.



Kuuga was panting hard as he stood in the middle of wasteland formerly know as Forever Fall Forest, gazing at his hand. "... Mighty."





"Dylan!" Kuuga perk up, hearing someone called his name. He turn around and see his friends running up to him. "Oh hey guys."

"Don't you 'Oh hey guys' us! You got some explanation to us! How did you do that!?" Weiss furiously asked.

"You mean this? I just kick him, I didn't mean to wipe out the entire forest."

"Quit joking around! There's no way you can cause all of this by just kicking!" Weiss said.

"Easy ice queen, I think he told the truth." Yang said.


"Just drop it Weiss, it's easy to just accepted it." Yang said.

"Says Kuuga, is it finally over?" Ryuki asked.

"Yeah it's finally over, for now."

"Thank god, I really want to go back right now." Ryuki said.

"Yep, I could use some shut eyes too." Yang yawn loudly.

"We should get out of here before people start to investigate this place." Blake suggest.

"Yeah let's-"

"Leaving so soon?"

Everyone stop upon hearing a voice call out, they turn around and see something that clearly not human. This thing greatly resembles a buff human in white armor, his height is three times taller than Kuuga, and he smile creepily at them. "Kuuga..."

"y- YOU!?" Kuuga yelled, clearly terrified by the thing in front of him.

The others gasp in shock, they never see Dylan scared like this. "d-Dylan! What is that thing!?" Chalice asked, her voice shaking.

Blake feels like a trapped animal, her instinct told her to run, to get away from this thing as far as possible.

The others don't far of from her, their legs is literally shaking non stop. 'This is bad! This thing must be bad news! How can I know you say? Because even Dylan is afraid!' Ryuki thought.

"You want to know who I am, Linto warrior? I am the Lord of the Grongi tribe, N-Daguva-Zeba!" The Grongi lord know as Daguva said.

"Enough! How are you here Daguva!?" Kuuga asked, even he can't hide his fear facing the strongest Grongi.

"That's simple, I'm bored. I'm so bored waithing for you to finished Gadoru off. So I decided to kill some times by destroy some Linto." Daguva then throw something at them, their eyes widen in shock as they realized it's a human head, it have a terrified expression on the face.

"Bastard! How many people did you kill to satisfied your boredom!?" Kuuga seething in rage.

"Hmm... I don't know, how many time did you blink your eyes?"


"DAMN YOU!" Kuuga roar loudly and charging towards Daguva. "Yes, that's right. let your rage consume you!"

Kuuga jump high and delivered a kick to Daguva's head, successfully landing a blow on him. But Daguva show no sight of hurting. "That's it? I'm expected more. Oh well, my turn."

Faster than anyone can see, Daguva grab his leg and toss him back to his friends. "Come on Linto warriors, show me what you got!" Daguva challenge them.

"Dylan, what are we gonna do?" Yang asked, Kuuga finally stood up and charged up his finishing move. "Everyone, hit him with the strongest attack!"


"Bee's Schnees!" Chalice yelled the team attack. (Me: I don't know what to call okay?) Blake throwing Yang a threat rope with her weapon it on and brought her around, with Yang using her gantlets and blast her way around increasing her speed with the help of Weiss's glyphs.

Chalice quickly slide a card into Chalice Arrow, while Pyrrha ready to throw her spear at Daguva, the spear glow with black aura as Pyrrha focus all of her semblance into her weapon.




"Spining Dance"

Ruby began to rise into the air. Blade, Garren, Leangle, and Ryuki also slide a card into their weapons.




"Lightning Sonic"



"Burning Smash"



"Blizzard Crush"


Ryuki, Garren, and Leangle are jumping to Daguva while Blade run up to him with mach speed.

Chalice finally fall down and delivered a spinning kick at Daguva, together with Blade, Garren, Leangle, and Ryuki. Blake that was still spinning Yang around to build up more speed, as a yellow flame appeared behind Yang as she came up to Daguva and gave him the strongest punch. With a battle cry, Pyrrha throw her spear filled with polarity at Daguva with all her might.

Kuuga, after charging up his finishing move. Jump high in the air and delivered Amazing Kick at Daguva.

Daguva after taking all those hit finally fly back with great force and lay still.




"d- Did we do it?" Blade was panting hard and canceled his transform. "Seems *pant* like it." Ruby said, as she, Ren, Nora, and Kenichi reverted back.

"I don't thing he can survive. I mean, we literally throwing everything at him." Yang said.

"*pant* I.. I can't feels my legs. *pant*" Kuuga said as a pain shot through his legs. "I don't want to see his face anymore. Hey guys, when we go back, we're heading straight to bed, got it?"

"Absolutely." They all said at the same time.


They all froze in shock as they hear the sound coming from Daguva, whose armor is cracking loudly. 'Impossible!' They all thought.

"Damn! You all hit really hard, but sadly..." A voice of Daguva said.

Thay all saw a young man in white suit pick himself up from the ground.

"It not enough."

"No way." Ruby falling to her butt in disbelief.

"h- How?" No words come through Weiss's mouth.

"It will take mor than that to kill me, Linto. Hmm..." Daguva look at Kuuga who breath heavily. "... This won't do. Not good at all."

"What's not good you bastard?" Kuuga asked.

"When you all fight me, you lot aren't in full strenght right? Killing you all while you're weak is gonna leave a bad taste in my mouth. I'll give you a time, think of it as a reward for entertain me." Daguva said.


"Get stronger, strong enough to go toe to toe with me. And when the time comes..."

No sooner did those words leave Daguva's mouth did Kuuga felt something dig into his stomach. When he look down, he saw Daguva has punch through his gut, everyone widen their eyes in shock at how fast Daguva move. Kuuga coughs up blood before look up, meeting Daguva's gaze.

"Come find me at Emerald Forest." Daguva withdraw his arm back and walk pass Kuuga who reverted back.

"DYLAN!" Is the last thing he heard before he lost unconscious.

End Chapter 13

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